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Taylor Swift: next stalker in custody?

Was Taylor Swift in danger again? The police arrested a man who apparently wanted to break into her.

Taylor Swift (29, "Me!") May have faced another stalker. As the US celebrity portal "TMZ" reports, the Rhode Island police arrested a suspicious 32-year-old man near Swift's villa on Friday. When the officers confronted the suspect, they found all kinds of burglary tools on him. Among other things, he carried 30 lock picks, a baseball bat, a crowbar, gloves, screwdriver, a rake and a flashlight in a backpack.

Swift wasn't in the house

The man told officials that he had just arrived from New York and wanted to meet Swift so she could help him with his music career. Accordingly, he only wanted to pay the singer one visit - with a baseball bat and crowbar in his luggage. All that was enough for the police officers to arrest the man. He is currently said to be still in custody. Swift was apparently not home during the incident.

The singer has to deal with stalkers extremely often. The last time a man was arrested in March of this year had ransacked Swift's apartment and slept in her bed on another occasion. The singer told the US magazine "Elle" that she had a special wound pad against stab and gunshot wounds with her for emergencies. As often as she gets to deal with stalkers, she is prepared "for bad things".