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Cleaning white sneakers: Ingenious tricks for sneakers like new

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Colorful sneakers can (mostly) just be thrown into the washing machine and the dirt is gone. However, washing white sneakers is not a good idea.

The heat and the detergent can loosen the glue and leave unattractive yellow edges. You may know the problem from your white chucks, because the yellow edges are particularly unattractive after cleaning.

Instead, rely on home remedies such as toothpaste or baking powder or use a special one Cleaning pen for white sneakers. This means that the shoes will be bright white again very quickly. Here you can buy the well-rated cleaning pen directly from Amazon. *

Another way to get your trainers white again is to do this Sneaker cleaner. The round brush works fully automatically, so that the cleaning of the sneakers should bring much more thorough results than with manual cleaning. The Sneaker Cleaner also has three different attachments with which you can meet different cleaning needs: from dust removal to polishing and thorough cleaning. It couldn't be easier.
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An important note before you go to the home remedies for gleaming white sneakers: You can only see the great result when the white sneakers are completely dry. So don't be surprised if the light-colored shoes still look greyish after cleaning when they are damp.

1st trick: clean white sneakers with toothpaste

What do you need?

  • Dishwashing liquid
  • white toothpaste
  • a clean dish brush
  • water
  • a white towel

That's how it's done!
Soak the dish brush briefly in water. Then put a small dollop of washing-up liquid on it and brush over the white sneakers in circular movements until foam forms. Then dab the foam with the towel.

Now repeat the same process with a small dollop of white toothpaste. Dab off the excess foam and let the white chucks or sneakers dry for a few hours. Then they are clean again.

2. Trick: clean white sneakers with baking soda

What do you need?

  • baking powder
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • a glass
  • water
  • a dishwashing brush or toothbrush
  • a towel

That's how it's done!
Add a little washing-up liquid and baking powder to the glass in a ratio of 1: 1. Mix everything with the damp toothbrush and distribute the mass in circular movements over the dirt. You can use the baking powder detergent on both the fabric and the rubber sole of your white sneakers.

Let it work for a moment and wipe the foam off with a damp cloth. Then let the white shoes dry. You will see: Afterwards your white sneakers will be clean again and look like new!

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Trick 3: clean white shoes with baby powder

What do you need?

  • Baby powder
  • water
  • a glass
  • a dishwashing brush or toothbrush
  • a hair dryer

That's how it's done!
Mix baby powder in a ratio of 1: 1 with water. Apply the mixture with the brush in circular motions to the white shoes. Then rub it wet so that the baby powder residues are removed. Dry the shoes with the hairdryer. This method is suitable for getting the fabric sections of the white sneakers clean again.

4. Trick: With bleach you can get the rubber sole gleaming white again

What do you need?

  • Bleach
  • cotton swab
  • rubber gloves

That's how it's done!
You can clean the yellowed rubber of your white sneakers with bleach. Simply put something on a cotton swab and rub it over the rubber sole. After it has taken effect, the rubber shines white again.

Tip: Put on rubber gloves and make sure that the bleach does not drip onto your clothes when you brush the white sole.

5. Trick: clean up white chucks

The white cult sneakers from Converse are particularly sensitive to dirt. With our tip you can get the chucks clean again.

Tip, so that the white rubber cap shines again

Do you want to get the rubber cap of your white chucks clean and sparkling white again? Then try nail polish remover.

The most practical way to clean white sneakers are nail polish remover pads. Simply rub it over the dirt on the rubber sole until it flashes again. By the way: You can also remove the yellow glue residue with nail polish remover.

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Tip to clean the white rubber sole

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‚ÄčEver heard of dirt erasers? With these little wonder weapons you not only get stains such as nail polish streaks or the abrasion of bags from the wallpaper, the cleaning utensils are also great for getting the rubber soles of Chucks or other sneakers snow-white again.

To do this, simply hold a small corner of the white sponge briefly under water. Then squeeze it out gently and rub it over the sole with circular movements. The dirt is gone! Incidentally, there are dirt erasers in the household department in the drugstore.

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