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This article deals with the opponents of the cartoon character "Superman". To get to the topic of the Villains in the Superman Universe to approximate adequately, he will proceed in two steps:

First he will give a summarizing overview of the general development of the villain ensemble over the past decades, which have adapted according to the zeitgeist.

Finally, in the second section, the individual adversaries who populated the Superman stories at different times are presented in short character sketches. The description is arranged in alphabetical order.

The cast of the Superman villains through time

Superman owns one of the oldest and most extensive galleries of villains in the comic book world. His best-known opponent is Lex Luthor, who has made life difficult for the "man of steel" in numerous incarnations since the early 1940s - from the stereotypical Mad Scientist to the turbo-capitalist entrepreneur. To this day, he has appeared in every film adaptation of the Superman story, mostly embodied by prominent actors such as Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacey. Actors like John Shea or Michael Rosenbaum slipped into the role on television.

In the general public, the undisputed best-known Superman opponent, Luthor is commonly regarded as Superman's archenemy or nemesis. Other well-known enemies of Superman's are the alien scientist Brainiac from the planet Colu, the wizard Mister Mxyzptlk from the 5th dimension, the cyborg human Hank Henshaw, the dictator Darkseid from the planet Apokolips, the failed Superman clone Bizarro and the monster Doomsday, das Killed Superman once.

Superman's first opponent, the Ultra-Humanite, occupies a special position in Superman's villain gallery. As the very first “super villain” in comic history, he is the “forefather” of a character type. This is a scientist who can transfer his mind to other bodies, including animals.

During the Second World War, Superman fought mainly against the German National Socialists - right up to Adolf Hitler, whom he, as well as Stalin in history "How Superman Would End the War" (1940) and dragged them before the Court of Justice of the League of Nations - which he opposed in the overseas theaters of war but also - in defending against acts of sabotage - on the "home front". In addition, the “man of steel” also fought in the Pacific against the troops of Japanese military fascism.

Parallel to his struggles with the "absolutely evil from the real world", the superhero was repeatedly confronted with child-friendly clowns and picturesque weirdos, such as the Prankster (1942), a notorious prank player, or the Toyman (1943), who tried to get Superman back with elaborate toys. With the crazy Mr. Mxyzptlk (1944), who was introduced into the series towards the end of the 2nd World War, a trend from life-threatening fights with bloodthirsty opponents, as they were due to the attitude to life of the war years, to good-natured trouble with basically lovable chaots which were more in keeping with the spirit of the dawning time of peace.

With the radioactive extraterrestrial material kryptonite, which can kill Superman, and which has appeared more and more frequently in the comic series since the 1940s, a plot element was also introduced into the series that made it possible for normal human crooks without any "super" skills to make serious threats to the godlike hero. The strong green shimmering stone became an eternal Achilles' heel in the Superman comics.

In the 50s, the “steel man” - influenced by the zeitgeist of the decade of space travel programs and nuclear research - primarily dealt with aliens and terrifying monsters. The most important and enduring of these aliens was the green-skinned scientist Brainiac from the planet Colu. In addition, Superman - a reminiscence of the fears of a nuclear catastrophe, fueled by the trauma of the atomic bombs - made Bizarro for the first time at this time, creating a distorted reflection of himself.

In the 1960s, Superman continued to deal primarily with the "alien of the week", but also dealt with the products of laboratory accidents such as the parasite. Typical opponents of the time were also robots, of which Metallo became the most famous, and birds of paradise like the space cowboy "Terra-Man".

The 1970s continued to bring threats of cosmic proportions to the steely man on the one hand, such as the evil gods from the planet Apokolips under their despotic leader Darkseid. In contrast to this, Superman had to deal with tricky everyday situations and the pranks of sports reporter Steve Lombard, a work colleague of his alter ego Clark Kent.

The 1980s brought a trend towards increasingly brutal adversaries, such as the cruel alien warlord Mongul or the disturbed Vietnam War veteran Bloodsport. The increasing brutalization of the former children's comics continued in the 1990s and 2000s and was already reflected in the names of the culprits: These include, for example, Bloodthirst, Massacre and Killer-Cyborg.

With the monster Doomsday - which even managed to kill Superman ("Death of Superman") - another highly regarded villain was created in 1992. The jokers, on the other hand, almost completely disappeared: In the 1990s, the prankster was seen in just five of almost a thousand Superman comics published in that decade, while the toyman, who used to protect children against adults, shed his friendly looks and affable manner shaved a bald head and turned into a terrifying child killer. Since the 1980s, beings from the underworld - zombies, demons and the like - such as the lord of hell Neron, Lord Satanus or the revenant Silver Banshee have also often emerged. In addition to the robots of the 1950s to 1980s, new high-tech beings appeared, such as the woman called High-Tech, but above all the cyborg Superman.

The villains in the Superman universe at a glance


Just like Nam-Ek, she is a subordinate of General Zod from the TV series Smallville, based on the character Ursa from the Superman films.


Anomaly ("Anomalie", German: Abart) is a clone of the professional criminal and murderer Floyd Barstow created by the research facility "Project Cadmus". Anomaly debuted in Adventures of Superman # 539 (author: Karl Kesel, draftsman: Stuart Immonen).

The purpose behind the clone experiment was to prove that a person's crime is not a question of genetic predisposition, but of socialization: it was hoped to prove that there is no such thing as a “criminal gene”. The experiment seemed to have succeeded at first - Barstow's clone turned out to be a peaceful and decent man, free from any criminal tendencies. Eventually, however, he was plagued by nightmares in which he was doing bad things. Barstow lost control and turned into Anomaly as he committed numerous crimes. Later, transformed back into Barstow, he tried to hide these deeds out of shame.

As an anomaly, Barstow has the ability to transform his body into any substance he touches. After several arguments with Superman, Barstow was handed over to Cadmus again, where efforts have since been made to free him from his alter ego. Anomaly belonged to the first formation of the organization founded by Morgan Edge "Superman Revenge Squad" at. He later joined the Intergang crime syndicate for a short time.


Arclight, aka Noah Pastenetti, is a mob debt collector. He made his debut in Superman # 99 from April 1995 (Author: Dan Jurgens). When his bosses discover that Pastenetti is passing on information about the mob's activities to reporter Alicia Allison Parker, they lock him up in a nuclear power plant and blow it up. Pasternetti survived the explosion, but was permanently altered by the radiation. Instead of a physically tangible body, from then on his body consisted of living energy. To give her shape and support, he wears a containment suit developed by LexCorp. Since then Pasternetti has been waging a private war against the mob in the course of which he murdered numerous members. After several unsuccessful attempts to arrest Arclight, Superman finally catches him with the help of Jimmy Olsen and the Newsboy Legion (Superman # 104).

Atomic Skull

The Atomic Skull, aka Joseph "Joe" Martin is a mentally ill person who thinks he's the hero of an old 1940s movie series.

The film series Atomic Skull is a government agent investigating the activities of the evil Doctor Electron in the 1930s, who transformed him into the Atomic Skull through one of his inventions. Skull falls in love with Electron's daughter Zelda Wentworth, who helps him in the fight against Electron and his henchmen. Eventually he thwarts the doctor's plans and turns back into his old self.

Joe Martin was a student who worked as a messenger at the S.T.A.R.-Labs to finance his studies. It was there that it was finally discovered that he has the meta-gene that enables people to develop superpowers. He was radioactively contaminated in a laboratory accident. When he was attacked by three muggers shortly afterwards, he suffered a serious head injury. Martin suffered a concussion and in his deep confusion believed from then on that he was one of his own favorite heroes. Martin continues to believe that Superman is actually his archenemy "Doctor Psycho" who tries to deceive him by offering help. He also thinks the reporter Lois Lane is his lover Zelda, who has been brainwashed by Doctor Psycho.

Atomic Skull possesses a variety of superpowers - superhuman strength, speed and endurance, the ability to fire off deadly infrared and microwave blasts, and the ability to fly - which it owes to its atomic radiation. A side effect of Martin's radiation is that his head constantly emits X-rays, which make his skull visible to other people with the naked eye through the head meat. Joseph Martin made his debut in "The Adventures of Superman" # 483 from 1991, the Atomic Skull in Action comics # 670 (1991). An earlier version of the character - with Michaels' alter ego - made its debut in issue # 303 of the old one Superman-Series from September 1976 (Author: Gerry Conway, Artist: Curt Swan)

When Martin can finally be cured of his obsessions, he tries - with the help of Superman - to become a real hero.

Atomic Skull appears in the animated series "Justice League Unlimited“On (US dubbing voice: Lex Lang). Here he is an adversary of the hero Wildcat, a member of the Legion of Doom, a group of villains around the intelligent gorilla Grodd, later when Lex Luthor took over the Legion, Atomic Skull was one of his supporters, and supports the heroes in the last episode of the series against the alien dictator Darkseid.

Black Zero II

Black Zero II is an intelligent computer program or virus with the Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes in the issue Superman + the Legion of Super Heroes getting in trouble. According to the story, the virus was created thousands of years ago by the terrorist group of the same name, Black Zero, and for centuries continued to exist hidden in the technology from which Superman's Fortress of Solitude was later built. When the Legion visits Superman's Fortress, the virus is accidentally activated. Then Black Zero subjects Superman and the Legion to a virtual reality course in which they relive different stages of Kryptonian history. The culmination of this illusion of the course - which is supposed to culminate in the virtual destruction of Krypton and the real destruction of the earth - can ultimately be averted by Superman and the Legion by shorting out Black Zero.

Baron Ruthven

Baron Ruthven is a vicious vampire. Ruthven made her debut in Man of Steel # 14 from 1992 (author: Louise Simonson, draftsman: Jon Bogdanove). Visually, it is modeled on the title character from Fritz Lang's film Nosferatu, embodied by Max Schreck, and based on the vampire of the same name in European folk tales. Ruthven corresponds to the traditional vampire material of the Carpathian nobleman, equipped with superhuman abilities, who goes out at night to suck out the blood of mortals. In addition to the classic vampire skills, he still has the gift of being able to "nestle" in people and to take possession of them.


Barrage (German: "Barrage"), alias Karnowsky, is a professional thief. He made his debut in Superman Annual # 2 from 1988 (Writer and Illustrator: John Byrne). Barrage wears sturdy combat armor made of heavy metal, which also has weapons. He also wears a visor. Karnowsky has no superpowers other than considerable engineering skills. His trademark is the mechanical prosthesis on his right arm, from which he can fire projectiles of all kinds.

Karnowsky was a common thief who lost his arm in an altercation with the Metropolis Police Special Force, led by Maggie Sawyer (Superman Annual # 2, 1988). Since then, his main goal in life has been to take revenge on Sawyer and kill her as brutally as possible, which has always failed so far.


Batzarro is a vivid caricature of Superman's ally Batman. The villain made his debut in "Superman“# 181 from April 2002 (Author: Jeph Loeb, Draw: Ed McGuiness). The figure is based on a Batman clone in "World's Finest Comics“# 156 from March 1966 occurred. The character Batzarro is a transfer of the "twisted" Superman double, Bizarro, to the Batman character. Together with Bizarro he forms the team "World's Worst" the negative counterpart to the traditional “World's Finest” team, which has its own comic series.


See bizarro.


Blackrock is the name of several Superman opponents who fall back on a magical black stone that gives them considerable abilities. The very first Blackrock debuted in Action comics # 458 from April 1976.

In its original version, Blackrock was a Dr. Peter Silverstone created stone that looked like a black jewel (Blackrock jewel) that he used to transform the people of his choice - first the television producer Sam Tanner, later his nephew Les Vegas - into superhuman beings with considerable abilities.

Silverstone later created an energy being that played the role of Blackrock and eventually even took on this identity himself by using a powerful stone that was able to integrate electromagnetic energy into the human organism: Thus he acquired the ability to fly, fire bursts of energy and became superhuman strong. In his new identity as Blackrock, he met Superman several times in battle.

After the restart of the Superman series, the old origin story of Blackrock disappeared. Instead, the Blackrock jewel was now more of an alien symbiote that gives the person it connects with tremendous abilities, based in particular on an increase in their natural character traits. In the new continuity, Silverstone eventually went blind after abusing the Blackrock gem's powers for too long. The Blackrock Jewel was eventually stolen by the escaped convict Sam Benjamin, who murdered Silverstone and took control of the stone. After his defeat by Superman, Benjamin was arrested and the Blackrock of Superman "neutralized" by throwing him into the sun. From there he was finally recovered by the Bizarro at Lex Luther's insistence. Luthor gave the stone to the South American revolutionary and drug smuggler Lucia, who was seeking revenge on the Man of Steel for her arrest by Superman. After Lucia's defeat against Superman, he tried to secure the stone from new access by hiding it in his fortress of solitude. From there, however, the symbiote was able to escape on its own and in quick succession, first with Plasticman, then with Batman and finally with Jimmy Olsen, who, however, were able to free themselves one by one from the influence of the harmful jewel.

Blaze and Satanus

Blaze and Satanus (also Lord Satanus) are two demons who are up to mischief in Superman's hometown Metropolis.Blaze - a female demon - and Satanus - a male demon - are two warring siblings who, disguised as human beings, fight their personal feud on earth. The two are the product of the union of the wise and good-natured wizard Shazam, the mentor of Superman's friend Billy Batson, and an unknown demoness. Blaze debuted in Action comics # 655 from July 1990 (author: Roger Stern, draftsman: Bob McLeod), Satanus in Adventures of Superman # 493, dated August 1992 (author: Jerry Ordway, illustrator: Tom Grummett). Blaze and Satanus are both tall creatures with typical “demon” attributes: two horns sprouting out of their skulls, gloomy appearance, ponytail, bull's feet and the like. They also hide their faces behind metal helmets under which only an opaque blackness and the eyes of the demons can be seen, while their facial features remain unrecognizable.

Thanks to their ability to transform their own shape at will, nothing remains of the terrifying appearance of the two frelich when they appear in their human shells: While Satanus disguises himself as the respectable businessman and magazine editor Colin Thornton, Blaze has old age Ego of a nightclub owner named Angelica Blaze accepted. As Colin Thornton (this debuted in Adventures of Superman # 460 from November 1989, without hinting at a demonic background, so that it can be assumed that his alter ego was only subsequently imputed to him) Blaze is friends with Superman's alter ego, the journalist Clark Kent and his colleague and wife Lois Lane, who not only have an apartment in the same apartment building as Thornton, but also occasionally hang out with him privately - without Kent and Thornton knowing anything about the double life of the other as opponents of their own alter egos. Kent has also worked intermittently as editor-in-chief for Thornton's weekly Newstime Magazine - one of the most successful competitors to Kent's regular employer, The Daily Planet. The real goals of Blaze and Satanus were never explained satisfactorily, but always left somewhat shadowy: On the one hand, as "traditional demons", both were out to take control of the souls of mortals, on the other hand they were embroiled in a bitter private war, Superman and the people of Metropolis were just extras on the fringes, on yet other occasions each had their own indefinite, ominous plans for the city of Metropolis.

As demons, Satanus and Blaze have considerable power: Both are skilled in a kind of "black magic" which enables them to transform themselves and other living beings and objects into others at will, to make themselves invisible and to relocate them to other places. In addition, both are superhumanly strong and have the ability to telepathically communicate with other beings or read minds.

For unexplained reasons, Satanus and Blaze are in a bitter rivalry with one another: Every now and then they fight each other down to the blood and always try to thwart each other's plans - if necessary by taking their side openly or in camouflage on Superman's side. Both Blaze and Satanus always avoid direct confrontations with Superman and his allies as much as possible: Instead, they stay in the background, from which they as "chess players" pull their strings and let others act for them. Direct face-to-face encounters between them and Superman are therefore extremely rare and fights even more rare, as both prefer to move their own body to another place through sheer willpower (magic), to withdraw. Instead, they prefer to create henchmen who will get their will and do the "nimble" tasks: This is how Blaze created the demonic creatures Silver Banshee and Skyhookwhile Satanus invented the drug DMN, which temporarily turns users into monsters who are loyal to whoever can supply them with supplies of the highly addictive drug. Superman harbors a personal grudge against Blaze, as she is responsible for the death of Jerry White, son of Superman's friend Perry White, the editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet: Blaze killed White and tried to "reap" his soul. Superman couldn't thwart the boy's death, or at least thwart the harvest of his soul. Satanus's greatest achievement so far has been to rebuild Metropolis, which was destroyed by Superman's archenemy Lex Luthor by detonating numerous explosive charges and turned into a field of ruins, using black magic: although his responsibility for the resurrection of the city is only known to himself, as he succeeded in all of them to make other people believe that the (by him without her knowledge) manipulated sorceress Zatanna rebuilt the city with the help of Superman, Perry White and the Martian Manhunter. Most recently, Colin Thornton was revealed as Satanus by the being Specter, who claims to be the personified wrath of God, and carried off into the afterlife: His whereabouts have not yet been clarified.

Blind spot

Blind spot ("Blind spot") is a thief who works for the criminal syndicate Intergang, which is based in Superman's hometown Metropolis, and who can make himself invisible with the help of a special suit. Blindspot debuted in Superman # 44 from June 1990 and after several failed attempts to arrest him was arrested jointly by Superman and the private detective Slam Bradley (Adventures of Superman # 483, 1991).


The Bloodhounds are a task force set up by Project Cadmus, an American government research facility, to find a way to neutralize Superman "should it be necessary". She looks out Mac, tracker and Blood, three elite soldiers armed with high-tech weapons that enable them to stand up to Superman. The Bloodhounds debuted in Superman # 58 from August 1991 (Author and illustrator: Dan Jurgens). After capturing Superman once, they appeared variously as background characters in stories that played in Cadmus, but eventually disappeared as opponents from the Superman series.


Bloodthirst (Eng. "blood thirst") is a monstrous creature who lives below Superman's hometown Metropolis and who, for unknown reasons, strives to create chaos and mischief by bringing as much suffering and destruction as possible to other living beings. Bloodthirst - who made his debut in Superman: Man of Steel # 27 (author: Louise Simonson, draftsman: Jon Bogdanove) - is a bald, disfigured man who wears a corset (!) And suspenders (!!) and the figure of Doctor Frankfurter from the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" is modeled. Bloodthirst's arms and legs are covered with bizarre pores that secrete a strange green gas, his face is a terrifying grimace. The obscure man - who by his own account is over 1000 years old - has superhuman physical strength and the ability to teleport himself and change his shape by virtue of his will. He is also a manipulator and "schemer“First class. Superman characterized him by saying that Bloodthirst was driven in his lust for murder and destruction by no goals other than "evil itself".

When he first met Superman on the Spilled Blood storyline, Bloodthirst recruited other villains like Hi-Tech and Bloodsport to wreak havoc in Metropolis by equipping them with modern weapons and sending them out to wage a brutal massacre in the city to prepare (Man of Steel # 27 to # 28). Superman was able to defeat the two and finally find Bloodthirst and put them in his place, but he did not succeed in preventing them from escaping to work out new evil plans.

Boss Moxie

Boss Moxie is one of the most powerful gang leaders in Superman's hometown of Metropolis. He is the founder of the criminal syndicate "Intergang", which he brought into being in the 1930s. After being arrested by police officer Jim Harper and the Newsboy Legion, a gang of newsboys who hunted criminals at night, Moxie was sentenced to fifty years in prison in Stryker's Island, Metropolis City Prison.

In his absence, Intergang began to disintegrate but was finally resuscitated by Moxie's son, Bruno Mannheim and the businessman Morgan Edge on the instructions of the alien despot Darkseid to act as a pioneer for the long-term invasion of Earth that Darkseid had planned. This second incarnation of the Intergang was eventually crushed by Superman. So when Moxie was released from prison at Stryker's Island Prison at the age of over 90 after serving his sentence, he set about founding a new third incarnation of the group and once again taking over the leadership of Intergang. In an attempt to take revenge on the Newsboys or by Project Cadmus, a US government research facility created clones of the original Newsboys, which were now as old as the original Newsboys at the time of his arrest, Moxie met the genius researcher Dabney Donovan. Donovan, a former Project Cadmus employee, took gene samples from Moxie, who was fatally wounded in a fight with the Newsboys, and created a clone 50 years his junior (Guardians of Metropolis # 4, 1994). Together with other clones of former "Intergangsters" from the 1940s (Noose, ROugh House, Torcher, Machine Gun), Moxie and Vincent Edge, the father of Morgan Edge, finally founded a new Intergang.

This new Intergang finally made life difficult for Superman in various adventures from 1997 to 1999: Moxie tried to take control of the underworld of Metropolis, but failed at the resistance of Lex Luthor, whom he finally recognized as his superior and had to grant de facto control over Intergang, had his henchmen undertake various thieving tours, most of which were thwarted by Superman, tried in vain to take revenge on Guadian (a clone of the police officer Harper who had arrested him) (Adventures of Superman # 550, 1997) and hunted down Superman's friend Jimmy Olsen in the hope of finding out Superman's secret identity. After Donovan and his henchmen were gradually hunted down by Superman, Moxie was finally arrested by the hero. Later, a fourth incarnation, the Intergang, was founded by Moxie's son Bruno Mannheim, who had returned from the dead.


After Lex Luthor and Darkseid, he is not only the most famous of Superman opponents but also one of the most powerful. His real name is Virl Dox. He was the first scientist of the planet Colu to be ruled by a totalitarian artificial intelligence. Dox wanted to overthrow intelligence and seize power himself. But the intelligence saw through Dox Plan, destroyed his body and banished his computer-like mind into space. But Dox's spirit remained intact and so he finally came to earth. There, with the help of his telepathic and psychokinetic skills, he took control of the body of the carnival diviner Milton Fine and became a power-hungry Brainiac. In his insatiable greed for knowledge and power, Brainiac drove the earth to the brink of annihilation more than once and also tried to conquer it so often, but failed again and again because of Superman. Over time, Brainiac found that Fine's body was far too weak to grasp its vast consciousness and looked for a suitable host, including Lex Luthor, Superman, even Doomsday. He even kidnapped the young son of Superman's childhood friends Pete and Lana Ross in order to have genetic material for a new body. After all his attempts were unsuccessful, Brainiac packed his vicious alien psyche into a pristine android shell and has since become more powerful and dangerous than ever.

In the Superman cartoon series and the Justice League series, Brainiac, like Superman, was from Krypton and is also responsible for its destruction. It is an artificial intelligence that moves from planet to planet to collect its knowledge and then destroys it. In the original, Brainiac is voiced by Corey Burton. In the series Smallville, Brainiac is portrayed by James Marsters.


Brawl ("Brawl, Wedges") is a superhumanly strong creature created by Superman's archenemy Lex Luthor. Brawl, who is one of the most physically strong opponents, made his debut in Superman: Man of Steel # 53 from February 1996 (author: Louise Simonson, draftsman: Jon bogdanove). He is a tall, well-built man with greenish armored scales on the shoulders and neck and long reddish hair. Brawl is the product of a laboratory experiment commissioned by Superman's archenemy, in which a man named Bill, who officially died while treating a brain tumor with the help of experimental surgery, used the genetic material of the alien monster Doomsday, which Superman once killed has been fused into a hybrid of human and doomsday beings. Luthor had taken the Doomsday genetic material from a piece of bone that had splintered from its bony outgrowth in the fight with Superman. A microchip implanted in Brawl's skull gave Luthor full control over Brawl, which he could remotely control from a safe distance. Luthor tested his creation by running Brawl amok in the City of Superman's hometown, Metropolis. After Superman was able to defeat the human mountain in a first fight, Brawl was interned in the research facility "S.T.A.R.-Labs". From there, the monster was able to escape a mass outbreak caused by the criminal "parasite", only to run amok again by wreaking havoc through Bridgewell Hights, a suburb of Metropolis. When Brawl finally met his partner "Rosebud" from his previous life as Bill and began to remember his past and those responsible for his transformation, Luthor killed his being with the help of a self-destruct mechanism built into the control chip in Brawl's brain was (Action comics # 724, 1996).

Bruno "Ugly" Mannheim

See Bruno “Ugly” Mannheim


Brute was a superhumanly strong, tall and coarse brute) Aliens charged with arresting Superman by the Galactic Tribunal. He made his debut in "Superman: Man of Steel" # 50 from November 1995. Together with his "milk brother" Mop Brute worked as a smuggler. After his arrest by the tribunal, a kind of intergalactic court, he and Mope were sentenced to death. Since the tribunal was interested in an arrest of Superman, for whom it believed a strong fighter was needed, Brute was offered a pardon for him and Mope if he would help arrest Superman and bring him to justice. Brute took up the offer and helped kidnap Superman from Earth to the Tribunal's planet. However, since he violated the rules imposed on him by the tribunal when Superman's arrest and embarked on an avoidable fight, his pardon was withdrawn and Brute was executed by shooting him alive, tied to a rocket, into the sun. Superman avenged Brute's death, eventually despite their hostility, by overthrowing the tribunal together with Mope - who was also killed in the argument.

Burton Thompson

See Burton Thompson.


Cauldron ("Kessel") is a "living" combat robot based on the connection of mechanics and human DNA. It was created by Project Cadmus, an American government research facility based in Superman's hometown of Metropolis. The character debuted in Action comics # 695 from January 1994 (author: Karl Kesel, draftsman: Jackson Guice). Cauldron was created on the basis of the genetic material of the elite soldier Kevin Crowe, a member of the Cadmus security team who was seriously injured in the battle with Monster Doomsday and has been wheelchair-bound ever since. Since Crowe is a man with a good character, the robot created from his genes was originally a "good" being. After the corrupt scientist Dabney Donovan had taken control of Cauldron by manipulating the technical control devices at Cadmus, the robot was forced to commit crimes for Donovan against his will. There were a number of arguments with Superman.In order to evade Donovan's control, Cauldron finally committed suicide by being beaten to death in a collapsing house while propping up the crumbling masonry to allow residents to escape outside.

Cauldron II

Cauldron II is a replica of the first cauldron, a living robot based on the cybernetic amalgamation of human DNA with robotics. He made his debut in Action Comics # 731, March 1997 (Writer: David Michelinie, Illustrator: Tom Grummet). Cauldron II was found by the Russian criminal Nikolai Karpov made from the blueprints of the first cauldron after a corrupt employee of the Cadmus research facility - which created the Cauldron I - had sold it to Karpov. To test his new "acquisition", Karpov Cauldron ran amok in the port of Metropolis. Superman could not destroy the almost overpowering robot - which, unlike Cauldron I, was able to absorb energy and was therefore practically invulnerable. Instead, he contented himself with remedying himself by driving Cauldron inside the earth and sinking it into the earth's core, where Cauldron has since been trapped.


Cerberus is a mysterious being named after the hellhound Cerberus from Greek mythology. He is a crumpled dog-like creature with several heads that he can remove at will and replace with other reserve heads. He made his debut in Superman: The Man of Steel # 1 from July 1991 (author: Louise Simonson, draftsman: Jon Bogdanove). Cerberus is also the leader of a criminal organization named after him (Cerberus organization).

Cerberus tried to cause unrest and confusion in Metropolis for reasons that have never been clarified (for example he attacked the facilities of the LexCorp group and tried to kidnap Lois Lane) and sent various of its members to fight against Superman. Such as the superhumanly strong chicken Block house, the mercenary Jolt, as Rorc and Sergeant Belcher and finally the Cybrog Metallo. If his henchmen were defeated in the fight with Superman, Cerberus used to render them harmless by remote control by activating special microchips implanted in their brains that detonated small explosive charges that did not kill the wearers, but turned them into mentally weak "vegetables". In the case of Metallo, this failed because the cyborg in the fight with Superman and the policeman Dan Turpin that led to his defeat had been sprayed with a special extinguishing foam that isolated his skull from the radio waves from Cerberus transmitter, so that the order to destroy Couldn't reach Chip. During interrogation, Metallo finally revealed the whereabouts of his boss.

In Man of Steel # 13 from 1992 finally managed to locate Cerberu's hiding place in a mountain range outside of Metropolis and defeat the leader of the gang. He was seen later, among other things, during the "Joker's Last Laugh" storyline as an inmate of the prison "The Slab". In the animated series, Mr. Mxyzptlik also uses Cerberus doubles to tease Superman.


Chemo is a skyscraper-sized giant made of lively light green acid that Superman had to deal with on various occasions. He is enclosed in a transparent containment suit, which is equipped with prosthetic hand and leg units, as well as artificial eyes. Chemo debuted in Showcase # 39 from July 1962 (author: Robert Kanighter, draftsman: Ross Andru, Mike Esposito). Since chemo is not a living being, but only imitates life, it is practically immortal: After each destruction, chemo can "collect" itself anew and shape it into a new shape in order to achieve new life. Chemo is able to produce every known poison and every known acid in its body and to excrete this at will to its surroundings, especially against opponents.

Chemo was originally a 20-foot plastic tube made by the eccentric scientist Ramsey Norton and placed in his laboratory. It was in this tube that Norton collected the chemical residue left over from his failed experiments to spur himself on for the future. When Norton finally introduced a seemingly inoperable growth medium (with which he had wanted to grow plants that should be so large that one could saturate entire nations with them) into this plastic tube, he created the being that was henceforth only called "chemo": Under the Influence of the growth serum brought the tube to life, killed Norton with the poisons it extracted from itself, grew into a building-sized being and started a devastation in the course of which it destroyed everything that came in its way. He the Metal Men, a group of living robots, could destroy chemo. The creature later came to life again and was stopped by Superman on most of its destruction trains. During the invasion of Earth by the alien giant Imperiex, the US government used chemo as a weapon against Imperiex. Later the terrorist used Deathstroke Chemo as a tool to destroy the city of Blüdhaven. After this last terrible act of chemos, Superman threw the being into space to make chemo harmless for good.

In the cartoon series "Justice League" a nameless, chemo-modeled monster appeared.


Chesire, aka Jade Nguyen, is a mercenary and assassin. The character made his debut in 1983 New Teen Titans Annual # 2 (Writer: Marv Wolfman, Illustrator: George Perez). Visually, Chersire is an attractive woman with a Eurasian phenotype. She is tall and well proportioned. Your skin is whitewashed golden-brown. Her clothing is mostly jade-green combat suit with a matching headband. She has long black hair and black eyes. According to the publisher, Chesire is 1.75 m tall and weighs 61 kg. A special feature is a flower tattoo that is emblazoned on her left breast.

Jade Nguyen was born to a French father and a Vietnamese mother. She had an unhappy childhood, was separated from her parents in mysterious circumstances, and eventually fell into the hands of a human trafficking ring that sold her into slavery. As a result of this traumatic experience, she became psychologically unstable and aggressive. After murdering her master, she was adopted by the Chinese freedom fighter Weng Chan, who took her on his travels in the Far East. He instructed her in various martial arts and trained her to be an excellent acrobat and guerrilla fighter. At sixteen, she met the local assassin Kruen Musenda in Africa, who shared her extensive knowledge of poisons. Eventually she married Musenda and was married to him for two years, until his death. After his death she started working as a mercenary.

For years, Nguyen was feuding with the Titans, a group of young crime fighters. Regardless of this, she fathered a daughter, Lian, with one of the Titans, Roy Harper (Speedy - the former sidekick of Green Arrow), who she later handed over to the father for education. Together with the mercenary Deathstroke, she stole some Russian nuclear warheads in order to blackmail the world. To back up their demands, they wiped out the state of Qurac in the Middle East with a bomb. She later formed the mercenary group "The Ravens". During this time she found out that her real father was the American Senator Robert Pullman, who first raped her mother and then abandoned her with the newborn child. Nguyen was a member of various other criminal groups such as Vandal Savage's group "Tartarus" and the "Secret Six" and has worked with other mercenaries such as Catman and KGBeast. During her time with the Secret Six, she became pregnant again, this time from Thomas Blake (Catman). After nearly being killed in an argument with Slade Wilson (Deathstroke), she has retired to a chalet in the Himalayas, where she lives with the son who emerged from her relationship with Blake.

Chesire appeared in the 5th season of the animated series "Teen Titans" on. Outwardly, she is very similar to her comic incarnation and also has excellent martial arts skills, but unlike in the comics, she wears a cat mask.


Circe was created in 1949 as an opponent to Wonder Woman, but since 1958 has repeatedly stood against Superman. In one story she claims to be a Kryptonian (Action Comics No. 243, August 1958: “The Lady and the Lion”).

Composite superman

Composite superman is the name of three villains based on the idea of ​​merging Superman and Batman into one character. The Composite Supermen have all the powers and abilities of both heroes combined and externally resembles a vertical attachment of the right half of the body of Batman and the left half of the body of Superman. The character debuted in World's Finest Comics # 142, dated June 1964 (author. Edmond Hamilton, illustrator: Curt Swan).

Joseph Meach was originally a guard at the Superman Museum in Metropolis. When struck by lightning, he developed a variety of superpowers and went mad. He developed the obsession to first defeat Superman and Batman and then to usurp world domination. For this purpose, he assumed a completely green form and dressed in a costume that was modeled on the costumes of Batman and Superman 1 to 1. In each case, one half of the body of the composite Superman looked like one of the superheroes: the right Batman, the left Superman. In a duel, the overpowering Meach proved to be stronger than Superman and Batman together, thanks to his telepathic talent he was even able to find out their secret identities. The heroes were only able to win the victory over Composite Superman when he miraculously lost his powers - which were limited in time - and became Joseph Meach again, who had no memory of his existence as Composite Superman.

In World's Finest Comics # 168 from August 1967 a second composite Superman was introduced. This was an alien named Xan who came to earth to avenge his father, who had once been defeated by Superman and Batman. First, Xan tried to rush Meach against Superman and Batman again by turning him into the composite Superman a second time. After this plan had failed due to Meach's decent character - Meach preferred to kill himself in order not to have to be used as a weapon against his heroes - Xan decided to make himself the new composite Superman. Xan mimicked the Meaches accident and received the same, almost limitless powers as this one (World's Finest Comics # 283, 1982). Together with the Legion of Superheroes, however, Superman and Batman finally succeeded in this second composite Superman, which is now Amalgamax called to defeat.

A third composite / Superman was created in the series Superman / Batman by the magician Mr Mxyzptlk by merging the supermen and batmen of several realities.

Amalgamax is another name for the 2nd composite Superman.

In issue # 56 of the series Impulses Inertia, his archenemy, created a composite superboy by feeding the supercomputer Crayd'll with data that enabled it to transform itself into a hybrid of superboy and Batman's junior partner Robin.

The composite Superman made an appearance in the animated series "Justice League Unlimited". Here he was a mixture of Batman, Superman and (!) Wonder Woman. In 2005, DC Direct released an action figure based on the composite Superman.


Conduit (Eng. "Link"), aka Kenny Braverman, was a terrorist who harbored a personal grudge against Superman's alter ego, journalist Clark Kent. Conduit debuted in Adventures of Superman # 0 from 1994 (author: Karl Kesel, draftsman: Barry Kitson).

Contessa del Portenza

See Contessa del Portenza.


Copperhead (Copper head according to the English name copperhead snake for the copper-headed snake) is a thief and assassin, a hybrid of human and snake, with whom Superman had various dealings. He made his debut in "The Brave and the Bold“# 78 from June 1968 (Author: Bob Haney, Illustrator: Bob Brown).

Copperhead began his career as a snake-suit-wearing thief in Gotham City: after his capture by Batman, he began to work as a hit man, killing his victims by strangling them with the tail of his snake-style battle suit. The combat suit was also equipped with mimetic devices that made Copperhead look extremely similar to a snake: By artificial poison traps he could paralyze or kill his opponents with the venom venom, thanks to the solid armor of the costume he was extremely difficult to be vulnerable (e.g. resistant to firearm bullets) and could also use the artificial tail to burst human bones and walls with ease. As a practiced contortionist, it was also possible for him to bend his body almost at will and to hide himself almost impossible to find even in the smallest of spaces. Copperhead's grueling activity was stopped again and again, especially by Superman and Wonder Woman. To give his notoriously unsuccessful career new impetus, he finally sold his soul to the demon Neron, who transformed the man in the snake costume into a real hybrid of man and snake, who now had more real fangs, was superhumanly strong and agile. In his new incarnation, Copperhead was involved in arguments with Superman and Superboy, among other things, before he was finally killed by agent Kate Spence.

Copperhead appeared as the henchman villain of Lex Luthor in the cartoon series "Justice League" and Justice League Unlimited "(US dubbing voice: Efrain Figueroa, later Jose Yenque).


See entry killer cyborg.

Dabney Donovan

See Dabney Donovan


Dagda is a magical being that the so-called Millennium Guard listened to.


Darkseid is the ruler of the planet Apokolips, one of the toughest opponents of Superman. For countless centuries there was war between the planets New Genesis and Apokolips. While the heroic New Gods of New Genesis believe in peace and harmony, the people of Apokolips only know oppression and slavery under the crushing hand of Darkseid. Unfortunately, the cruel ruler of Apokolips will not be satisfied until he has conquered the entire cosmos. To this end, Darkseid has targeted the earth as the source of the hard-to-define anti-life equation that is supposed to guarantee him rule over all living beings, including Superman. Darkseid has long been looking for a way to destroy the New Gods and rule the cosmos. Once second in line to the throne of Apokolips, Darkseid murdered his brother Drax in order to use the powerful "omega effect" and to rule his desperate world unchallenged. Later, in his search for the anti-life equation, Darkseid came to Metropolis, where he equipped the Intergang so that it could serve as his vanguard to conquer the earth. Fortunately, Superman prevented Darkseid and his entourage from gaining a foothold on Earth.

He is voiced by actor Michael Ironside in the series Superman and Justice League.


Deathtrap (Eng. "death trap") [also Locksmith, "locksmith"], aka Carl Draper, is an engineer who specializes in the development of "insurmountable" security systems that are supposed to be able to trap criminals with super skills in the prison system keep public institutions safe from metahuman attacks. Draper debuted in Adventures of Superman 517 from November 1994 (author: Karl Kesel), in which he was given the order to construct a safe prison cell for the powerful criminal Kenny Braverman, alias Conduit, in order to be able to keep him prisoner in the future. In order to check the quality of his constructions, he lures Superman again and again into the most ingeniously designed traps from which he cannot escape as much as possible. Deathtrap enjoys the battle of wits that results from the competition that he constructs possible inaccessible traps, while Superman has to find a way to escape them. Deathtrap observes Superman's attempts to escape from a safe distance through cameras and detectors and only comes into contact with him via an imaginatively designed light hologram that depicts a stereotypical super villain with a cape, etc.

The original suggestion for Draper's cat-and-mouse game with Superman was a provocation of his daughter, who - his arrogance deliberately irritating - teased that her father would not be able to keep the hero permanently in one of his traps.Afterwards, Draper made numerous attempts to set Superman inescapable traps, from which he was ultimately able to escape again and again - mostly through cunning and cleverness instead of through the excessive use of his superpowers. The weaknesses of Draper, who later began to call himself Locksmith, were his over-sized ego and arrogance. Another preferred victim of Draper is the escape artist Mister Miracle, whom he once tried to imprison with Suerman. Later, Draper's daughter secretly took over her father's identity as a Deathtrap behind her father's back and set a trap for Superman.


See Desaad


Demolitia (also Bloodsport III), alias Marita is a brutal vigilante who is up to mischief in Superman's hometown. She debuted in Action comics # 718 (Author: David Micheline, Illustrator: Kieron Dwyer).

Marita Chevez was originally an average woman who lived in Metropolis with her mother, a Latin American immigrant. When Superman's archenemy Lex Luthor Metropolis in a brief delusional derangement with explosives laid to rubble and ashes, Chevez was buried under the rubble of a skyscraper. She was finally rescued after several days by a group of looters who gang raped her. In her urge for revenge, she swore to protect the "innocent" and to punish the guilty: She practiced massive bodybuilding for a while and steeled her body until she became the ideal image of a muscle-bound, female, bodybuilder. She acquired the "Bloodsport" technology from an unknown person, ie a mini-title reporter that can be attached to the palm of a person and that allows him to use weapons from a remote arsenal at will by adding weapons from this arsenal to his own at will Hand teleported here. Afterwards she dressed herself in a revealing outfit that was similar to that of the original Bloodsports and also showed off her steeled body and went on hunted criminals under the name Demilitia: She murdered a few street thugs and hunted the gunman Richie Corday. Superman prevented Demolitia from killing him but could not arrest Demolitia, who evaded him by teleporting herself away. Later Demolitia made a futile attempt to murder Lex Luthor (Superman's nemesis Lex Luthor # 2) and worked briefly for Wonder Womans nemesis Circe (Wonder Woman # 175).


See entry DNAliens.


The extraterrestrial geneticist Bertron wanted to create the "perfect being" on Krypton, who defied death using evolution. In doing so, he created a true monster who only enjoyed destroying other forms of life. Doomsday destroyed Bertron and his experimental laboratory and began a path of death and destruction across the planet and later through the universe, which eventually led him to earth. But there the Justice League and Superman got in his way. After a long, tough fight that ended in Metropolis, both Doomsday and the Man of Steel died (see: Superman's death). Doomsday has subsequently proven that death does not stop him, but that he becomes more resilient every time, because every cause of death is fatal for him only once.


See entry "Psi Phone and Dreadnought".

Effron the Sorcerer

Effron the Sorcerer ("Effron the Magician") is a magician from a magical land called Veliathan, with whom Superman had to deal on various occasions. The figure has only appeared in the "old" Superman series that ran from 1938 to 1986, after the restart of the Superman series, Effron has not yet appeared - presumably because the figure does not particularly follow the somewhat more "mature / adult" approach this series fits compared to the somewhat more childlike version of the old series. The character made his debut in World's Finest Comics # 210: "World of Faceless Slaves!" (March 1972). It was created by Elliot S. Maggin, who modeled Effron after Irving Effron, the father of a friend whom Maggin found a particularly imposing figure. Effron's (rather) diffuse agenda in the stories in which he appeared always envisaged turning people (and Superman) into faceless beings for unexplained reasons to serve him - which in the end could always be thwarted.

Emerald Empress

Sarya from the planet Venegar forms the Fatal Five with Tharok, Validus, Mano and the Persuader. Through the emerald green "Eye of Ekron" (the Emerald Eye of Ekron), a mystical object, she is able to fly, shoot energy beams and survive in space.


Appeared in the "Superman" comic series 1983 (380-382). He deprives people of negative emotions, making them his brainwashed followers and he himself gains superpowers.

Eve Teschmacher

Eve Teschmacher (also: Miss Teschmacher, played by Valerie Perrine) is the assistant to Superman's archenemy Lex Luthor in Superman: The Film and Superman II.

Faora Hu-ul

Appeared under the name Ursa in Superman II. In Superman: The Animated Series she was called Mala.

Frank Sixty

Frank Sixty is a criminal inventor (cyberneticist) who belongs to the criminal syndicate Intergang. Sixty debuted in 1999 Action Comics # 758 (Writer and Illustrator: Stuart Immonen). On behalf of Boss Moxie, the gang's boss at the time, he created a giant robotic lobster (!) To kill Superman. After Sixty cheated on Moxie and "delivered him to the knife", he was arrested, whereupon Sixty concluded that he was now the boss of the Intergang himself. Sixty’s whereabouts after Bruno Mannheim took over Intergang has not yet been clarified.

General Zod

Actor Terence Stamp

General Zod, also (Dru-Zod), is a criminal officer hailing from Superman's home planet Krypton. Zod who is in Adventure comics # 283 debuted in April 1961, is one of the most famous Superman antagonists ever due to its appearance in the second Superman film from 1980. Since he is a Kryptonian like Superman, he has the same godlike powers as the hero and is therefore one of the few opponents of Superman who are really physically equal. Zod is usually portrayed as arrogant and high-handed. The film character is recognizably based on the biblical angel Lucifer: Like him, Zod rebels against the authorities and tries to take control, but is defeated by an overpowering father figure who is banished. Finally he and his entourage come to earth to fight against the son of his damned man.

In his original version, Zod was just a megalomaniac officer who, due to his crimes, was locked in the so-called Phantom Zone - a special dimension in which the Kryptonians kept their criminals - together with other Kryptonian criminals (Adventure Comics # 283). In this zone, time stands still and you have to atone for your sins forever. According to this version, he had once been the director of the Kryptonian space center and had also known Superman's father, the Kryptonian scientist Jor-El. Zod eventually tried to usurp control of Krypton with the help of an army of robotic duplicates of himself, but failed with this endeavor and was banished to the Phantom Zone for life. Later, in this variant, he was freed from the zone by the growing Superman, who did not know the gravity of Zod's crimes - after Zod tried to conquer the earth, there was a confrontation with the character, then known as Superboy, who was able to defeat him and banished to the zone again. In the further course of the Superman series, Zod managed to escape from the zone again and again and to deliver new trials of strength with the now grown-up Superman.

After the restart of the Superman series in 1986, Zod initially disappeared from the Superman continuity, but eventually returned as an inhabitant of the "pocket-sized universe", an artificial universe created by the time traveler named Time Trapper. This new Zod, together with his helpers Quex-Ul and Faora, destroyed the earth of this "mini-universe" but was finally taken over by Supergirl and Superman, who had been called over from his universe into the pocket-sized universe (sic!) To help the residents against Zod, defeated. Since they didn't know how to keep Zod prisoner, they executed him with the help of kryptonite.