What does Martinus say about sex

Marcus & Martinus - My favorite singers

Marcus and Martinus Gunnarsen were born on February 21, 2002 in Norway. They are twin singers, they only sing English songs and their next concert is on July 27th in Sweden.

My friend Nina told me about Marcus and Martinus and showed me pictures of them: They have light brown short hair, they are rather short and they will be 18 this year.

I heard a song from them the next day and immediately liked it a lot. I like their songs a lot, I just like all of their songs, but my favorite songs right now are Bae & First Kiss.

The songs are in English only and I don't understand the lyrics very well, but I still like the music a lot. Marcus and Martinus' hobbies are playing football and singing English songs, they also have their own brand (brand) and their own online -Shop.

Many believe that Marcus is with Lisa and that Martinus is with Lena.

I only listen to their songs on YouTube right now, but I also have a few posters of them hanging in my room because they are just my favorite singers.

I would like to go to the concert on July 27th. But unfortunately it is in Sweden. It is very expensive to get there and I would have to fly there.

But maybe I can still find a solution for that. It would be a big dream for me to see my favorite singers live.