Where can I sell internationally from India

After Amazon Europe, Australia and the USA, you have been able to list on Amazon Turkey and India for some time now. We also recently added the connection to Amazon Brazil. In this article, we will show you why you should also offer your items internationally and how Afterbuy supports you in the internationalization of your business.

It's that easy - start now

There are only a few reasons for selling your articles exclusively nationally. Selling your products abroad is often possible without much additional effort. In addition, most of the products are suitable for international sales anyway. Products with the addition "Made in Germany" are particularly popular abroad and stand for quality and reliability.

To use one or more international Amazon accounts, all you need is an Amazon seller account for the country you have selected. As soon as this account has been created, you can start setting up with Afterbuy.

Simply go to the Afterbuy settings in the Amazon data access area and add a subaccount to your account. As soon as this step is done, you can select your international Amazon account in the Amazon Lister and list your products as usual via Afterbuy. In addition, you can of course add further international accounts using this function.

There is a monthly basic fee of € 14.99 for use. In addition to this, either a commission per sale is due or you can opt for the commission-free flat rate per month.

Afterbuy supports you in the internationalization of your online trade

Despite the relatively low technical effort, retailers often shy away from internationalization. Afterbuy as well as Amazon support you in internationalization and offer you useful assistance.

Especially in countries such as Brazil, India or Turkey, where currencies other than the EURO are used, traders often see problems with correct currency conversion and its implementation. Within Afterbuy, the exchange rates are compared daily with the European Central Bank (ECB) and possible exchange rate fluctuations are included in the prices. Your sales prices will then be converted back into EURO during the sales import. Small deviations can be compensated for using the booking tolerance, which can be set within the invoice and delivery settings. In addition, you can define your own price fields in Afterbuy and thus set your own prices for the platforms in the respective currencies.

But tastes and preferences can also vary from country to country. The cultural differences are particularly noticeable in the design of the product images. For example, Asian customers often prefer product images that show the item in use. On the other hand, simple images that only depict the product are often popular. In order to meet these individual requirements, you can set and select your product photos for each account in Afterbuy.

You should keep this in mind here

If you have only listed in Germany so far, you should make sure that your product information and descriptions are adapted to the respective official languages ​​in the country. Various free translation tools are suitable for this. Afterbuy as well as Amazon International support all official languages ​​and associated character sets for your listing (e.g. English and Hindi in India).

You should also think about the logistical part in advance. To start with, it is best to look for the cheapest possible supplier who already has experience with shipping abroad.

Entrepreneurial security is also an important component that must not be disregarded in the internationalization of your business. Here it is advisable to consult a legal and tax advisor at an early stage.