What is traffic engineering and traffic planning

Chair of Transportation Planning and Management

Basics of traffic planning and traffic engineering

The course deals with the basic knowledge of traffic planning and road traffic engineering. These include:

• Traffic analysis (survey and counting methods)

• 4-step algorithm of classic traffic planning:
- Traffic generation models and forecasting methods
- traffic distribution
- Distribution of traffic to different traffic systems
- Traffic allocation to the routes of a network

• Kinematic basics of traffic engineering

• Basic statistical concepts, queuing theory

• Traffic flow on roads, fundamental diagram

• Right of way nodes

• Junctions with traffic lights

• Traffic noise

• Traffic safety

• Process of profitability calculation for infrastructure planning, decision-making process

Semester: 3rd semester (BI), 5th semester (UTRM), winter semester, 1 SWS
Credit points: 5 LP

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Justin Geistefeldt (lecture)

M.Sc. Alexander Brandenburg (exercise)

M.Sc. Joshua Heinrichs (practice)

Dr.-Ing. Sandra Hohmann (exercise)

M.Sc. Julian Sauer (exercise)

M.Sc. Julian Schmitz (exercise)

Further event in module 14 (BI):

Design of traffic systems