What helps internal wounds heal faster

Accelerate wound healing

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Do you want that Accelerate wound healing, you should above all ensure that the wound remains free of germs and that the wound edges are not under tension. A good general and nutritional condition as well as not smoking also help wounds to heal faster. Read more about how wound healing can be accelerated or promoted!

What can accelerate wound healing

Various factors can promote wound healing. Some of them cannot be influenced like age. Wounds heal faster in young people. However, rapid wound healing can be specifically supported by other factors.

For example, you should make sure that a wound remains germ-free and that the edges of the wound are not under tension. Increased positioning and immobilization of the injured part of the body can also promote wound healing.

Other factors that improve wound healing are a good general and nutritional condition, good blood circulation and the maintenance of body heat in the wound area.

Treat underlying diseases

In the case of chronic wounds, it is important to properly treat any existing underlying diseases. If you want to accelerate wound healing in the case of a diabetic foot ulcer, for example, you have to ensure pressure relief and optimal blood sugar control.

What disrupts the healing process

Various factors have a negative effect on the healing process of wounds. These should therefore - if possible - be avoided or reduced so that wounds can heal more quickly.

This includes correcting or preventing malnutrition. A deficiency in vitamins (such as vitamin C), trace elements (such as zinc, iron) or protein also has a negative effect. If the deficiency cannot be compensated through diet, appropriate substitute preparations from the pharmacy can help.

In addition to malnutrition, being very overweight can also interfere with the healing process of wounds.

The same applies to dehydration (due to external influences, but also due to insufficient drinking), cold, foreign bodies in the wound, certain medications (cortisone medication, cytostatics) and allergic reactions to the suture material or to locally applied preparations.

Do you want that Accelerate wound healing, you should also refrain from active and passive smoking. It reduces the blood flow in the tissue, which slows down the healing process.

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