Will traveling alone change your personality

She Explores. Women on the go.

Women traveling alone: ​​practical tips and personal outdoor stories

Encouragement and inspiration for all women who have always wanted to travel alone

Guide, travel report and inspiration book at the same time: She Explores combines impressive travel photography with captivating reports from 40 women on the subject of solo travel. These include women who lived in vans, were outdoors by bike or backpack, cooked meals over the campfire and slept under the stars. In addition, you will find practical tips in this guide for planning and equipping your own tour. Let yourself be carried away by these visually stunning and inspiring travel stories and dare to embark on your own adventure!

Adventure Stories: Having the strength to break out of your comfort zone

As a woman, what makes you want to embark on the adventure of travel? A wide variety of women share their experiences in this book. For example a mother who raises her children “on the road”, a long-distance runner who is preparing for the Olympic Games on her travels or a musical duo who goes on a hiking tour with instruments in their luggage to attend concerts in the deepest wilderness give. Topics such as mental health, self-awareness and self-discovery are addressed as well as creativity, nature conservation, inclusion and diversity. In this way, everyone can draw their own motivation and inspiration from the various stories to make their dreams come true.

With practical tips and how-tos, you will find out what you need to consider on the go:

• Preparations for the solo hiking tour
• Must-haves for the road trip kitchen
• Tips for the best sleeping places
• Planning ahead for unfamiliar terrain

She Explores is a combination of breathtaking photos, personal travel stories and experiences and practical instructions and guarantees you the strength and courage to discover the world according to your own ideas.