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Course sourceCurrent course+/-in %datetimeMoney letter
Long & Black Excha ...Realtime: 13.20 EUR -0,30 -2,22% 13,200 / 13,400
TradegateRealtime: 13.50 EUR +0,10 +0,74% 13,200 / 13,300
FrankfurtTrading venue closed: 13.30 EUR +0,20 +1,52% 13,200 / 13,400
BerlinTrading venue closed: 13.50 EUR -0,10 -0,73% 13,000 / 13,500
MunichTrading venue closed: 13.40 EUR -0,30 -2,18% 13,200 / 13,300
GettexRealtime: EUR 13.50 0,00 0,00% 13,200 / 13,300
NYSE+15 min .: $ 16.24 -0,05 -0,30% 16,220 / 16,260
QuotrixRealtime: 13.60 EUR +0,40 +3,03% 13,200 / 13,300
Baader BankRealtime: 13.25 EUR -0,10 -0,74% 13,200 / 13,300
Long & BlackRealtime: 13.20 EUR -0,20 -1,49% 13,200 / 13,400
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Fundamental and technical key figures on WARRIOR MET COAL

market More information:Market capitalization:
The market capitalization indicates the current market value of a company and is calculated from the total number of shares multiplied by the current price.

Free float:
The free float is the amount of shares that are not in firm hands and that are traded on the market.
Market capitalization688.12 million EURnumber of stocks51,408,956 pcs.Free floatn / A.
Fundamental More information:Earnings per share:
This figure stands for earnings per share after taxes.

Dividend per share:
Proportion of the net profit per share that is distributed to the shareholders.

Dividend yield:
The dividend yield relates the dividend paid by the company to the price of the shares.

P / E ratio:
In the "price-earnings ratio", the price per share is set in relation to earnings per share.

The "price-cash-flow ratio" is the quotient of cash flow per share and the share price.

The key figure Price-Earning to Growth-Ratio (PEG) sets the P / E ratio of a financial year in relation to the expected profit growth in the coming financial year.
Earnings per share (in EUR)1,45-0,35-0,574,82
Dividend per share (in EUR)0,160,160,163,65
Dividend yield (in%)1,191,190,9321,00
P / E ratio9,43--3,60
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Technically More information:Volatility:
The volatility describes the fluctuations in a price trend. It indicates the range in which the actual price has moved in the past around a certain trend. The higher the volatility, the more risky a share is.

The momentum is a key figure for assessing the trend of the share price development. It is calculated from the current rate divided by the rate before n Days.

RSL Levy:
The relative strength (RSL) means that courses that have developed positively in the past will also develop positively in the future. A value greater than 1 means that the current performance is better than in the past.

Moving averages:
Moving averages are calculated as the arithmetic mean of a certain number of prices in the past.
Vola 30T (in%)60,65Momentum 250T1,16Eq. Average 38T14,07
Vola 250T (in%)61,76RSL (Levy) 30T0,95Eq. Average 100T16,21
Momentum 30T0,91RSL (Levy) 250T0,91Eq. Average 200T15,10
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Company data

Master data for WARRIOR MET COAL

United States
Iron / steel ind ...
Registered share
Face value
n / A.
NewsNews about the industry sector
Thyssenkrupp: The restructuring is under way, but the steel business remains the greatest challenge - this is how analysts now rate the stockMay 19, 2021, 5:14 p.m. onvista

The ailing steel and industrial group Thyssenkrupp is pushing ahead with its restructuring and is now reaping the first fruits. After the ...

Tax court pronounced judgment on double taxation of pensions on May 31stMay 19, 2021, 1:35 p.m. Reuters

(Fixes typo in the 4th sentence, BFH not BGH) Munich (Reuters) - The Federal Finance Court (BFH) wants at least one of its eagerly awaited judgments on ...

Spanish stock exchange regulator suspends trading with Siemens GamesaMay 18, 2021, 10:26 am Reuters

Madrid / Frankfurt (Reuters) - The Spanish stock exchange regulator suspended trading in shares of the wind turbine manufacturer Siemens Gamesa on Tuesday. Previously, the ...

SIEMENS - cops in need at short noticeMay 20, 2021, 10:10 am GodmodeTrader

Siemens AG - WKN: 723610 - ISIN: DE0007236101 - Price: € 133.680 (XETRA) The Siemens share started a steep rally on October 30 after a low of EUR 98.50 and climbed to its current all-time high by April 16, 2021 at EUR 145.96. In order to

Siemens buys supplyframe chip marketplace for $ 700 millionMay 18, 2021, 7:04 a.m. Reuters

Munich (Reuters) - Siemens purchases software business for $ 700 million. The Munich-based technology group takes over the electronics marketplace operator ...

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