What are some of your inner demons

6 inner demons that make life difficult for us and that we can still defeat

We all struggle with our inner demons from time to time: thoughts, attitudes, world views that make life difficult for us and push us in a direction that we always wanted to avoid.

We find that we are not what we want to be when we look in the mirror.

Because we are aware of the inner demons, these repressed, negative feelings that are within us and make life so difficult for us.

That is why we often run after an ideal that we picked up somewhere and accepted as something worth striving for.

But instead of adjusting to a person (= a mask) who we are not, it would be easier to take a closer look at our inner demons and ask yourself:

How can I get rid of my inner demons so that they do less harm to me?

The following tips should help you identify inner demons and start taming them.

6 inner demons that make life difficult for us


I have to do it perfectly for everyone, not make any mistakes, have to please everyone

This nasty little demon sits on many people's shoulders.

It is this underlying feeling of shame, shame, or doubt that arises when you notice others turn up their noses, throw you a doubtful look, or shake your head that gives you clear clues as to which belief has just been triggered in you.

Even if you may not like to admit it: You too want to be accepted and accepted for what you do and say and not rejected and criticized.

Far too often we take rejection personally and think that we are not good enough or that something is wrong with us.

It is impossible for us to always meet with approval with our words and actions.

This is how you escape this little inner demon

Get rid of the idea * that you couldn't be good or important enough to lead YOUR life without others agreeing to you.

Affirmations That Help You

I lead a unique, extraordinary and rich life.

I am free from the fear of failure.

I feel wisdom and inner strength in everything I do.

Rejection no longer has any power over me.


I can't do this job, I'm too weak (poor, old, unsportsmanlike ...), I'm worthless

This little inner demon can develop into a real nuisance because it can lodge deeply in our beliefs, unconscious beliefs and feelings.

Did you know that all ailments of muscles, tendons and bones are due to this feeling of worthlessness?

Reading tip: The mostly undiscovered secret behind inexplicable back pain

The feeling of inferiority leads to the fact that we often feel like victims, unlucky fellows and unlucky ones and that is why in the future we will succeed even less often in the tasks that we have set ourselves to our satisfaction.

A vicious circle.

The idea of ​​not being able to contribute something of value leads to depression, exhaustion, self-criticism and self-judgment.

Our self-esteem is low and collapses at the slightest criticism.

This is how you escape this little inner demon

Understand that every challenge in life is so great that we can meet it under all circumstances.

Affirmations That Help You

My self-confidence and my inner strength are limitless.

The trust in me and my abilities is getting bigger and bigger every day.

I take off my victim role and take on the main role in my life.

I succeed in everything easily and effortlessly exactly as it should be.


I'm not lovable, not attractive, nobody really likes me

In the age of Instagram, Follwerzahl and Facebook Friends, this little demon can make life really difficult for us, because now everyone can see how our popularity is doing.

This demon only shows us how our self-love is going.

When the feeling of marginalization, self-pity, or envy of the popularity of others becomes overwhelming, our self-love wanes.

We have more and more intense fear and mistrust that the other person could only play feelings for us and thereby hurt us.

When we do not love ourselves, we also close our hearts to the affection of others and are often suspicious of the reactions around us.

Self-pity and a feeling of lack of recognition keep us caught in a vicious circle of resentment, suspicion, and suspicion.

This is how you escape this little inner demon

Recognize your true, loving core *, which is unique and valuable and has nothing to do with how many virtual or real friends you have.

Affirmations That Help You

I give up all feelings of suspicion and envy.

I have all the people in my life that I need right now.

The love for myself is the most important and shines in the first place.

I am a beautiful and lovable person through and through.


I can never change, I inherited it, my sister (brother, father, grandma ...) is like that too

This often very comfortable little demon lets us, figuratively speaking, swim in the chocolate dough, where we have made ourselves comfortable, because we can't change anything anyway.

A feeling of self-satisfied hopelessness can spread when we feel like we are at the mercy of our fate and are one of the unlucky ones in life.

One sees no way out of certain situations and remains stuck in a state of hopelessness and tightness.

Since we can't change anything anyway, we don't have to do anything and endure the blows of fate that have been inflicted on us, sometimes more or less.

This is how you escape this little inner demon

Look at your life from a different perspective more often and make a conscious decision to react and act very differently than in the years before.

Affirmations That Help You

I also see light where everything seems dark.

Life constantly offers me opportunities to prove myself and to rise to my true greatness.

Every day is an opportunity to change for the better.

I believe in my own creativity and in the good path that lies ahead of me.


It's my fault that happened, I shouldn't have done that, I have to make it up to me somehow

This little inner demon is actually one of the largest and is usually installed at a very early age.

For example, if the mother signals to her toddler, even if just for fun, that it has made her sad, this feeling of guilt will settle deep in the child's subconscious, because the mother's love for the child is vital.

When you feel guilty, you are judging yourself for being a "bad person".

Feelings of guilt can arise about every little thing:

  • You work too much.
  • You don't spend enough time with your family.
  • You are spending too much money.
  • You allow yourself too much leisure.

Guilt of any kind keeps us in an emotional prison, causing stress in the body and soul.

This is how you escape this little inner demon

You yourself have to free yourself from self-punishment, self-limitation and self-sabotage by giving yourself permission to free yourself from burdens that are too heavy and to regain your freedom.

Affirmations That Help You

I do the best I can in all situations.

I forgive myself.

All feelings of guilt and guilty conscience disappear from my life.

I make healthy decisions in all situations.


I've lost everything, my life no longer has any meaning, I don't know how to go on

This little inner demon has the power to tear us into an abyss of self-pity, depression and even deep resignation.

Grief is a natural feeling when you've lost something as valuable as your partner, parent, or animal.

However, some people find it difficult to get out of this situation, isolate themselves and reduce personal contacts to a minimum.

The situation becomes particularly dangerous if the person concerned only lives in the past and prevents himself from moving forward on his life path.

This is how you escape the little inner demon

Make a conscious choice to see and welcome the blessings in your life. Do not close yourself off from the little moments of happiness that shine even in the deepest darkness.

Affirmations That Help You

I am letting this intense pain go in love now.

I also get courage and confidence from the little things.

I deserve to laugh and be happy.

I feed my mind with positive, healthy, and healing thoughts.

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Stop feeding inner demons

Little inner demons lurk within each of us.

The art and ease consists in not feeding these demons any more.

While some inner demons may seem difficult to conquer, other people show us that it is possible.

We ourselves have all had the experience that we can change if we really decide to do it and if we find good reasons for it.

Be good to yourself and allow yourself to lovingly free yourself from small and large inner demons.



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