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"I experience your webinars as being equivalent to 1: 1 sessions."



"Thank you very much for creating this series of webinars. It works exactly as you said in your invitation:" It will enrich your life in ways you don't know until you start experiencing it. "



"WOW, that was breathtaking! Lola's meditation was as intense for me as the 5-day retreat. And since then the feeling of trust in grace has persisted. And I accept the opposing feelings that can occur now and then. Then talk." me with myself, like Lola did in the webinar to calm me down. Today I cooked for a few people and in the middle of it all I felt so happy, satisfied, grateful for the grace and YOU, Lola, for sharing your wonderful vibrations with share us. " In love,



"The 5-day retreat was the first big step in the right direction and I felt a lot more relaxed afterwards. Shortly after the retreat, the challenges didn't stop and I chewed on some bulges again. After the webinar, that was all gone ..... no more vibrating bumps or coughing up from vaults, just peace in me. WOW! Life is soooooooo good. Thank you Lola, I love you,



"Hi, I can only say how yesterday's webinar lifted me up and left me happy. With the added bonus of NO mental chatter at all ......... my mind has been completely blank all day. I love it. As I watched my mind start banter this morning ... it was so much easier to smile and point in another direction. "



"I just wanted to express my appreciation and love to you, Lola, for the amazing webinar last night. WOW! I was able to feel the energy build up for over a week beforehand. I can't wait to see you in Germany!"

Louise Price


She translated our Enlightened Business course into German: "It feels so exciting and since Lola's webinar last week I feel like I've got some kind of extra vibrating translation plug-in. I feel like that I translate much faster and it is so easy and very intuitive. So much fun! "



"... still floating on this beautiful, wonderful energy, feeling high and energized. Before the webinar started, I suddenly felt dizzy and kind of disoriented, first I got scared, then I relaxed into it with the knowledge that it was a great webinar energy. And when you told about your energy boost, I didn't question it anymore, but felt very touched by the connection. Since the webinar I have had great energy every night from you and this dreamed and felt refreshed and lifted in the morning. I'm looking forward to the next one! "


Lots of love from Munich, Germany

"The webinar was fantastic! Sooo powerful and exhilarating; I could feel the energy building up between all of us and I am deeply grateful that I was there. And since then I have felt much calmer, more confident and connected to Source I once told you that I'm such a compulsive thinker who thinks through everything in an over-analytical way; I often had the feeling that my monkey mind was driving me crazy. "

Gabi J├Ąger


"... thank you, I appreciate what you do and the vibrations you bring to the world, and I am so happy that you are evolving and bringing much newer, deeper, wider vibrations into this Divine Openings community (it blows up I understand how you are constantly evolving into this deep, higher state and sharing it!). " Thank you Lola and a lot of LOVE !!!!!! "



"It's just wonderful that the webinar linked what happened for me today ... it seems something like seamless to me now. Thank you very much." With much love,



"... my sacrum began to tingle. I felt and saw sparkling energy enliven my sacrum, the spine up and dripping from the atlas. It was so soft and gentle and bubbly. The epitome of grounding energy. I concentrated on it and left this area be the gateway to nowhere. How wonderful to allow and invite and welcome this sweet, sparkling, divine energy! Bravo Lola! "

Meg McKeon

"I loved your webinar! You are all so wonderful, inside and out. The energy and vibration was so inviting and gentle. The ending was beautiful. I loved seeing the faces of people from all over the world. I had to be like this laugh at myself. What fun and you two are pure love. I'm still sucking on the Divine Mother Hug! Thank you. " I love you!



Hi Lola, Thank you so much for this amazing (Money Plenty) webinar series! I cannot find words for what is happening in and with me. My mind is completely lost in what is going on (that is good!) I am so HAPPY to be with Divine Openings and quite excited what will happen next! Looking forward to seeing you next week in the Goddess webinar! Much love and appreciation,

Bettina V