Can I style running shoes with jeans?

Dad sneakers are the trend sneakers of the year

Can something be so terrible that it's beautiful again? Some would speak of a style break with the new shoe trend, others simply of a aberration of taste. Dad sneakers, also Ugly sneakers, Chunky sneakers or Nerd sneakers called - all somehow "ugly" terms - can be seen on the feet of women (and men). Is it worth investing in a shoe like this that doesn't look good? We dedicate ourselves to the dad sneakers trend and show how you can style the eye-catching sneakers.

The new dad sneakers for shopping

Dad Sneakers: Is ugly beautiful again?

Dad sneakers are a hybrid of running shoes, hiking shoes and a touch of the raver cult of the 90s. They are characterized by their chunky, thick sole and the disproportionately large shape. This is usually underlined again by different colors and brightly colored shoelaces.

Because that doesn't necessarily sound like the epitome of beauty, this shoe trend is also called Ugly sneakers called. Ugly, in English “ugly”, hits the trend just as well as chunky (German: clunky) or Nerd sneakers. Whether the name of the Dad sneakers is also justified? One can argue about that. It's true: the sneakers with the chunky soles are reminiscent of men's sneakers from the 90s. The name Dad Sneakers sounds loving and is a nice combination partner to the also trendy mom jeans. It is not yet clear whether the homage of fathers is actually currently valued. And whether mothers are being shown retrospectively that they did not prevent these sneakers at the time.

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Are dad sneakers now normcore or athleisure?

Women spend a lot of money on shoes. For works of art by Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik or Aquazzura. The shoes give every simple outfit an aha-effect, the famous icing on the cake, which is not just put on top, but rather directs your gaze to the floor. Such an eye-catcher is worth a lot. However, one can find it unusual that the same target group, who like to buy eye-catching high heels, spends a similar amount on dad sneakers that look as if they had spent the last 20 years in dusty boxes in the basement.

So the question arises: where is the trend coming from? Enter Demna Gvasalia. The creative director of Balenciaga and head of the fashion collective Vetements has shaped the fashion of the past few years: showing DHL shirts on the catwalk, interpreting the Ikea bag as a luxury shopper or giving Crocs an XL platform and designer shoe price. Demna Gvasalia once said in an interview: “I wish to see more identity.” That means: no disguise. His vision fits that NormcoreTrend. Normcore has been celebrating normality, not the extraordinary, for around five years, leaving more room for the personality of the individual. Instead of trying to express individuality with vintage clothing, one tries with Normcore not even to be special.

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The same applies to the athleisure fashion trend. It says that sportswear is suddenly becoming suitable for everyday use. Trackpants to the blouse: What was unthinkable a few years ago is now as athleisure fashion. This is exactly where the dad sneakers come in. You are so "normal", the uniform of the American dad as we know him as Jerry Seinfeld. These sneakers by no means represent a lack of fashion consciousness. They are somewhere between normcore and sportswear, so exactly in fashion.

Dad Sneakers: These are the most popular models

In addition to the coveted “Triple S” model from Balenciaga, other designer models of Dad sneakers can also be found in the online shops. We show you the most popular Ugly sneakers of the season.

The Balenciaga “Triple S” have been constantly sold out since their launch in autumn / winter 2016/17 and are probably the most sought-after dad sneakers on the market. Do not google them, they are currently sold out and we will keep you up to date with news as soon as a new delivery is waiting in an online shop. The “Triple S” from Balenciaga costs 695 euros and, in addition to the classic version, is also available in a “dirty look”. You don't even need real big city dirt anymore.

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Louis Vuitton can also do extraordinary dad sneakers and has designed the “Arclight” for spring / summer 2018 for 790 euros, one of the most expensive sneakers with an unusual shape. The Louis Vuitton dad sneakers owe their name to the eye-catching arch in the thick sole. They are at least as bulky as the other models, but remind less of the past than of future fashion. But they are almost always sold out.

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The new edition of the Nike "Air Max 97" sneaker creates feelings of nostalgia. The cult sneakers have been around for over 20 years, as the name suggests. In 2017, the Nike “Air Max 97” even made it into the Google Trends 2017: The Ugly sneakers from Nike were the most wanted sneakers of the year and at around 170 euros are the cheapest sneakers in the top list of Dad Sneakers.

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Style dad sneakers: How to combine the trend shoe

Don't dad sneakers ruin every pretty dress? When it comes to styling those ugly dad sneakers, it's best to think about the episode of Sex and the City, in which Carrie Bradshaw is stolen on the street in season three. The thief takes her Manolo Blahnik sandals from her, Miranda rushes to help and brings her too big, worn-out pumps for the way home. You probably feel like Carrie when you wear dad sneakers with your summer dress for the first time. That seems conceivable in an emergency situation (if the high heels were stolen), but for everyday life?

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In fact, feminine dresses are particularly beautiful with the chunky sneakers of summer and create an exciting contrast. That is why several hundred euros are now being spent on ugly dad sneakers in order to deliberately destroy an outfit. The trend is polarizing. If you choose the shoe trend, you can pay attention to a few things when styling that emphasize the irony. Scandinavians such as Annabel Rosendahl or Janka Polliani are particularly useful for orientation. They wear the dad sneakers in combination with floral dresses, skirts and suit pants.

Street style favorite: The chunky dad sneakers are combined with feminine elements. A wide swinging skirt or an airy summer dress made of silk create a nice contrast to the heavy sneakers. This styling combination with the ugly sneakers takes a bit of courage and ready-made answers to questions from friends.

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Dad sneakers to the pants suit

The trouser suit is one of the most important fashion trends of the season and is also combined with dad sneakers. How does that fit together? If you look at the street styles, it actually works surprisingly well and doesn't look like Joschka Fischer. The elegant trouser suit gets a sporty touch with the Ugly sneakers.

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Sneakers and jeans actually always fit. So if you don't really dare to wear your dad sneakers with a feminine dress, you can just start with the basics. Gizele Oliveira shows the way: The model styles a print T-shirt, bomber jacket and the "Arclight" dad sneakers from Louis Vuitton with mom jeans. Less daring, all the more effective.

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