Why are people switching to toilet paper

The toilet paper and the snowball effect

Empty shelves in the hygiene department: Many people are hoarding toilet paper in times of the Corona crisis. Why actually?

We hoard. A few days ago, those who had stocked up on canned food were ridiculed, now many more people are storming the supermarkets in view of the measures that the government has taken and will continue to take in times of the corona virus. The general hamster behavior makes sense in times of crisis: pasta and rice because they are durable and fill you up. Canned foods and tomato sauce because they are long-lasting and add a few vitamins. Disinfectants, because logical. Diapers for children, soap, also logical. Toilet paper because - yes, why actually?

Yawning emptiness on the toilet paper shelves. Users share pictures via social media that show shopping carts that are overflowing: someone bought loads of toilet paper and water bottles, while someone else bought toilet paper and vodka. There are reports of unsightly scenes in markets around the world, where consumers argue about the last pack of toilet paper, and even fight. Overall, a kind of snowball effect can be observed: Because so many rush to this product, even more people rush after it.

Stock yes, hoarding no

First of all, toilet paper is a hygiene product and should not be missing in a household, even in times of crisis. The paper is also used outside the toilet, you can use it to blow your nose if no tissues are available, or clean surfaces, etc. So-called preppers often stick to the three K's when they stock up: calories, coffee, toilet paper. Experts also advise you to stock up on well-thought-out and well-dosed supplies, but not to hoard them senselessly.

A look at the shelves in supermarkets and drugstores shows that we sometimes act irrationally. Toilet paper is often sold out, but the shelves with the (cheaper?) Recycled products are still full. We would see such pictures if we got the product really urgent would need in large quantities? Just.