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What are RSS Feeds & RSS Readers and what are they for?

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RSS feeds are a practical way to stay informed about news and changes on websites. RSS feeds can be created with just a few clicks subscribe to and then with a RSS reader read out and display. This is how a personal news tickerthat informs you about new content on your own favorite websites.

RSS is based on that XML format and is thus platform independent and standardized. The Abbreviation RSS stands for "R.eally S.imple S.yndication„.

Subscribe to the RSS feed and stay up to date

Almost all websites nowadays offer their users an RSS feed, recognizable by the typical orange symbol, the Feed icon. The RSS feed can be subscribed to with just a few clicks. In conjunction with an RSS feed reader, this creates a personal news ticker that informs about new content on the subscribed websites. Normally, the RSS feed of a new article appears in the feed reader a short time after it has been published. Fortunately, many news sites in particular offer various RSS feeds, so users can only subscribe to certain sections or categories and are only informed about the new content that is interesting. Anyone interested in politics and business will not be annoyed with sports news that is uninteresting for the user.

The best and most popular RSS readers

In order to be able to use RSS productively, an RSS reader is required, in which the incoming RSS feeds can be collected, read and managed. Some web browsers and e-mail programs can do this out of the box or can be modified with installable extensions so that they can display and manage RSS feeds.

Also standalone RSS reader are popular with many users. With these external programs you can display and manage RSS feeds independently of the web browser. Above all, it is popular FeedDemon, the RSS reader for Windows can be downloaded free of charge and the original version is in English, but the problem can be resolved quickly with the help of a German language file. This means that RSS content can also be viewed offline.

But they are particularly practical platform-independent offers. He was here for a long time Google Reader very popular, but this will be discontinued on July 1st, 2013! However, as listed here, there are a few Alternative RSS Reader compared to Google Reader, such as NewsBlur, Feedly, TheOldReader, Feedreader, NetNewsWire, Pulse, Flipboard, etc. - Partly with new functions and approaches, such as the integration of social media feeds in the RSS reader or the display of content in the magazine Style.

Full feed or shortened feed

In the case of RSS feeds, a distinction must be made between a “full feed” and a “shortened feed”. At the Full feed appears the whole content in the feed reader and can be read directly in full. However, some websites only use abbreviated RSS feed a. The Contents only sketched out, the reader fed and linked to the entire article. So the user has to visit the website to read all of the content. The shortened feed offers some advantages for the website operator, because the feed subscribers also have to visit the page in order to be able to read the content in full, so the subscribers are also counted as visitors and they see the adverts displayed. This is not the case with full feed, as all new content can theoretically also be used completely in the feed reader without visiting the subscribed website.

Advantages of RSS over Facebook and Twitter

These days, RSS feeds compete with social networks like Facebook or Twitter, where websites also share their new content. The Benefits of RSS feeds are obvious, however. On the one hand, you get the RSS feeds collected and clearly displayed in the RSS reader and you don't have to search for the new content between the numerous private status messages from friends in the social networks.

In addition, it is usually just a simple one on Facebook and Twitter link, here too the reader must first visit the website in order to be able to read the entire content, while RSS offers the option of reading the entire content directly in the web browser, the external feed reader or in the corresponding smartphone app in the case of a full feed.

Especially when you work productively with sources would like, the RSS feeds offer some advantages over the recommendations in social networks.

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