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... rest and gain strength

Your sleep is important

Sleeping well and sustainably is just as important for your well-being as eating well and drinking enough. During sleep, new neural connections are made and new memories are transferred from short-term to long-term memory.

In order for all of this to happen in full, you need a deep, restful sleep, which unfortunately is not always given. Nowadays, new stress factors are constantly emerging and public life is becoming more and more hectic - it is not always possible to take a step back and slow down in the evening before going to sleep - I would like to help you with that.

  • If you often lie awake in bed late at night ...
  • ... because you find it difficult to slow down in the evening.
  • If you want to fall asleep faster in the evening ...
  • ... and you wish to sleep through relaxed and sustainable.
  • If you want help falling asleep ...
  • ... then let GOOD NIGHT MEDITATION FOR EVERY DAY accompany you to sleep!

... for wonderfully restful nights

Finally fall asleep well

Restful sleep is important for your well-being, but there are days when it is not that easy to fall asleep. That is why I have developed a special, new goodnight meditation in which I combine various relaxation techniques to help you fall asleep and stay asleep so that you have a good night.

For your regeneration and new strength the next day!

... the gentle way to sleep

Your 10 steps to a restful night

The good night meditation consists of several chapters. These parts of the meditation are precisely coordinated and since they build on each other, your body can gradually tune into the night and gently fall asleep.

Chapter 1 - Preparing for Sleep


At the beginning you can calmly arrive in your bed and prepare for your sleep.

Chapter 2 - wrap up your day


Going back to the events of the day will help you make the conscious decision with him.

Chapter 3 - Come to rest


Now that your mental baggage has become less, or even completely gone, you can really relax.

Chapter 4 - Deepen relaxation


Freed from the ballast, you can now slide into a first stage of relaxation.

Chapter 5 - Goodnight story


As a good night story, an imaginative and relaxing dream journey will lead you even deeper into relaxation.

Chapter 6 - Calming Thoughts


All the thoughts that you still have will now be brought to rest so that your head can switch off completely.

Chapter 7 - Positive and Strengthening Thoughts


With positive and strengthening thoughts, your inner world is prepared for a good, sustainable and restful sleep.

Chapter 8 - Relax your body


Now you let go of all tensions in your body and dive even deeper into holistic relaxation.

Chapter 9 - slide to sleep


The well-placed words in this chapter of meditation will help you slip into sleep gently and effectively.

Chapter 10 - Consolidate and deepen sleep


The conclusion of the meditation accompanies you while you sleep and speaks to your subconscious in order to deepen and consolidate your sleep.

... finally fall asleep well

Your good night meditation for every day

You can use the guided meditation as your sleep aid to come to rest at the end of the day. It is best to start it when you are already in your bed, ready to fall asleep, because it can accompany you in the last waking minutes of your day into your night.

It doesn't matter if you fell asleep before the end of the meditation - on the contrary! The meditation is structured in such a way that it begins with an active part and then, as the chapters progress, you only need to passively listen to deepen your relaxation and calm your thoughts. This pleasant, relaxed state is wonderful for enjoying the dreamy goodnight story and for letting positive and strengthening thoughts flow deep into you. These and other chapters will help you to end your day and to prepare you optimally for a restful night, so that you can finally slide gently into sleep.

… listen to it!

Audio sample

Would you like to listen to the good night meditation?
No problem! Here is a 10 minute excerpt from the version with music.

... that's what the testers of meditation say


Dear Paulina, thank you very much for this wonderful, gentle sleep meditation. I consider myself lucky that I do not have problems falling asleep, but your meditation helps me to relax more quickly and to switch off my thoughts that may still be keeping me awake. I'm already used to your enchanting voice from your podcast and the music underlines your voice in a very pleasant way. Thank you for this sleep aid, love your Caro
Dear Paulina, I had often looked for nice sleep meditations on Spotify, but something always didn't appeal to me. Sometimes the voice, sometimes the duration or the story was weird ... And then you finally bring out a long sleep meditation with several chapters! Yes! A heartfelt thank you. I think it's so nice how slowly you always go through everything, so that you can really come after and relax. Besides, I can always let myself go when you say I should let go now. I always really notice how my body relaxes completely. If my head wants to play the drums again at night, I now have a good antidote to it. Thank you! Greetings Laura
I love Paulina's calm and gentle voice and how she lovingly guides me through the meditations.
What I particularly like about the good night meditation is that it is a mixture of calming down in the evening, a little dream trip and positive reinforcement.

Good night meditation for every day consists of 10 coordinated partial meditations that allow you to relax optimally, slow down your thoughts and prepare you for sleep. In the partial meditations I combine effective relaxation techniques to give you the best possible support in improving your sleep quality. Step by step, I will accompany you to sleep and deepen your relaxation so that you can sleep well and sustainably.

Chapter 1 - Preparing for Sleep
Chapter 2 - Ending Your Day
Chapter 3 - Calm down
Chapter 4 - Deepening Relaxation
Chapter 5 - Goodnight Story
Chapter 6 - Calming Thoughts
Chapter 7 - Positive and Strengthening Thoughts
Chapter 8 - Relaxing the Body
Chapter 9 - Slip to Sleep
Chapter 10 - Firming and Deepening Sleep

... is something still unclear?

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I chose light meditation music to support the relaxing effect.
Do you prefer to meditate without additional music? No problem! In addition, you also get the meditation without any background music.

You get the good night meditation as MP3 to download.
So you can play them offline at any time with a smartphone, tablet or any other device.