What are the school holidays in Australia

Student Exchange Australia - Holidays and Vacations

Even if the Australian high school will be a lot of fun for you on your student exchange in Australia, you are sure to look forward to the school holidays and days off. Because there you have the opportunity to spend more time with your host family and friends and to get to know them better. In Australia it works a little differently than in Germany. That's why you can find out more about your student exchange in Australia here.

The school holidays

As in Germany, the school year begins after the summer vacation. Just that summer in Australia is our winter. That is why the school year starts at the end of January and ends in mid-December. The year is divided into two half-years with two quarters each (10 weeks each). There are two to three weeks of vacation after each quarter. The fourth term is followed by the almost two-month summer vacation, which also marks the end of the school year. Vacation dates can vary slightly between state schools and private schools.

The public holidays

Australia has a number of public holidays nationwide - including New Years Day, Australia Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Anzac Day, and Boxing Day and Boxing Day. The other public holidays, such as Queen's Birthday and Labor Day, are determined by the governments of the respective states and territories. Good to know: If a Christmas holiday or New Year's Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the following Monday is declared a public holiday. During yours Student exchanges in Australia can you find out why this is not done in Germany ...

Queen’s Birthday

Australia is part of the Commonwealth of Nations and although the continent is on the other side of the world, the monarch of the United Kingdom is head of state here too. For this reason, her birthday is also celebrated in Australia. The second Monday in June is a public holiday in all states and territories except Western Australia. To celebrate the day, several major sports festivals take place, such as the Australian Football League. Here the Collingwood Magpies compete against Melbourne Demons at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). As autumn draws to a close in June, the weekend is also considered the opening of the Australian winter sports season. In Western Australia, the Queen's Birthday is rescheduled to the last Monday in September or the first Monday in October, ideal for celebrating the start of spring break and the Perth Royal Show. This day you should be with your Student exchange in Australia definitely not to be missed.