Why is man so violent

This explains that human behavior is always learned behavior. Humans have been hunter-gatherers for much of their history. They moved around in small groups and could only survive because they worked together. Not enforcement by force, but the strengthening of the community was the survival principle of the people for many thousands of years.

Only when people settled down did something change in their coexistence. So when people stopped wandering, they grew crops and fruits and raised cattle. This happened around 10,000 years ago and is known by experts as the "Neolithic turning point".

Now it became necessary to defend this property or the cultivated land against others.



Why do people use violence?

The Freiburg doctor Joachim Bauer says that people react with aggression and violence when they exceed a certain threshold of pain (through physical violence or through injustice and a lack of fairness).

People are more likely to use violence

  • if they have experienced violence themselves or
  • if they feel they belong to a group that uses violence.
  • Even when people are convinced that they can better achieve their goals through violence, they resort to violence.
  • And for some, violence is the last resort when they no longer know a way out. If, for example, they are at a loss for words and they no longer know what to say, they just strike.
  • But poverty and poor family and environmental support are also such factors.


Why is violence often attractive?

Dealing with others, discussing problems and looking for solutions together takes a long time and is often very exhausting. In addition, the result is often a compromise, i.e. everyone foregoing a part that he or she actually wanted to achieve.

Violence seems to be a quick fix. This is particularly attractive when there are apparently no other means available, e.g. when words seem to no longer help.

Violence can also exert power and intimidate others. So you are no longer dependent, small and powerless, but feel important and powerful.


What functions does violence have?

For example, boys and young men often think that a real man has to struggle to gain recognition and respect. They can use violence to prove their manliness.

In certain groups you will only be accepted if you are willing to use violence. To belong to this group, you use violence yourself.

Violence is often used when people are desperate. You hurt other people because they don't know how to tell other people that they are bad.