When was the last time you treated yourself

Dear me, I deserve to be treated better by you

Last update: August 30, 2017

Dear me, I deserve to be treated better by you. I will take this opportunity as you stand in front of the mirror to tell you how you make me feel. Have you ever thought that what you say to me you say to yourself?

I've endured all sorts of things from belittling to criticism. Why are you so rarely nice to me? Have you forgotten that we are the same person?

I want you to know this is not a letter of complaint. Dear me, because you can do that yourself well enough. What I want to achieve with this letter is that you understand that you have many things that you do not see. Stop paying attention only to what hurts us.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself

Dear me, how often have I heard you complain about myself, so incredibly often! You don't show much respect for who we are. Self-pity seems to be one of your favorite sports and you don't even let yourself see all the good we have.

Do you go through life all the time asking why you don't have what you deserve? Have you ever thought that maybe you have more than you can appreciate? I would like you to pause for a moment in front of the mirror and instead of criticizing your nose or your eyebrows, just say thank you for your legs, which allow you to move.

Maybe you don't see it that way, but self-pity won't help you. If it were at least a constructive criticism that spurred you on to do something - at least it would make sense.

And how about stop giving me nicknames?

Every time you have an opportunity to do so, you give me a new name. The problem is, it's never about someone who is at least halfway nice. Dear me, how about if you exert yourself a little and finally understand that your physical appearance doesn't matter to you? Really! Think about it and you will see that it is true.

Instead of calling me “fat”, you could call me “nice”. Seriously now stop looking at me from the negative side all the time. You are more than that. You are intelligent, kind, you are a friend, father or mother.

If this defect that bothers you so much seems that big to you, then work on fixing it. It won't do you any good if you spend your life constantly complaining about it. I really would like you to work on your inside as much as you try to beautify your outside.

Surround us with people who like us

Dear me, it has become very exhausting for me to come to terms with all of your nicknames. But it's also not at all nice that you only have to meet your girlfriends to gossip about me. Have you ever wondered if you are surrounded by too many toxic relationships?

I not only deserve you to treat me better. You could also try harder to hang out with people who make you feel more comfortable. People who help you see the good in you and who help you improve every day.

Leave all the gossip that doesn't help us. Why don't you spend more time with this friend who tells you that you look beautiful every time she sees you? You are too, you just have to believe in it.

Challenge us

When was the last time you tried something that you thought we couldn't? Dear me, sometimes I think that you really don't know me. You're scared of setting new goals because you think we're failing. The ironic thing is that you failed the moment you convince yourself that we won't make it.

Whatever it is, I want you to challenge me to go beyond that. Let's overcome our limits and reach our dreams. I try to talk about the longings and hopes, but when you answer you are only thinking of the reality.

Can you tell me what the reality is Because the way I see it, reality is only what you allow. Let me show you all the potential you have!

Dear me, just be yourself

The last thing I want to ask you to do is become yourself again. Between all these obligations, fears, doubts and frustrations, I don't even know where we have gone. I just ask you to become that child again who laughed and dreamed out loud.

I know that life is difficult and that you have been disappointed. I also know that you cried a lot because they broke your heart. But life is like this: love, grow, laugh, cry, disappoint yourself and start all over again.

Please don't leave me out in the rain. Dear me, I am you and the only request I have is that we live with a passion, as if today was the end of the world. I do not know if we are tomorrow back here to try again.