Will hair makeup damage my hair?

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Gray hair is all the rage - not just since the corona-related impossible hairdresser visit. What used to be considered the loss of youth, attractiveness and charisma is celebrated today. More and more people have the need for naturalness and express this with their silver-gray hair.

Find out more about what you have to consider so that you don't make gray hair look old, which colors and make-up go best with it, and which hair care products you should definitely use for natural gray hair.


What is gray hair and how does it come about?

The term “gray hair” is actually not true at all. Hair is not gray, but in its original color or completely white.

Our hair color is genetically determined. Hair can be any shade between the three extremes of light brown, fox red, and dark brown. Color pigments, which are synthesized in the hair root, are responsible for the coloring. In order for the dye to be synthesized at all, the Amino acid tyrosine to be available. If there is a lack of tyrosine, the cells producing the dye (melanocytes) degenerate and finally disappear completely from the hair follicle. The hair grows white.

Does stress make you gray?

The process of “graying” is also genetically determined.Whether stress, diet and excessive alcohol consumption really have an impact is highly controversial and is considered unlikely. The loss of color in old age is quite natural, the first gray hair at the age of 30 is quite normal and has nothing to do with an illness. A healthy diet or a balanced lifestyle can at most prevent something, the white coloration cannot reliably prevent all of this.

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Does gray hair make you older?

If I didn't dye my hair, I would lose my attractiveness and look years older.NO, that's definitely not true.

Whether blonde, red or dark brown: hair has long been considered the epitome of youth. But the times in which gray hair clings to the “old-grandma image” are, thank goodness, over. It feels a bit strange when the first gray hairs appear. Dyeing your hair gray on purpose or getting it unintentionally are two different things!
But we can reassure women and men here:

Gray hair is guaranteed not to look older per se. On the contrary: the imitation of the youthful hair color does not lead to a youthful appearance, if the wrong color is chosen or the coloration is poorly done, the old look is even reinforced.

Wrinkles, gray hair and an attractive look - does that go together?
Has it happened to you too? You are following a person, your hair is shining auburn, your silhouette is slim. And then the person turns around. Everything about her does NOT fit together. The face looks like a spatula, the gaze is cramped. The wavy brown hair only seems to add to the contrast.

For many it is a big intellectual step: one of the most important factors of attractiveness is not youth, but charisma. The more authentic you look and the more comfortable you feel in your skin, the more radiant your appearance. BUT IT IS VERY IMPORTANT: In order for gray hair to look really good, you have to pay attention to a few simple things.


How does gray hair look really beautiful?

The best thing about gray hair?Silver is not only trendy, it can also be combined very well!

Colors & styles

Almost everything goes well with gray. But there is one thing you should do without in order not to appear as a gray mouse. Namely on everything that looks pale, pale and inconspicuous, including e.g. medium gray and beige tones. You should also be careful with twinsets, neutral cardigans, gray tweed costumes, skin-colored stockings and clothes that remind you of your grandma. But not only overly dignified clothing has an aging effect, large-print T-shirts and the sloppy look can also look neglected very quickly.

On the other hand, elegant, feminine items of clothing are great. A chic clothing style is clean, well-groomed and thrives on details, high-quality materials and timeless cuts. You are usually right with high heels and elegant shoes, while you should be more careful with flat granny shoes.

Show your colors! Coral, a deep red, fuchsia, but also samaragd green or sapphire blue - gray hair can be combined very well with bright colors and eye-catching accessories. Most gray-haired people really look good on almost anything! But be careful: When choosing the color of clothing, it is essential to consider the basic complexion of the skin. Because everything that makes you pale should be avoided.

Don't you like that much color? Don't worry, you don't have to become a bird of paradise right away. Black, white or pastel-colored clothing can also be easily accentuated with colored accessories such as dark, large sunglasses, eye-catching coral-colored earrings, bangles, handbags, headbands or shoes. The right make-up can also create the wow factor.

Make up

You should feel comfortable with the make-up, because only then can the charisma come into its own. Since gray is a very neutral color, almost all colors go well with it, so it's worth trying - even colors and styles that you haven't dared to try before!

For everyone who wants to be too gray, it is advisable to take a look at your make-up and just do a little testing. Even if there is no right or wrong here, there are a few things to consider:

  • Anything that makes the skin look pale and gray should be avoided. These include, for example, lipsticks in nude or pastel tones or overly powdery eyeshadow tones.
  • In most cases, the “slightly pale hair tone” is appropriate strong colors.
  • The eyes and lips should be carefully emphasized.
    Especially intense red and coral have an effect on the Lips especially beautiful, if you don't like it so conspicuous, you can also go for dusky pink. First, carefully trace the outline and then dab the lipstick color on with your fingers, it looks particularly natural.
    At the Eye shadow On the other hand, when choosing a color you should also pay attention to the color of your eyes and skin complexion. Mascara and a careful eyeliner emphasizes the eyes particularly beautiful.
  • Choose at rouge a shade that matches the lipstick, but less is often more. The overly accentuated cheeks can often look like a mask on mature skin.

The following applies to make-up and clothing: If you enjoy going to a type or color counselor, now is the time. Or invite your best friend, sister or daughter over and try out as much make-up as possible together.

In general, however, it is advisable to simply trust your own taste.Because what counts in the end: you should feel comfortable with your look, then it suits you too!


The best hair care & styling:

So that the silver-white hue really comes into its own, it is important that the hair shines nicely.

There is one thing that gray hair shouldn't do: look neglected. Messy hair is also less likely to suit gray-haired women if they are not young. Unfortunately, what is the privilege of young people often has the opposite effect with increasing age: uncomplicated looks. But it's not that difficult. Because gray hair doesn't mean that styling has to be complicated. With the right cut and natural care products, hair can be cared for and styled in just a few steps.

Which hairstyle suits best?
Long hairstyles are a real eye-catcher for women who have beautiful, thick hair. As a change from open hair, elegant hairstyles, e.g. a pinned up bun, also look very good. For fine, thin hair, a bob or a short hairstyle is better suited to conjure up more volume. Short hairstyles also look modern and confident.

It is a sign of aging and is completely natural: the hair not only turns white, but in many women it is also a little thinner than it was when they were young. In addition, with increasing age, hair becomes a little drier and therefore more susceptible to hair damage. Under no circumstances should gray hair look strawy, dull or greasy, because then it quickly looks unkempt. This is why it is especially important that you take care of your gray hair.

Which shampoo should you use?

Many shampoos contain aggressive surfactantsthat strain and damage straight gray, dry hair. There is also the risk that the scalp and hair will be excessively degreased and the hair will dry out. In order to compensate for this effect, packs and cures are offered. However, these products only coat the hair, they do not make it “stronger” or even “healthy”. Especially with fine hair, there is a risk that these products weigh down the hair and make it look straggly.

Finding a shampoo that is right for your hair type is not that difficult. Use a mild, natural shampoo that is as mild as possible, with no cumbersome artificial additives and no silicones and parabens.

A good shampoo should do what it was designed for: It should clean the hair as mildly and gently as possible from environmental dirt and excess sebum WITHOUT attacking or damaging it.

How often should you wash your hair?

Dry hair should not be washed too often so that it does not become brittle and fragile. Washing your hair every few days is more than enough. Also, use as little shampoo as possible, because no matter how mild it is, it puts a strain on the hair and scalp.

For oily hair you can wash your hair a little more often. A little more shampoo can be used to thoroughly remove the sebum. But here, too, less is more: a good amount of hazelnut is enough even for medium-length hair.

If you have medium to long hair, you should definitely get used to this hair washing routine so that long-term hair damage does not occur.

How does the yellow tinge arise?

Especially with blonde, bleached but also white hair you often see: the undesirable yellow tinge. How it really comes about has not yet been fully explored. Whether sun exposure, diet or nicotion are involved - you don't have to use scissors right away. In addition to hair care products that contain a slight shade of purple, you can also use natural aids very well. For example, products with sage not only help with greasy scalps, but also gray hair. Because of the substances in sage, gray hair can naturally acquire an intense color shine and yellow tones can be weakened. A great leave-on product is, for example, the Rosemary & Sage hair serum from Inizio. It can easily be worked into dry hair every day. Since it consists of pure hydrosols and essential oils, it is guaranteed not to leave a complaining film, even on fine hair.

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