James Franco is Jewish

James Franco: Finally a man

James Franco never had a bar mitzvah. He made up for that now and finally became a man with the help of Miley Cyrus and other stars.

For Jewish men, the bar mitzvah symbolizes entry into religious and social maturity and usually takes place at the age of 13. James Franco ("The Interview") took a little more time with his school leaving examination and made up for the ceremony at the weekend with some delay at the age of 37, as reported by "Entertainment Weekly", among other things. He was supported by celebrity friends and colleagues such as Seth Rogen, 33, or Miley Cyrus (22, "Adore You").

The event was probably less religious, but more charitable: Franco, who has a Jewish mother but was not raised in the faith, celebrated his bar mitzvah as part of the charity event "Hilarity for Charity". The execution of the ceremony, which was broadcast live on the comedy website "Funny or Die", was correspondingly bizarre.

"Rabbi" Jeff Goldblum, 62, performed a fake circumcision - Zac Efron, 28, took on the role of Franco's foreskin. Cyrus, who appeared with the party band "Miley Cyrustein & The Super Jews", had dressed up for the occasion with a blue string body. The event was intended to draw attention to Alzheimer's disease.