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Minimalism - 10 questions for: Kristin

Minimalism - 10 questions for ... is a small series in which I (at irregular intervals) let readers of my blog have their say on a Wednesday in order to make the diversity of the minimal lifestyle clear.

Today: Kristin


1. What is your current living or living situation like?

I am 36 years old, married and live with my husband and tomcat in a 90 square meter house.

2. Why did you start minimizing?

I felt like things were stressing out. I felt overwhelmed. Free walls and surfaces have a very calming effect on me. You don't have to do a lot with just a few things. I don't want to have to do anything.

3. What do other people (family, friends, neighbors ...) think about your letting go of things?

Most do not understand. My sister, my mother and my husband's family hoard a lot and have decorations everywhere. You are the complete opposite of me. Only my father and my husband also find open spaces pleasant.
Most of the time we get advice on what we can put where, or comments that pictures on the walls and decorations / plants on the window sills are missing and it looks bare ...

4. It was the easiest for me ...

Omit decoration. Decoration is of no use to me personally. Then it went on with indoor plants. It was a great relief to be able to let them go too. Before, always had the feeling that you had something like that, plants simply belong on a windowsill. I really enjoy the fact that our window sills are free and that we can simply open the windows wide without anything falling down or without having to remove a hodgepodge first.

I don't have a green thumb. We are lucky enough to have a garden. Beautiful flowers and bushes grow there. We have created a wildflower meadow ...

5. The hardest thing I find ...

To stop minimizing again 😉 And to compromise with minimizing.
Before I moved in with my husband, I was extremely minimalist. But i liked it. I could go on and on, even if you're pretty much at the end and there's actually nothing left to minimize ...

Fortunately, my husband is open-minded and also likes it reduced, but he has more "fuss" than me and just doesn't want to part with some things. I have to compromise here. After all, we should both feel good. But that's not always easy for me 😉

6. There is no way I would ...

Put the decoration down !!!

7. In any case, I would again ...

Go through the rooms and things over and over again to see if something has become superfluous

8. What practical approach has worked for you?

Definitely muck out according to categories.
I always sorted by topic and then thought about how much of something I needed and then chose the appropriate one. The rest comes away.
I think it's great and effective when you empty a closet or even a room completely. Then you feel this calm and clarity. I was then much more motivated to only let the bare essentials back into this closet or room so as not to fill it up again. One drawer or one cupboard compartment after the other did not work for me. In my experience, you don't muck out a lot because you don't have an overview of the entire category.

9. What are the advantages for you of owning fewer things?

I definitely feel lighter, freer. Things overwhelm me quickly.

10. Is there anything else you would like to share?

Unfortunately I cannot contribute any photos. I minimized my smartphone last year 😉

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Minimalism - 10 questions for: You

If you've been minimizing for some time and are interested in answering the 10 minimalism questions, get in touch with me. Photos can or do not have to be included.


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