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Suggestions for the state of emergency : Project “At home with the Tagesspiegel” starts

Our new everyday life - it takes place in a time that we all had no idea of ​​a short time ago. While Germany and the world are standing still more and more quietly in the coronavirus crisis, even Berlin is getting more and more quiet, our worries are getting louder: More and more people fear for their health and the well-being of their loved ones, to whom they have to keep their distance despite all proximity .

More and more people are also worried about their professional and creative existence while they move their everyday lives into their own four walls. Telephone conferences and video switching take place in order to organize the essentials in order to remain in contact with each other despite the blockage of contacts.

Children are cared for at home around the clock, and dramatic news is consumed at any time of the day or night. Each and every one of us is currently reorganizing our entire everyday life.

In order to get through this time safely and safely, you need reliable information, which the Tagesspiegel provides you at any time on all of its channels: around the clock in digital live blogs and daily in curated e-papers or printed newspapers, via analysis in our newsletters or sent as a breaking news via the app.

We want to help you, dear readers, with quick information and carefully researched backgrounds, to be well informed in this uncertain time. In addition, we want to be there for you in your new everyday life - that's why we are starting the project “At home with the Tagesspiegel”.

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With our new campaign, we want to give you help in life for working in the home office, offer tips for relaxing with your family or for distraction if you live alone.

We want to advise you digitally and in print on a daily basis in Tagesspiegel and accompany you with your questions and needs: How can I now enjoy Berlin culture on the sofa, how can I spend time meaningfully with my children or make my grandchildren happy despite the ban on visiting? What can I cook healthy today and what should I buy for tomorrow? How do I keep myself fit in this new situation - my body and my head? We would like to give you, dear readers, suggestions for this on a daily basis in all of our departments.

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Here you can read what editors are now planning for their new time at home. Here you will find family tips on how to survive the coronavirus vacation with your own children.

You can find all the articles on these topics on our new digital extra page "At home with the Tagesspiegel".

In our weekend editions (free trial reading of the e-paper here) we then offer you culture tips for streaming concerts and readings in your own living room, suggestions for sports on the hallway floor at home as well as a Sunday fairy tale to read aloud for the children - or the grandchildren on Phone.

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In addition, we will reveal the recipes of our favorite chefs to you to cook at home and invite you to take a trip around the world in imagination; with the most beautiful holiday postcards from carefree days. And we publish your stories and narratives about how you experience this unusual time. Let us and others like to be part of it. Follow us in your new everyday life - and invite your friends and acquaintances too.

While we are reorganizing life inside, life should of course go on again at some point. So that this can work and the neighborhoods continue to live around us, we are also starting the “neighborhood helpers” campaign. You can easily buy vouchers online for your favorite shops or restaurants around the corner to redeem them later.

In this way, you can also help people in a practical and uncomplicated manner, who otherwise always like to be there for you, in a difficult time for you. And still do good for Berlin. Because one thing must never stand still even in this quiet time - our heart for the people around us. Take part! And stay healthy!

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