What was your greatest teenage achievement?

The television has been an integral part of our lives for many years and our children are also confronted with the flicker box at an early age. Unfortunately, television is often used as a babysitter and to "calm down" children. This is a problem because television can quickly become an addiction and displace all other leisure activities.

In the integrated kindergarten, healthy children and children with physical or mental disabilities are cared for and supported together. Many parents shy away from the idea of ​​enrolling their healthy child in such an institution. Children can benefit greatly from the increased social demands.

When the results of the first PISA study were published in 2000, an outcry of horror went through Germany. Due to the poor results, early intervention - which was previously reserved for physically or mentally impaired children - also became an issue for all healthy children. Today there are various tried and tested ways of promoting children's skills from infancy.

In no other phase of life does a child develop as quickly as in the first twelve months. In addition to the obvious physical growth, during this time the baby acquires important skills that are the basis for what is to come in the next few years. But when can parents expect which developmental step?

Children are constantly developing in all areas. One of the greatest miracles is the evolution of language. At the same time, this is also one of the most important skills that humans are endowed with. If there are abnormalities or delays, the parents should clarify possible disturbances and take countermeasures as early as possible. The pediatrician will recommend a referral to a speech therapist if there are justified concerns.

Even with smaller children there are gender-specific differences that are more or less noticeable depending on their personality. By puberty at the latest, however, the time has come: girls develop into women and boys into men and the changes do not only take place externally.

At some point, parents will long for the time when their child will finally go to the toilet or potty on their own and the regular pile of diapers will be a thing of the past. Usually it takes between one and a half and two years. You can actively help your child to get clean, but you cannot force anything.

Which is better to have a child or have a job? Of course, it's best if you can combine the two. Whether you are a single parent or a couple, a job and child together is a difficult matter. Many master it the traditional way and the father goes to work while the mother stays at home. The new fathers like to do it the other way around, which for many is still a solution that takes getting used to. Parental leave is also an option, albeit a temporary one. Our author discusses the alternatives that fathers have and tells of his own solution.

Usually mom does most of the work: breastfeeding, diaper changing, going for a walk. Papas, who also do all of this, are downright admired, because today's papas belong to a generation that is aware of their tasks. The woman is supported, no longer left alone with the role of mother and as a man one can no longer hide behind his status as a sole breadwinner. It means changing diapers in the evening, putting them to bed, and playing hours and walks on the weekend. Especially as a father with a stroller you still seem exotic to some people.

It has never been so difficult to be a father as it is today. The demands on fathers in terms of work and partnership, as well as the challenges in raising children have never been greater. Vaterfreuden.de would like to support the “new fathers” in all the challenges they have to face as a father, partner and provider.

The first impression counts - also when it comes to the name. Many factors play a role in naming a child - taste, family, sound. In any case, parents should be aware of their responsibility that their child must spend his entire life with the name they have given. In kindergarten, at school or when starting a career, the name can prove to be a real branding.