Why is it useful to empower women

FIDA - women empower women

Interview with a participant

FIDA is an Arabic maiden name and means “extraordinary commitment” and it was exactly the same when 15 women with a migration background led voluntary women's groups and each eleven other women from their community supported their integration and language development.

As part of the EU project “FIDA”, REGE mbH trained women to become multipliers. They were referred to as "talents" within the project.

In various parts of Bielefeld, the talents offered special courses and women's groups once a week. They take into account the individual level of knowledge and the language level of the participants and offered the opportunity to exchange ideas in a protected environment, to get to know new things and to think outside the box. The topic of “perceiving equal opportunities” was always present.

Our colleague Alice Celinski-Brinkmann conducted an interview with a participant, a talent. Anastasia studied German as a Foreign Language in Bielefeld and successfully completed her studies this autumn.

Anastasia, you participated as a talent in the “FIDA” project. What were your motivation and expectations regarding the project?

My motivation was to gain experience in the areas of social work and German as a foreign language and to make contacts in the professional world, "Vitamin B". The project was a very good experience.

I thought I was going to work with women from Syria. The workshops would be useful for me and these topics would be good for the women, for their future life in Germany.

You are studying German as a foreign language at the University of Bielefeld and have just completed your bachelor's degree. Congratulations! "FIDA" is part of your bachelor thesis. Why “FIDA” of all places?

I chose FIDA because I had extensive experience in the project and participated from the start. It went well with my subject. So I was able to describe all my experiences in a scientific paper and analyze how it was, work out the advantages and disadvantages and develop possible improvements. It is always better to write on a subject that has practical experience. It was important to me to combine theory and practice, not just to work with the book.

In your opinion, what has “FIDA” changed for you and the women from the target group you have worked with?

I have broken down my personal barrier. Group work used to be difficult for me, I was a little insecure. I understand that everything will come in time and I am glad that I was able to have this experience. But for women: they have made friends who have the same problems as them. The subjects were very useful to her. The women have understood that not everything is so complicated for them here, you just have to get the right information from the right place. I think women have become safer too. You have also broken down your own barriers and set your own goals. Many women then want to look for a job or start a language course. They understood that these things are very important in Germany. They all have the same opportunities as their husbands to find their place in society.

Thank you for the interview, dear Anastasia. We are also happy about your active commitment, which has helped a lot of women. All the best for your future and your further path.