What is the dark side of anything


Urs Blank has achieved more than he would have dreamed of when he started his law degree. In a Swiss commercial law firm, he quickly rose to become a highly paid star lawyer. His clients are extremely wealthy men of considerable power who they ruthlessly know how to increase, and the lawyer who specializes in merger negotiations will help you with this. But something is wrong with the smart fully qualified lawyer. A dark side shimmers in him, and he has to hold back from time to time so as not to slap the other person or kick their ass.

When Blank met the hippie girl Lucille one day at a flea market, his seemingly healing world was given a major rift. The two start a relationship, Blank leaves his previous relationship and moves into a hotel, where he continues his previous life with the only difference that he now has a young girlfriend. Lucille opens the way for him to another world, and in future Urs not only takes a deep drag on circling joints, he also risks a trip with hallucinogenic mushrooms.

However, there is one mushroom among the magic mushrooms, the consumption of which has fatal effects on the attorney's psyche. He turns completely off under the drug and sinks inside a meadow: “It was light there, like in a sun. The light penetrated his eyelids and turned into pixels that exploded in bright colors. It was a glass container that filled with a different color with each explosion. Lemon butterfly yellow, raspberry syrup red, pistachio ice green. "

The trip totally changes Blank, and a dark side of his character, suppressed since early childhood, gains the upper hand. The former star lawyer flees into the forest and is absorbed in nature. He becomes a ranger who ends up faking his own death.

In a continuously increasing arc of tension, the author knows how to let his hero contact his former life, where he gains access to the secret data of the former law firm. This calls forth spirits who fear for their existence. Blank, on the other hand, believes that he can only get out of the vicious circle of personality change if he finds that rare fungus that triggered the psychological inferno in him again, in order to be able to get back into orderly channels of social togetherness with renewed enjoyment ...

After the novel "Small World" forms the on the psychedelic album "The Dark Side of the Moon" the British band Pink Floyd alluding crime story the second part of Suters "Neurological trilogy". He works on some of his central literary themes: the creeping personality change and increasing disorientation as well as the bipolar affective disorder of the human character.

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