What was the first post-grunge band

Post grunge

The rock music stylePost grunge originated in the late 1990s and is a sub-form of American alternative rock / grunge. However, there is disagreement about the exact definition of the genre.


As Post grunge a whole range of bands of relatively different styles are referred to, including the music of Godsmack, Alter Bridge, Flyleaf, Creed, Bush, Nickelback, Breaking Benjamin, The Faint, Seether, Three Days Grace, Filter, Linkin Park, Stone Sour, Foo Fighters, 12 Stones, Staind, Days of the New, Seven Mary Three, Deftones and Daughtry. What these bands have in common that make up the name Post grunge Justify it is primarily the influence of the music genre grunge, which was popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and the at least often similar song structures of "quiet verse" and "loud refrain", which sometimes label the songs with a "radio-friendly" sound have given. Otherwise, the influences of the different bands that come under the term are sufficient Post grunge fall, from poppy ballads to punk to metal riffs. This shows the problem, why many bands of the Post grunge can also be assigned to other genres such as alternative rock, alternative metal or hard rock.


In detail, even in terms of text, there are hardly any statements about stylistic similarities from bands that are assigned to post-grunge. The texts are often given a high priority. Influenced by grunge, self-doubt and anger (among other things, this also shows the connection between grunge and punk) often play a role; the hope or idea of ​​a better world is interpreted later in more positive or dreamy texts (incubus - Wish You Were Here, Creed - Higher). In particular, the earlier post-grunge bands, such as Silverchair, still lean heavily on grunge. This influence then partially disappears over the years, still recognizable in some bands such as Creed (especially on the album My Own Prison), Staind, Seether or the early 3 Doors Down and goes more and more into balladic love songs (3 Doors Down Here without you, Hinder - Lips Of An Angel) above.


At the end of the grunge wave, the first made it around 1993 Post grunge-Bands (for example Bush or Live) to get contracts with well-known record labels. Other bands such as Silverchair followed later. At the end of the millennium, bands like Creed, Nickelback or 3 Doors Down joined them and sometimes celebrated great successes with their music. In the meantime some of the still exist Post grunge-Bands; nevertheless, the boundaries to other genres are so fluid that bands start with Post grunge-Sound can be seen more as modern rock, alternative rock, sometimes also metal.

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