Where should I keep my investments in Singapore

Storing gold & silver - buying & storing abroad and at home

States have been trying to cope with crises by taking on large debts, and not just since the corona pandemic. The current global debt is arguably the most extreme that has ever existed.

To this end, central banks keep creating new paper money without even creating new value. this willsignificant impact on wealth to have. A well-stocked bank account is guaranteed through thisInflation will lose purchasing power

The US Federal Reserve has already paved the way for this form of inflation by realigning its inflation target.

ThePossession of precious metalsprotects against expropriation of wealth if some rules are followed. The right one is decisiveStorage of gold and silverand a close look atPossession or Ownership

Thestorage in thehome safe works well tofluid at all times to be. However, you are less armed against the expropriation of assets by local creditors and the home state.

The depot of the domestic bank is also tangible for the state and not particularly secure, as we will see later.

You also need to be aware of why you are buying physical precious metals. You usually do this aroundAssets outside the banking system to keep. Accordingly, we don't want to keep it at the bank again.

In addition to the banks' vaults, there are large, very secure storage facilities. They are well insured and keep your precious metal safe. However, they cannot defend themselves 100% against state desires either.

You should have part of your wealth in onesafe place abroad to store. InEurope apply theSwitzerland andLiechtenstein as safe countries. They offer a comprehensiveprivacy and a strong one Protection of private property

Switzerland and Liechtenstein are good addresses for asset protection. However, both countries are closely interlinked with the European Union, which had, for example, devastating effects on banking secrecy in Switzerland.

Therefore, it makes sense to keep some of your assets in a safe placeoutside of Europe bring to. An interesting location for theGold & silver storage isSingaporewhich about a verystrict protection of private propertydisposes.

Why you should only buy physical precious metals

The biggest and at the same time the most importantadvantagefor the purchase ofphysical gold & silver is thesecurity. With the purchase of a gold bar, you are the oneowner

This then also outweighs the disadvantage compared to a certificate. Buying and storing physical gold & silver is more expensive than buying a certificate.Certificates have one thoughhigh counterparty risk

A certificate is a bond issued by the issuer. It confirms that the buyer is entitled to the value of a certain amount of gold.

The buyer of a certificate does not acquire gold.It is not even certain whether the gold even exists and what kind of goodness it is if it does exist.

In addition, the insolvency of the issuer means that the bond can no longer be serviced. The buyer suffers a total loss.Certificates are therefore for thesecure asset protection not suitable

In contrast to the purchase of certificates, when you buy physical gold, ownership of the precious metal is transferred to you. You own the bar or the coin as the owner.

You can do thatStore gold or silver,wherever you want. It is your decision where the storage takes place and how you use the precious metal.

TheCost of purchase, possibly theManufacture of the ingot (Mold costs) and thatStore gold bars are well investedif you consider how high the risk of loss is with a certificate.

We all still remember them2008 financial crisis. This scenario can happen again at any time. If you have a gold certificate from a bank that goes bankrupt, your assets are gone.

Certificates ownonly for short-term business. For theSpeculate on ashort-term increase in value a certificate is definitely a good instrument.

Certificates can bewithout high fees andsell again quickly. It is similar withETCswhich also only document one guilt of the publisher. Physical gold should be deposited here, but in the end an ETC is just a bond.

Safelong-term wealth accumulation so sets thePurchase of physical precious metal ahead.

Gold Silverstore at home

In addition to the security of the storage location, you should also thank you for relying on aAccess part of your assets quickly should be able to.

That is why it makes sense10 to 30 percent of your gold fortune to keep in your own home or near your apartment.

The advantage ofStorage at home is thefast availability.There are, howeversome risks

If you want to store gold at home, you shouldthinkhow You itsecure from loss

The best variant is asafe, but even this does not protect if you have to open it under force. It is also important to have a reliable oneHousehold insurance. You should clarify with your insurer which type of safe meets the requirements.

TheInsurers reimburse damage according to theResistance grade of the safe. If you want to store a lot of gold or silver at home, you need a safe with a high level of resistance.

The installation usually requires a considerable intervention in the substance of your house. Aalternative is agood hiding placeto store gold.

Distribute your precious metalseveral hiding places. Thieves usually have little time to break in, which means that you will rarely lose everything in the event of a break-in.

In addition, you can set up a fake safe with less valuable content and hide the other safe very well.

There is one important thing to keep in mind when hiding: Thathidden precious metal is usuallynot insured

Provide an alternative way of storing gold and silverSafe deposit boxes. They offer onehigh protection against theft and you don't have to invest in an in-house safe.

The bank usually charges you a fee of 25 to 65 euros per year. Break-ins are rare and banks, on the other hand, are well insured. The content is kept discreet. The bank does not know what you are storing in the locker. However, the state can require a compulsory opening. Access is restricted to bank opening hours.

A very important point why we offer our clientsgenerally advise against keeping precious metals in a bank:

Why do you buy physical precious metals? You buy it, among other things, to have value outside of the banking system. What sense does it make then to bring your physical gold back to a bank if you want to protect yourself against this system?

Safe deposit boxes are good for valuableDocumentsCertificates and otherdocuments. Not really for physical precious metals.

Another alternative is storage with onelocal precious metal dealer or vault operator orprivate locker provider like "Das Safe" in Vienna. You can find reputable precious metal dealers in your region on the comparison portal Gold.de.

Gold and silver imStore abroad

Especially if you want to protect your assets from the state, theSafe storage of gold & silver abroad

Agood storage location is acountryin which there is ahigh legal security gives. TheProtection of private property should beinalienable part of the constitution be.

When storing gold & silver abroad, please note that youdon't get hold of your assets so quickly, like at your place of residence.

Ten to 30 percent of your precious metal inventory shouldstore at your place of residenceor in directneighbouring countriesto stay fluid. TheDeposit the rest You with specializedSafe operators abroad

Choose a country where the government has little or no ability to seize private property.

InEurope offer theSwitzerland andLiechtenstein with thebest conditions, aroundKeep gold & silver

Switzerland's good reputation as an ideal place to keep gold and silver is based on your legal system.

The Confederation consists of 26 partially sovereign cantons, which act as constitutional givers. In Switzerland it is not possible for the federal government in Bern to amend the constitution without the consent of the cantons.

In addition, Switzerland has a very pronounced participation of the population in political decision-making processes. It is unimaginable that the Swiss would allow the state to confiscate private assets.

It is important that theStorage in your parcel or your locker he follows.property of the stored valuesstay with you. This means that there is no counterparty conflict. This is also called wrapper or special custody (segregated custody).

Even if the operator slips into bankruptcy, the stored assets remain your property. The vault operators in Switzerland operate highly secure systems, which are mainly located under the airport in Zurich.

The operators includeBrink's Switzerland andLoomis International. But here you have to consider the jurisdiction risk of the companies. Brinks is a US company and Loomis is headquartered in Sweden and has subsidiaries in the USA.

If there is a gold ban in the US, this can also affect global security companies like this one.

One is best served by a company that unites everything in one jurisdiction. This is the case, for example, with our partner Silver Bullion in Singapore. The following pictures better illustrate the risks of these interactions:

ThePrincipality of Liechtenstein is a small country with a high standard of living. Crime is almost unknown and GDP per capita is among the highest in the world. The principality has no national debt.

In addition to thestrict protection of private property rights the country pays attention to the consistent compliance with theData protection. The vault in Triesen is one of the safest in Europe. Like the Swiss vaults, it is insured with Lloyds of London.

Even if Switzerland and Liechtenstein are very interesting locations, it has to beAddiction of these countriesfrom the EU be illuminated. The exchange of information on tax issues enforced by the OECD has weakened Swiss banking secrecy.

This example shows how important it is to diversify the locations of your wealth. Hong Kong used to be a popular location for people looking to buy gold overseas. Due to the increasing influence of China on the Special Administrative Region, its attractiveness suffered.

The above is suitable for thisSingapore as a good alternative. The city-state has a veryhigh standard of living andhardly any crime. TheLegislation ensures the protection of private property. The storage of your precious metal takes placediscreet

At first glance, Singapore looks heavily indebted. On closer inspection you will find out that the city-state is highly solvent and a country with net creditors!

A modern vault is located in the port of Singapore and is operated by Loomis International. But if you don't want to be dependent on these large corporations, you can take a look at the alternative at our partner Silver Bullion.

Silver bullion has oneown high security safe and runs everything from one hand. As a result, trade and storage are only dependent on Singapore's legislation without causing further interactions with other jurisdictions.

The company has major expansion plans for the coming years and has also been offering German-speaking customer service since October 2020.

January 2020 we were on site with our GoodbyeMatrix community and theFounder Gregor Gregersen and his team presented the entire facility to us.

We have everyone on siteLectures and theVisit of the vaults recorded on video and combined with many other materials in an exclusive video course. Through this you will find outunique inside informationwho will help you with thisYour fortune in the coming Secure Crash

Picture: Sergio von Facchin with his business partnersGregor Gregersen (Founder Silver Bullion) andJose Flores (GoodbyeMatrix EspaƱol) in Singapore

In addition, we were able to make a unique deal with Gregor, which we all haveGoodbyeMatrix clients and also Buyers of the video course enablesPrecious metals at discounted conditions at Silver Bullionto store and alsoshopping

TheDiscount on storage costs at Silver Bullion is 18.5% for gold and 15.8% for silver(This status can also be requested for existing accounts). In addition, your account will go directly toTier 3 upgraded so that youBuy precious metals at a reduced price can. Through this you can alreadysignificantly lower your storage costswhich already fully compensates for the small investment in the video course.

As in Switzerland and Liechtenstein with other providers, you can set up Silver Bullionvisit anytime and check that all of your gold is there.

This is an important point because we have already seen other vault operators who do not make it so easy to visit the vaults. This is always a big warning sign for me.

Always store independently of the banking system

If youStore gold safely want, you have toforego the banking system. If there is a financial crisis, it can become oneBank run come.

The consequence is that banks are theNo longer meeting the demand for cash can. You have to close, with what that tooAccess to safe deposit boxes blocked can be.

He comesCountry On the idea,Seize assets, Your gold is gone, because it will be one of the first to have banks and their lockers examined.

Therefore, avoid leaving your precious metal assets in a bank.

Another Problem: Although the remainsThe contents of your safe deposit box are discreet, but the existence is usually no secret. In most cases that isRenting a safe deposit box linked to an account

In addition, you can never check whether a bank employee is examining the content.

This means that it is not possible to rent a locker anonymously. This means that the state also has access to your assets in a crisis situation. He can close banks at any time by decree and thus prevent your access to the locker.

The Greeks and Cypriots experienced painfully during the euro crisis what such an expropriation could look like. If you want to deposit part of your assets near you, the gold should be stored with youPrecious metal traders and professional safe operators at home and abroad safer.

And as mentioned above, you buy precious metals to hold an asset that is independent of the banking system. Storing this again at a bank would ruin your plan.

Buying Gold Abroad, is worth considering for a number of reasons. Unlike other precious metals, buying theyellow metal EU-wide VAT-free

This applies toIngots but only if theFineness at least 995/1000 amounts. AtCoins may theFineness not less than 900/1000 lie.

They must not have been minted before the 19th century and must be legal tender in the minted country.

The legislature seesGold as an investment. TheIncrease in value remains tax-freeas long as you have yourHolds precious metal for at least a year

At theBuying silver andplatinum you have to in any casevalue added tax numbers.

TheBuying gold abroad makes sense for other reasons. If you like gold asAsset protection want to use, it makes sense to have a largePart to be kept abroad

As already mentioned, it is not certain whether states will not also take tough measures in a financial crisis. The US survived the Great Depression by expropriating its citizens by decree in 1933.The government banned the possession of gold without further ado.

If you want to bring gold from Germany to other countries outside the EU, you may have to declare it to customs. TheCustoms regulations require that you use cash and equivalent means of payment in theDeclare a value of more than 10,000 euros have to.

goldsilver andplatinum are consideredequivalent means of payment. Customs don't just want to knowhow much gold You lead with you. You have to showwhere the precious metal comes fromwho owns it andwhat you want to use it for

So that isanonymity Lost your property. However, this is usually the case beforehand, because inGermany Are you allowed toBuy gold only up to a value of 1,999 euros without having to identify yourself. This is the gold value of about one ounce, so it can make sense to buy your precious metals in the neighboring country.

So there are a few points that make it useful to buy and store gold abroad.

Is It Cheaper to Buy Gold and Silver Abroad?

The prices on the major gold marketshardly differ and are international fromGold fixing set in London. First and foremost, they are limitedPrice differences onProduction and shipping costs orBonuses of the dealer.

Buy gold cheap abroad - With such offers you shouldbe skeptical. Since there is no VAT on gold in the EU, no money can be saved abroad under this aspect.

Very cheap offers could indicate poor quality or an unfavorable counterparty risk for you. That makes sensePurchase of precious metals at the designated storage location at areputable dealer, aroundShipping orTariffs low tohold

In addition, purchases in Singapore, for example, are anonymous and can also be made on site using cash. This shows that buying abroad can definitely pay off.The advantages are not so much in the purchase price.

The matter is differentsilver orplatinum. These metals are used in theEU and in theSwitzerland Withvalue added tax occupied. In Singapore, very pure investment bars and coins are tax-free if they are certified accordingly.

Likewisetax free but you can also useGermanysilver andplatinum acquire when trading in oneBonded warehouse takes place. Degussa, for example, operates such a warehouse.

As long as you do not have the precious metal, which also includes palladium and rhodium, delivered to the EU, there is no sales tax.

You can also keep your assets at any time resell tax-free within the bonded warehouse

Disadvantage: The bonded warehouse is located on German territory. So it is not enough to diversify the storage location of your assets.

There are of course such bonded warehouses in other countries as well.

Picture: Sergio von Facchin at "The Safe House", the Silver Bullion safe in Singapore.

Make sure that you really are the owner of the precious metals

When storing precious metals there istwo superordinate ownership structures. Either you are owneror believer

Make sure you are the owner of your precious metals!

If only youcreditor a vault operator, there is a highCounterparty Risk, that forLoss of your fortune can lead.

Many vault operators act as debtors to you. You store gold, for which you receive a receipt that the warehouse or the provider owes you a certain amount of the precious metal (collective custody / allocated).

TheStorage is cheap. This is mainly because the vault operator does not provide individual parcels for owners. The bars are owned by the operator (hopefully labeled as a special fund) and you have a share in this, which is why it is not necessary to assign them to individual owners.

This results in a huge risk for you and your assets: If the operator of the warehouse has to pay obligations, he serves them from the stored assets. If bankruptcy occurs, all claims are disputed from the remaining assets.

If the claims cannot be met in full, the creditors will be wholly or partially empty. This would be problematic if the provider did not label the stored assets of his clients as special assets.

Another problem can arise if the provider is fraudulent. If the provider has fewer precious metals in collective custody than stated or sold to his clients, then all creditors must be served from the remaining precious metals.

In memory of: You are one of those believers. There is only secure asset protection if you remain the owner and the bar remains in your private possession. Loaning your property would also be illegal and it must not and cannot be entered in the balance sheet of the retailer or vault operator.

Do you give thatOrder for storage abroad, it must be ensured that your gold is stored separately. After all, it is your property and not that of the warehouse service provider. This type of storage is also called wrapper or special custody (segregated custody).

You must be able to access the precious metal on your own. You get oneInvoice for storage andpaid for the pitch in the safe.

By buying a bar, ownership passes to you and it can clearly be done by themThe serial number of the bar is shown on the invoice indicated that the item is yours.

Coins without serial numbers are often shrink-wrapped in plastic bags and given a unique serial number that can be assigned to you.

In addition to thehigh transparency is therehardly any counterparty risk. Even if the warehouse has to file for bankruptcy, the gold remains your property. The safe operator does not burden your precious metal.

For the operator, the implementation of such a storage is associated with some effort. He mustcreate individual parcels, which herented orsold. In addition, there is the laborious process of registering every bar as the property of the customer.

Aproviderswho after thissafe principle works, is oursPartner Silver Bullion in Singapore

By doingSilver Bullion safe (The Safe House)you rent a parking space, theBar or coins get oneown parcel over theserial number or a specially generated one (for coins, as these do not have serial numbers) and is printed on theThe purchase invoice for the precious metals is clearly shown

This ensures that thePrecious metals are 100% yours and no longer belong to Silver Bullion.

You canYour property at any timeto sellto lend or youhome delivery to let. Others have no access to your assets.

This approach makes storage a bit more expensive than other providers, but you have clearly regulated ownership, which dramatically reduces your risk.

With Singapore as an extremely secure legal framework far away from the EU and the USA, it is an ideal location for your asset protection!

AsGoodbyeMatrix clientand also as BuyersoursInsider video course on precious metal storage in Singapore you can yourPrecious metals at discounted conditionsat Silver Bullionstoreand alsoto buy

TheDiscount for storage costs at Silver Bullion is18.5% for gold and15.8% for silver. In addition, your account will go directly toTier 3 upgraded so that youBuy precious metals at a reduced price can. Through this you can alreadysignificantly lower your storage costswhich already fully compensates for the small investment in the video course.

3 interesting countries to store gold & silver abroad

In Europe, theSwitzerland andLiechtenstein assafe storage locations for precious metals. The countries are characterized by ahigh legal security andeconomic stabilityout.

TheSwitzerland's success is based on respect for the will of the people, who repeatedly influence politics on crucial issues.

Private property is protected by the constitution.Abolition of this constitutional law requires the approval of the population. It is hardly to be expected that there will ever be such a vote.

ThePrincipality of Liechtenstein made it from a bankrupt to a wealthy country in just a few decades after World War II. The basis of this ascent was that reliable policy of the Princely Housethat in the middle of the Alpspowerful financial center built up.

The basis of success isSecurity of private property. There in LiechtensteinConstitution does not provide for an emergency is there toono basis for expropriation

Has similar advantagesSingapore to show. The city-state impresses with itssimple tax legislation. There is no value added tax or capital gains tax on precious metals.

There is also ahigh level of legal security for private propertywhich is also protected by the constitution.

Store gold and silver in Switzerland

In theSwitzerland has thefree development of entrepreneurship onelong tradition. There is hardly any regulation by politics. ThePower of central government is influenced by theCantons and throughdirect democracy limited

Throughout history, the country has repeatedly resisted external pressure. TheSwitzerland defended its sovereignty and neutrality against any external pressure.

The self-image of the Swiss forbids the exercise of power from top to bottom. Decisions are made at the lowest possible level.

One of themain means of democracy are in SwitzerlandReferendumswhose results are binding for politics. This system has also proven its worth in the recent past, when the EU made Swiss membership of the EEA subject to strict conditions.

The Swiss like to surprise their neighbors with very pragmatic decisions. The Swissvoted against increasing the current six-week paid vacation andagainst membership in the EU

This is also called for as a panacea in other countriesunconditional basic income had no chance in Switzerland

Alongside this political pragmatism is theexcellent economic situation a key argument for thatStoring gold in Switzerland. The prudent budget policy of the Confederation provides security.

TheGross debtThe federal government is back in 2018 for the first time in a good 20 yearsunder 100 billion Swiss francs

Switzerland's politics are based on economic pragmatism.Innovations found in the Confederationideal environment. 

When cryptos emerged and many European governments voiced their concerns, Switzerland quickly opened up to the new technology. in theCanton Zug created the "Crypto Valley"that has high growth potential. The region received an important impetus for further development.

A decisive criterion is also thatinternal and external security. Theneutrality and aForeign policy of peaceful coexistence are the basis for a peaceful environment.

Also the fact that more thanevery second household has a weapon to defend their homeland, gives a high feeling of security. It is valued not only by citizens but also by investors.

For a seizure of precious metals, the Swiss government would have to change the constitution. Since in this case the people would have the last word, such a scenario is hardly conceivable.

This means that Switzerland will remain a safe place for storing gold in the future.

Store gold & silver in Liechtenstein

ThePrincipality of Liechtenstein has developed rapidly since the end of the Second World War. Today it is amodernpowerfulFinancial center, which enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide.

The country is owned by one of theoldest noble families in Europeruled.Reliability for business and theFinance have Liechtenstein tocreated a great reputation

The princely family is well connected. For this purpose, for example, she founded the European Center of Austrian Economics Foundation. She is an innovative think tank that works for theindividual responsibilityindividual freedom and alimited government power stands.

The principality is one of the few countries that hasno emergency legislation disposes. This is a huge advantage when it comes to thatStoring gold in Liechtenstein goes.

Foreclosures as a result of economic crises or political unrest are practically impracticable.

Liechtenstein is oneConstitutional monarchy, but with onestrong participation of residents. The prince and parliament share power, with the monarch having far-reaching veto rights.

However, he has to fall back on this with great sensitivity, because the people have the legal right to abolish the monarchy at any time. Citizens can also start a no-confidence initiative against the prince.

Only 1,500 people have to join the initiative to initiate proceedings against a decision by the monarch. The current prince affirmed in the book"The State in the Third Millennium" the characteristics of Liechtenstein politics.

In it he advocates thatLimit government power and theMaintain freedom of speech. Besides, the script is aA plea for free trade

Next to theProtection of private property the country attaches great importance toRespect for privacy and theeconomic independence of the inhabitants

Outwardly, the principality appears sovereign. The reliable oneThe Swiss Army is responsible for national defense

Another argument in favor of Liechtenstein as a place for storing gold is thatsolid public finances. The country has been making one for yearsBudget surpluswho gave him aScope for possible crises gives. The country is not in debt.

The crypto revolution shows how flexible and adaptable the principality is. The land opened up to the new technology very early on and is now a leading location in Europe alongside the Crypto Valley in Zug, Switzerland.


GoodbyeMatrix can help you to open private accounts in Liechtenstein, but also has solid partners for precious metal storage with a private vault operator.

For segregated storage in one's own name, however, a minimum of CHF 150,000 to CHF 250,000 of precious metals must be stored. If this is too much for you, you can also have smaller amounts stored in collective custody.

If you are interested in segregated storage in Liechtenstein with our partner, please contact us personally.Please just get in touch ifYou can really meet the minimum requirements and have the money ready to invest.

Store gold & silver in Singapore

The tropical Southeast Asian island gained in theof great importance in the past decades asattractive financial center

The city-state is among the leading nations when it comes to theProtection of private property rights goes.

For theStore gold in Singapore and buying ingots is what they speak ofnonexistent capital gains tax and VAT on precious metal

State founder worked since independence in 1965Lee Kuan Yew on the success of the island state. The foundations of success are thestability and theCohesion of societyas well as theAmbition of the Singaporeans

From the beginning, the state doctrine wasinvest in the future and forCrises, but also forto provide for future generations

In just a few decades, a British goods transshipment point developed into amodern business location. This economic miracle favored the favorable strategic location on the route of many trading nations and close to China.

There are also asimple andinvestor-friendly tax systemand atransparent legislative framework

The political system is considered to be extremely robust and the economy is one of the best performing in the world. Since the founding of the state, GDP has increased significantly faster than the global average.

While Singapore has been on a since 1960annual growth in GDP per capita of 5.1 percent came, the world made just 1.9 percent.

TheLegal system based on verylow bureaucratic hurdles for the economy, litigation is quick.

In comparison to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, however, there is only one in Singaporerestricted freedoms. Society will"top down" ruled.

Ultimately, however, it was the strong leaders who ensured the rapid rise of the city-state.