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Yesterday having a drink with colleagues after work. The news of the divorce of the dream couple Jolie / Pitt is making the rounds - and pretty much everyone is big eyes. Oh dear, now even these two, the supposed dream couple! “What happens to the six children?” The parents among us wonder first, wondering whether the question of custody and visiting rights with so many offspring and an enormous amount of money is going to be easier than usual - or, on the contrary, much more complicated. Meanwhile, work colleagues come out as supposed society and separation experts ("The cancer and its operations are the reasons") and know something subtle to report ("There was something with Pitt and the Cotillard. Well. At least ... uh, it was in some way such a magazine »).

Son Maddox on Brad Pitt's shoulders, Angelina Jolie carries Zahara. Mumbai 2006. Photo: Prashanth Vishwanathan (Reuters)

The failure of the relationship between the two attractive Hollywood stars leaves hardly anyone indifferent. Their family seemed to be from another world, surreal. So many children, three adopted from different countries around the world and three of their own - including twins. More patchwork and multiculturalism was hardly possible.

You should be able to do it

Sure, the parents had and still have a lot of people who help them with the children in everyday life, there is no other way with this jet set life that they lead. And yet it was believed that this family worked. Or at least you wish so. Who, if not them, could do this?

The reactions of our mom and dad bloggers to the breakup with Brangelina:

  • «First Great Britain and the EU, now Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Can't accept that my sweetheart and I are suddenly the last cool couple. You have to do everything yourself. " Nils Pickert, who has four biological children and none have yet been adopted
  • «Brad News! Especially for the kids. But I'm already looking forward to the Braniston Revival. " Rinaldo Dieziger
  • «Whaaas? Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt split up? I knew I shouldn't have canceled the 'Glückspost'. " Markus Tschannen, as always well informed
  • “Sometimes divorce is the best option, even if you've been together forever and have six children. To be honest, I was more concerned with when Angelina Jolie parted with her breasts and ovaries. " Nadia Meier
  • "You see, they were obviously happy together for ten years - otherwise they wouldn't have married - and after two years of marriage it's over." The life partner by mail. You yourself have been together for twelve years, wisely unmarried

Sometimes you go to dinner and put the children to bed and - bang - Ms. Jolie files for divorce. #brangelina

- Trudilein (@Trudilein) September 20, 2016

In Hollywood, they're scared that many are now emulating the #brangelina divorce trend. It is expressly warned against Pittsburgh cyclists

- Pietdaddy (@Robioneck) September 20, 2016

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