Why don't I like sunlight so much

10 houseplants that get by with little light

A place in the sun is sometimes hard to come by. Many indoor plants are sensitive to dark corners. Not this one: We are presenting ten indoor plants that can do with little light.

  1. 1. Sword fern
  2. 2. Green lily
  3. 3. Zamioculcas
  4. 4. Single sheet
  5. 5. Bow hemp
  6. 6. Kentia palm
  7. 7. Philodendron
  8. 8. Cobbler palm
  9. 9. Flamingo flower
  10. 10. ivy
  11. More plant tips for the home

If your plants give up after a short time every time, one of the most common causes is insufficient sunlight. It's not always easy to fix. Maybe there is simply no space on your windowsill. Or your apartment is so narrow and angular that you would not come to the window if you also put something there. If you still want to successfully green your apartment, you should rely on indoor plants that get by with little light. We have selected ten plants for you that also thrive in shady places.

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1. Sword fern

Ferns are typical nightshades. The sword fern, for example, is actually native to the tropics, where it grows at the foot of huge giants of the jungle and other trees towering over it. So he is used to seeing little direct sunlight. The thirst of this plant is all the greater. You should make sure that the soil always remains evenly moist. From time to time you can also spray the leaves with water. With these requirements, the sword fern fits perfectly into the bathroom.

  • Location: partially shaded
  • Room temperature: all year round at least 18 degrees Celsius
  • To water: every two to three days
  • Price: from 10 euros at Pflanzen Koelle

2. Green lily

The green lily is an extremely frugal plant, not to say: it doesn't care about almost anything. It tolerates both low and high temperatures, you should only put it in a sheltered place in the midday heat of summer. She doesn't care whether it's sunny or shady. Like many other indoor plants, the green lily also has an air-purifying effect. As long as you water it about twice a week and spray the green-white, hanging leaves from time to time, you will enjoy the plant a lot.

  • Location: It survives in sunny to partially shaded areas, but also in shady corners
  • Room temperature: by 20 degrees Celsius
  • To water: a sip of water every two to three days
  • Price: from 5 euros at Meingartenshop

3. Zamioculcas

Why the Tanzanian Zamioculcas is also called the lucky feather becomes clear at first glance at the plant. The thick, upward-growing stems have oval leaves at regular intervals, which make the whole look like bright dark green feathers. The less light the plant gets, the darker the green. The Zamioculcas stores water in the stems, which is why you only need to water them every few weeks. She feels most comfortable at temperatures between 18 and 22 degrees.

  • Location: no direct sun, also tolerates shade
  • Room temperature: 18 to 22 degrees
  • To water: The lucky feather needs very little water and can do without it for four weeks. If you pour too much, it can quickly lead to waterlogging. Then you should definitely repot them.
  • Price: from 28 euros at plantsome

4. Single sheet

All plants feel most comfortable in environments that are modeled on their home conditions. Tropical plants like the single leaf therefore like it humid and warm. The plant, also known as the peace lily, attracts attention: the flower consists of a single white bract and an elongated flower head that grows upwards. She prefers to be in partial shade, you should urgently avoid direct sunlight.

  • Location: semi-shady to shady, survives even in dark corners of the room
  • Room temperature: 18 to 25 degrees
  • To water: Spray regularly but sparingly with water at high temperatures
  • Price: from 25 euros at youplant

5. Bow hemp

You can put the bow hemp almost anywhere at home. He's not the biggest fan of direct sunlight either. Apart from that, however, it is extremely robust. The thick, leathery leaves provide information about its origin: the desert. That is why he prefers it to be dry rather than damp. Bow hemp is able to store a lot of carbon dioxide, which makes it an excellent air purifier.

  • Location: Although it tolerates the sun, it is better to place it in partial shade in warm temperatures
  • Room temperature: 21 to 24 degrees
  • To water: only water when the soil is dry, rather too little than too much, in winter only every four weeks
  • Price: from 10 euros at Der Palmenmann

6. Kentia palm

Hardly anyone in this country has space for a houseplant up to three meters tall. Therefore you can place the Kentia palm in a shady spot - there it grows more slowly and does not reach its full size. If you water it about once a week, so only when the earth is already relatively dry, that is completely sufficient for her. It is sensitive to drafts. If you do everything right, the plant will last you for many, many years.

  • Location: light to partially shaded, higher humidity
  • Room temperature: 18 to 20 degrees
  • To water: needs little water, even less in winter, spray leaves with water
  • Price: from 39 euros at plantsome

7. Philodendron

The genus of philodendrons is characterized by large, green leaves. A corresponding amount of water evaporates through the leaves, provided the plant is in a bright, warm place. The shadier and cooler the location, the less water the philodendron needs. Nevertheless, the soil should always be slightly damp, and you can occasionally spray the leaves with water.

  • Location: bright but no direct sun
  • Room temperature: normal room temperature, do not place directly next to a warm heater in winter
  • To water: always so much that the earth is slightly damp
  • Price: from 19 euros (Philodendron Monstera) at 123 houseplants

8. Cobbler palm

The cobbler palm is one of the easiest to care for among the easy to care for plants. The houseplant can cope with very little light and needs very little water. Even dust that is deposited on the large leaves does not bother them. Low humidity? Drafts? No problem! Only direct rays of the sun are not to their liking.

  • Location: no direct sunlight, it is better to place it at a north window
  • Room temperature: normal room temperature
  • To water: water regularly, pay attention to waterlogging
  • Price: from 13 euros at Dehner

9. Flamingo flower

The flamingo flower looks very similar to the single leaf, after all, the two are also closely related to each other. But be careful: the flamingo flower is not a plant for beginners. The maintenance is demanding: the humidity should ideally be between 60 and 65 percent. She also doesn't want to be in complete darkness or in direct sun, partial shade is ideal. The pink to red colored petals reward all the effort.

  • Location: bright but not sunny, preferably partially shaded
  • Room temperature: 20 to 25 degrees, cooler in winter at 16 to 18 degrees
  • To water: Pay attention to uniform humidity, does not like heating air, in winter spray daily with lime-free water
  • Price: from 10 euros at Bakker.com

10. ivy

You probably know ivy from the exterior of many buildings. The climbing plant can just as easily grow inside the house. The shoots like to hang down, only the tips stretch towards the ceiling. Just like the ivy alia and the ivy ute, the green ivy does not tolerate drafts and prefers to grow in partially shaded corners. Water the plant so that the soil remains slightly moist. If you stop watering, the ivy will quickly forgive you. As with so many plants, the following applies: the lighter the location, the more water ivy tends to need.

  • Location: light to partially shaded, avoid drafts
  • Room temperature: around 20 degrees, in winter not below 16 degrees
  • To water: Keep the soil evenly moist, but can also survive short droughts, water less in winter
  • Price: from 14 euros (efeutute) at BALDUR-Garten

More plant tips for the home

Many of these plants require very little water. We'll tell you what to do if you've poured too much and mold has already formed in the flower pot.

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