How do I deal with my stingy husband

Stingy men - testimonials here

My ex-affair.
We flew together to see my relatives in London.
When we arrived they gave us almost £ 200 because they are too old to take in all the attractions with us and it would be very expensive for us, even the tube, because they couldn't be there with their senior citizen IDs!
They also invited us out to dinner almost every day.
On the last day I said we should at least do some big shopping and cook good, decadent food!
Then he said whether salmon noodles weren't enough, because of the prices in LDN he couldn't be persuaded to do any more. He didn't want to spend any more money on me either.
He took me with him even though I had no money and it would have been even more expensive without me, but wrote me an invoice for everything, everything, everything! He didn't even let the perfume at the duty free jump for the fact that I was just doing everything. But bought the mega-bull of his for himself.

The same game when we visited Jolene in Hamburg for New Year's Eve. They accommodated us and he just went down to shop for Asian noodles!
The fuel was split 50/50.
He even charged me for the fried fish roll, which we ate at the port!

But if I went shopping with me in the supermarket every other weekend at my expense, I had the dare to say that if I don't buy the liquorice, then I would be better off with my money. He doesn't need that. Sure, if I buy it every two weeks, which he said was the reason why he didn't buy it.
On top of that, he said that we should go to the expensive TeGut store again, because Aldi doesn't inspire him.

At the Leonard Cohen concert to which my mother invited him, tickets, travel, food in advance, he had the fucking fries paid back on the concert area and the damn t-shirt, for which we didn't have the money!

Yes, the boy had already saved a lot of money for his age, came from a well-off home with money and parents who weren't stingy and had a super, super starting salary that made my ears wiggle.
He only got the job because I spent hours writing his fucking applications.

Fuck you and thanks for the memory! At least he looked really cool, had a good taste in music, and was good in bed.