Are white socks better than black socks

Please do not! The white socks are celebrating their comeback

White socks were considered to be extinct and were only tolerated on the tennis court. Now the controversial fashion piece is celebrating a comeback - especially on the feet of men under 30.

When barbecuing with friends it was recently the topic: the comeback of white socks. A friend enthusiastically presented his new Adidas sneakers combined with crisp white knee socks with three blue stripes.

I prudently held back from the heated discussion, although my opinion on this topic has been set in stone for decades: white socks are the ultimate fashion faux pas. Out. End. Finished.

Dear readers, you must know that I was born and raised in Thurgau, so I am a country man. And I'm, momoll, a 1980s child and as such I learned from an early age: white socks is synonymous with country bumpy.

Signs of bad taste

But I never wanted to be recognized as a country man, at least not immediately. As a teenager, when we were sometimes allowed to take the train to metropolitan Zurich, I always refrained from wearing white socks.

No matter what today's style experts say, white socks have been a sign of bad taste for me ever since. They only go with tennis and jogging shoes.

“White socks are sometimes almost the best choice with sneakers - certainly better than black business socks,” says style guru Jeroen van Rooijen, who incidentally grew up in the same place as me (in Frauenfeld).

Of course, there are solitary exceptions that prove the rule. The King of Pop, for example, Michael Jackson: He wore white socks with a tuxedo on his studio album cover "Off the Wall" in 1979. I admit that looked cool.

Ugly chic: fashion from the day before yesterday

I know that fashion lives from constant change, from playfulness and fun. Max Walbersdorf, style editor at “GQ” magazine, is right when he writes: “There is no progress without experiments. Even the conservative suit is reinvented every season. "

Nevertheless, it is not clear to me what beautiful white socks are doing in Adiletten? Not only does it look ugly, it is also totally uncomfortable - especially when you have to walk through the sand on the beach in socked slippers, as a stylist recently did during a photo shoot with TV presenter and singer Barbara Schöneberger.

Jeroen van Rooijen, unlike me, is not a fundamental white sock hater, but when it comes to Adiletten we are of the same opinion: “If someone wears 'Sock'n'Slides', that is, white sports socks in Adiletten, he is easy for me just a follower. The ugly chic theme, developed by French rappers in the suburbs of Paris, is over again after a brief boom. "

Maybe you could provoke someone in the provinces with it, but otherwise: "It looks like someone telling you the same slippery joke for the fifth time."

The main thing is to see them

Unfortunately, Barbara Schöneberger's stylist is not the only man who wants the white sock to find its way back to the man's foot.

Various fashion designers are currently coming and are turning all the rules upside down. Heaven again, not only Gucci is celebrating the white sock revival!

The devastating return of white socks can be observed especially among men under 30 - and unfortunately not only in tennis and jogging shoes. Instead, the motto today applies: Different types of shoes are possible - the main thing is that you can see them.

The young men often combine their white socks with black sweatpants. It must not be made of cotton, but must be made of polyester. It was explained to me that fashion gurus have chosen it as a so-called fitness look athleisure. And there should, dear women, even be fashion bloggers who claim in all seriousness: socks with skirt are totally chic.

Conclusion: I'll stick with it, whoever wears white socks in Adiletten has lost control of his life.

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