What does WTF

What does WTF mean? We explain the meaning of the abbreviation


You have probably seen the abbreviation "WTF" in chat forums or on Facebook and wondered what it means. We'll tell you what's behind the abbreviation and how you can use it correctly.

What does "WTF" mean? Definition and explanation

The abbreviation "WTF" is an acronym, so each letter stands for its own word. It comes from the English and stands for "What the f * ck?". In the German translation it means something like "What the hell?" or "What the hell?". With the abbreviation you express that you are surprised or horrified about something.

WTF can be used both as a comment on videos and as a response to things someone wrote in the chat. If you have come across a strange video in a forum that amazes you very much, you can simply comment with WTF and the others will know how you like the video. A similar abbreviation is "FFS".

Abbreviation "WTF": This is how you use them

The acronym is also often found in discussions on Facebook or Instagram, which develop quickly, especially when it comes to political issues. Otherwise, the abbreviation can also generally be used to evaluate current events. "What? HSV has lost again? WTF?" or "Your friend broke up with you? WTF".

The abbreviation "WTF" should not be confused with the backward spelling "ftw". This abbreviation stands for something completely different.

WTF can be used both as a comment and as a reaction to something your friends or chat partners have written. The abbreviation is now also used in the spoken German language for young people. So next time one of your friends does something confusing or crazy, you can just comment on it with WTF. Or you ironically use LOL or ROFL.

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