How and where can you sell gemstones

Sell ​​gemstones easily online

When it comes to gemstones, spirits are divided! Which stone is of value, which one is not? As long-time gemstone dealers, we know exactly what is important when valuing gemstones and which ones are of value. If you are looking for a professional with whom you can get high prices Sell ​​gems we are exactly the right people.

1. Gemstone purchase

Of course there are many gemstones and gemstones that have little or no value. These include B. agate, topaz or citrine, as these occur very frequently and were also very often processed in inferior qualities. The more valuable gemstones include emeralds, rubies, sapphires, ambers, jade, and diamonds. Of course, it has to be said that the quality, color and purity of the price Gemstone purchase determine.

2. How to sell gemstones online

As our customer, you have various options for our Gemstone purchase to use. We will be happy to receive you directly in our Hamburg gem store or you can choose to buy gemstones online and send your gemstones yourself by post or have us organize a collection. If you want to sell your gemstones online, start by finding all of the gemstones, jewelry, watches, and precious metals that you want to sell together. Now download our precious metal cover letter, fill it out legibly and sign it. Next, stow the goods in a package together with the covering letter. Then address it and bring it to the post office or ask us to collect it. Once your shipment has arrived, it will be assessed as quickly as possible and an offer will be sent to you. If you agree to this, the purchase amount will be transferred to your account immediately. The entire gemstone purchase from shipping to crediting only takes a few days!