Sex makes you smarter

Sex makes you smart

Those who have sex frequently are doing something for their intelligence. Because regular sexual intercourse increases the activity of the brain - especially with people who have just fallen in love. This is what researchers from the University of Pavia have found.

Regular sex makes nerve cells grow

The scientists examined the blood values ​​of singles, long-term couples and people who were newly in love. The evaluation showed that the nerve cells of people who were newly in love grow faster. A high level of nerve growth is crucial for mental receptivity and concentration. The longer the couples were together, the lower the scores. The researchers suspect the reason for this lies in the active sex life of couples newly in love. Regular sex, as practiced especially at the beginning of a relationship, increases intelligence and reduces stress.

Another independent study from the USA supports these assumptions. Researchers at Princeton University had found increased growth of brain cells in sexually active rats. In addition, regular sexual intercourse lessened the effects of stress hormones on the brain and thus had a stress-relieving effect.

Positive Effects of Sex

Basically, the number of nerve cells steadily decreases with age. Even more frequent sex cannot stop this development, emphasizes Richard L. Fellner. The sex therapist suspects, however, that sex can act as a preventive measure and slow down the breakdown of brain cells. A fulfilling sex life has other advantages as well. “Sex is a key factor in a functioning relationship because it enlivens it. The production of testosterone, which is also stimulated in women during sex, also plays an important role in mental and physical health, ”explains the therapist.

But not only new lovers, also long-term couples can benefit from the advantages of sex. Fellner advises couples to avoid routine in order to refresh the feeling of being in love. “If they manage to maintain impulses, joint activities and communication, they can also regain falling in love,” says the sex therapist. “Sex keeps you young. It increases the joy of life and everyday life. "


03/22/2013 | Katrin Stegherr