Which finger should men wear a ring?

Type question: How do you become the Lord of the Rings?

More and more labels are designing rings for men. And those that shine on the finger beyond the marriage vows and altar - whatever you want. As a sign of self-worth and with a unisex collection, a progressive statement against traditional gender labels. But what do you have to consider with these pieces of jewelry? This week in Type questionSo everything revolves around what is probably the oldest accessory in the world. And the debate about how a man can wear rings in style.

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Kiss the Papal Ring: About a Questionable Story

The history of the ring is about as critical as it is long. With the Egyptians it was signet rings printed with scarab or lotus flowers that symbolized the status. With the exception of Pope Francis, the church leaders forced their believers on their knees to kiss their ring and thereby express their gratitude - for whatever one can be grateful to the Vatican. The ring has always been a sign of social status and superiority of a person, sometimes also an indication of excessive self-overestimation.

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Pure luxury and maximally minimalist: The "2-752" ring from Wellendorff's anniversary collection.

The ring for men as an accessory

Today the ring no longer has much to do with social hegemony, but has become a symbol for men who are interested in fashion and experimentation. Guys who wear a ring even if they're not in a registered partnership. Just out of love for yourself. Brands like Ariane Ernst, Boucheron or Wellendorff support this and create rings from minimalist simple to extremely extroverted. And at the same time they all have one thing in common: their value. Because the biggest no-go for men’s hands is cheap costume jewelry. Please do not buy the rings in a pack of 5 for 2.99 euros. Firstly, they look exactly the same and secondly, they can withstand a maximum of one hand wash before they dissolve into their components (some plastic mixture). Rings from the chewing gum machine were cool as a child, not at all as an adult.

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The guy can wear anything: Harry Styles (right) with a ring party on his fingers.

In principle, as a ring bearer you have to be aware that the focus is on your hands. So if you have the feeling that you have huge sausage-like paws and would rather hide than flaunt it, you should invest in necklaces or earrings when it comes to jewelry. Rings on the fingers also direct attention there. For everyone else, less is more. The fully adorned hand works wonderfully with Harry Styles, but Harry Styles can also combine yellow suits with purple silk scarves without looking like they have just escaped from the carnival shop. With all Otto normal fashion, ten rings on ten fingers unfortunately look more like celebrity pimp Bert Wollersheim. No, just no. Otherwise: rings (s) free!

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Boucheron presents extravagant rings in the new unisex collection.

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