Has a teacher ever paddled you?

Hot Bottoms at Middlesex High, The Science Teacher Sees the Stars, Part A.

Erotic story by anonymous

Director Bonnie Anderson takes Dave Smith on his lap to improve his teaching skills.

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Learning from Miss Anderson Bob Perkins had been the history teacher at Middlesex High since he graduated from the state teachers' college seven years earlier. Miss Bonnie Anderson, the headmistress, appointed him Boys Dean after a few years on the team because he was very good at dealing with the students. Bob and Bonnie had a very good professional relationship and she relied on his advice on discipline and student affairs, even though she was nine years older than him and had much more teaching experience. The fact that 32-year-old Perkins was a great man helped too.

Bonnie had tried to interest him in her for a while, but he always implied that he was in a relationship with someone. Bonnie also heard that he kept his secretary busy porking. One way or another, Bonnie was going to get this guy to bed. The current topic up for discussion could help.

She called Holly, Perkins' handsome young secretary who had studied at Middlesex a few years earlier, and asked her to come and see Mr. Perkins after his last lesson. Holly had been in one of Miss Anderson's classes before she became principal a few years earlier. Holly had been a disturbing student whose mind was always elsewhere.

Since Anderson's time was limited, she asked Perkins to speak to her. After a few weeks, Holly was the most dazed student in her class. She never knew what Perkins was saying to her, but shortly afterwards asked him to take over the dean's duties. Around 2:30 p.m. that afternoon, Bob Perkins called Julie, the director's secretary, and said he was available for the meeting her boss wanted. He was asked to come over right away and he did.

Julie gave him a big "hello" when he walked into her remote office. She was pretty, sassy, ​​and very sexy, and made sure Perkins knew it. He smiled back. Julie, Holly's best friend, probably knew about their relationship and was a little jealous.

She had ended a less than satisfactory relationship with an idiot a few months ago and needed a good fuck; it was way too long ago! Perkins had great respect for his boss and always tried to please her. Although both were single, the age difference and professional relationship they enjoyed had deterred him from accepting their advancement. It was probably better to keep work and social life separate. However, between Holly and his very active friend Perkins he had no time, actually not enough cock for another woman. "Thanks for stopping by, Bob.

I have a problem and you know how much I'm enjoying your advice, "she said with a big smile." Yes, Miss Anderson. We are happy to help, "he replied and was always professional with his boss." You had so much success with our students who don't follow the rules.

I thought you might have some ideas about some of the teachers I'm having trouble with. ”She then explained that one of her teachers, Dave Smith, was under the standards in his sophomore year at Middlesex. He came from a good college and knew his subject, but some students had failed the state exams last year and he hadn't figured out a plan to see what was going on. "Bob, I know it's not the students because they are the ones who have discipline issues. It must be his teaching methods. I've spoken to him about this several times and he only blames lazy students. I don't know what to do if I don't let him go.

Maybe you have a better idea? "" I think we have to go up a notch to get his attention. Whatever you do with the kids seems to be working, so I thought you could help here too. Your Holly was brought in by a terrible teenager turned a valuable school. Maybe you can do whatever Holly helped. "" Glad to help, boss. While I firmly believe in medicine for the round, I don't think you want me to do this to Smith, what I did to Holly, "he said with a grin.

“I've heard rumors and whispers about your methods and haven't asked further as I'm interested in the results. Do you think corporal punishment could hit an adult?” He almost told her to ask Holly and his girlfriend, but thought better. "What I do with the students would be inappropriate for him.

What you heard is true. It's the paddle for the boys and an over-the-knee whip for the girls, usually with their own hairbrush. That tends to get their attention. “She was amazed at his honesty and the talk of spanking made her shiver.“ Bob, is there anything we can do about that? ”Bonnie asked Smith to teach the kids about astronomy, maybe he should see some stars himself!“ Well, boss, 'Men versus Men' only works if they're gay, father of a little boy, or whatever we're doing here; Teacher paddles students.

Neither of these apply, and there is no way I would want to let this man over my lap with his ass in his face. Anything else I would do to him, paddling or otherwise, would just cause big problems. "" I certainly couldn't do it to him to be his boss and a wife. What would that look like? "" May I ask a little bit, boss, even if it's a little personal? "" Sure, Bob. We have a problem in this family and it needs to be fixed. "" I know you are single and have no children, but have you ever hit the hand of someone who has misbehaved? "" I don't have much experience, but occasionally lay down with my niece and nephew.

The twins were 17 but really needed it at the time. And I don't know if this counts as an experience, but my mom and dad got me by a few times when I was about the same age. "As soon as that found out, she reconsidered her openness, but then realized that it affected him too." Please tell me about both experiences, if I may ask, "he said, feeling the heat on his bing face when he mentioned she was beaten up.

"Sure, Bob. When I remembered what my people had done to me, on very few occasions I would bend the kids over my lap while I sat in a kitchen chair. Their parents weren't there and I was for the day with you.

Either way, they required immediate attention and I didn't want to wait several hours for them to be punished. Even though they were big kids, I did what I thought was right. "" First I took Sally, the spunker of the two, and pulled her over my lap. She screamed a little, but I ignored it. I lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties.

When I knew her brother was only a few feet away, it intensified their struggle. There was nothing about the sound she would make when I started putting my hand on her. "" She tried to cover herself with her hand, but I grabbed it and held it against her back. "" When I stopped after a dozen wise ones, she bulged her eyes.

I then told her to make room for her brother Bill and helped her up. She stood aside and sniffed. I sent her to the corner and told her to hold up her skirt while she cooled off.

I knew by the color of her buns that she was burning. Then I called her brother Bill over to me. "" Now that it was time for her brother and he needed a little more attention, I opened the kitchen drawer and took out a wooden spatula. My nephew's eyes went wild and he started protesting that I wasn't his mother and that he was too old to be beaten up. I just pulled him over to me and told him his mom would probably do it again to make sure it was done right.

"" His mother, my younger sister, took the brunt of the beating at home. I learned very quickly that a hot butt wasn't worth bad behavior, but my sister always took risks. Most of the time she got caught and I heard her screams all over the house. Sometimes my parents would let me come into their bedroom to see what happens to a naughty girl. I learned to obey them very quickly.

It was always the same, Mama's hairbrush on Si's perky bum. I never knew which was louder, the noise from above or below. Often we only heard their screams after the hairbrush had returned to the dressing table.

"" To this day I am firmly convinced that beating works. That's why I'm thinking about this for my employees. "" It was about two years before Sis talked to Mommy's hairbrush again every month before she learned to take care of our people.

It was a strange conversation. The brush went "Splat" and Sis went but turned out fine. She's a great woman now, and her kids are very well behaved, largely because, to this day, she still doesn't hesitate to use her hairbrush on her teenage bum when it needs to be, to make a point.

"" So what did you do to your nephew? Miss Anderson? "Perkins came up with a plan for her problem and he needed to know if she was okay with it." I dropped his drawers and put them in place. This spatula was singing a very loud and sweet song on his bum. His sister was three feet away, watching every blow over her shoulder and the cooking utensils, which had its double duty that day. My neighbors heard his screams down the block. He had apparently been well trained by his mother when he gripped the chair legs tightly with his hands.

The next day some neighbors asked me what happened. "" Did the treatment seem to work, boss? «» When my sister picked her up for the first time a few hours later, they went to her and complained about this Aunt Bonnie punishing her for "nothing". She was great.

"" After asking me what they did to get a beating from their aunt, she took my hairbrush and gave them another dose, right in front of me. Every loud bang was preceded by a 'don't respect your aunt'. "" My sister told me it was a while before they needed another taste of the brush. "" I always remembered that beating, Bob, and would like to do it See if we can get the same results here. I beat up a few of the older students here, but I think we need to improve our program. “When he heard his handsome boss talking about being beaten up, watching and giving a beating, he stiffened his cock. Perkins wondered if that was part of their plan. English: emagazine.credit-suisse.com/app/art ... = 157 & lang = en Bonnie was up to the task he was about to propose, had good experience on both sides of the group and knew how effective a spanking could be. Smith was an adult and a school clerk, but Perkins found a way to bypass them.

"Miss Anderson, if you agree with that I think this could work. It wouldn't work if I did anything other than watch him. I think my presence would add a very good level of humiliation that he won't easily forget "You are the one who has to beat the beating, though. Bring your hairbrush to work tomorrow and I'll prepare some papers for him to sign."

I think if faced with alternatives, Smith will take a beating from his boss as the dean of boys testified! “How the beating would be delivered would be explained to Bonnie the next day. There's no point in overpowering her or his expanding cock, so maybe he won't make it home before it explodes. "Bob, I knew you could help me, thank you very much. If we can do this and we don't lose that scientific mind that doesn't know how to teach, I have another problem to address with you, but let's have one costume at a time Treat beating.

The other, Amy Peabody, will thank me for bringing you up. "" Good night, boss. As I tell my students, Middlesex is a big family and we all have to work together. Every problem affects us all. Good evening.

“He hoped she didn't notice the swelling in his pants. As Perkins left her office, he smiled at his boss's cute little secretary, Julie, and said good night. She admired her slim body as she stood up to her to open. She had been walking up to him for a while, wondering what Holly had told her.

She got very close and almost pressed against him. She smelled very good. Julie had heard it all through the door and was looking forward to tomorrow's A Big Decision from the science teacher. If things went as planned, it would be a great opportunity to meet her self-proclaimed friends, the wet panty brigade.

Little did Perkins know when his boss got home that evening she took off her wet panties and rubbed her throbbing clit in anticipation of the beating she was about to give the handsome 25-year-old science teacher. Bonnie went to sleep dreaming of Dave Smith's athletic buns dancing on her lap. Perkins, on the other hand, kept his girlfriend up half the night.

The conspiracy with Bonnie Anderson was sure to be a powerful aphrodisiac. The next day, Bob arrived at the principal's office at 8:00 a.m. She was already there. Bonnie got up early and didn't know what to wear for the occasion.

Should she look sexy or grumpy, old or young? Pantsuit or a dress, heels or flats? If the plan was to humiliate him, she would have to play the "sex" card. Despite being nearly 41 years old, Bonnie Anderson was a very handsome woman with great legs and a set of tits that she was proud of. She rarely wore pants, so Perkins had never seen the shape of her bottom, although he assumed it was as firm and well-shaped as the rest of her desirable body.

Bonnie started from the inside and worked her way out. First a black satin suspender belt, the four silky ribbons hung from her thighs and waited for the hose. Bonnie then added the highly sheer black stockings and pinned them high above her voluptuous thighs.

The tiny black panties were next slipped over the hose and garters. Bonnie knew that Smith would never see the panties or the tight, flat stomach in her, but it added to her inner personality of a powerful and beautiful woman who wanted to dominate and humiliate him, a male subordinate. The last thing she had with her was a great push-up bra that pushed her breasts forward.

She intended to look Smith in the face as they spoke. Well, she thought, what else could one wear to be intimidated? After much deliberation, she chose a short red skirt with a wide flair and a silky black long-sleeved blouse. Four inch black heels were perfect to finish off the outfit. She didn't want the students to see her dressed like that, so covered up a brown raincoat that she believed would blow the science teacher's mind before he even felt her hairbrush.

A small bag held her traditional school clothes, and she walked off and paused at her dresser to put up some resistance: a solid, sleek mahogany hairbrush with a well-sized handle to hold on to. She had used this brush for years. Today it would learn that it had a different purpose: education! On the way to school, Bonnie pondered how to handle this administrative task.Should she let him lower his pants or should she? Would he wear cute boxers or those hideous cotton briefs she hated? How many blows should she give him? He was much bigger than the little children she had beaten up before. Would that be a problem? She would have to ask her dean for suggestions.

Rumor has it that Bob was very knowledgeable about delivering music across the board. Perkins walked into her inner office and closed the door to greet Julie briefly. He was stunned at how Bonnie looked. Bob had known her for several years and while she was always well dressed, this outfit made his cock stir again. He just wished he could put her on his lap and lift the short skirt that gave off her long, pretty, and shiny black legs.

It would be wonderful to caress this hidden and cute area as long as he didn't shoot his load into her creamy white thighs. Despite the workout his girlfriend had given him last night, his foaming member was awake and ready to walk again. Little did Perkins know that this was exactly what Bonnie was trying to get under her skirt (and panties). He remembered the reality again and presented two typed documents that he had prepared the evening before.

Trying not to stare at her exquisite ensemble, which turned the normally very attractive headmistress into a very seductive woman, he sat down and explained them to her, trying to keep his thoughts to himself and not what she was doing to his cock. She was perfect for the role. "Miss Anderson, I think this will work.

If you fire him for incompetence, he can call the school board. You then have the right to bring your case forward. Winning or losing, he is publicly embarrassed by his director's charge, which is borne out by the high student failure rate.

"" If he loses, he will never get a teaching job again. If he wins he will be too ashamed to return to Middlesex. State failure rates are your forte, and your fifteen year experience backs your position that he is a poor teacher. You have it over the proverbial barrel.

I think he'd rather be on your lap, especially the way you look today. ““ Here's my plan, pending your approval, boss. ”“ I don't see he has much choice. ”“ He signs the first affidavit stating that his work is inferior due to the student failure rate . Because of this, he agrees to accept any punishment his headmaster deems appropriate without specifically mentioning what it will be. He can tell his friends he had to do a refresher course. "" That cares about your authority to discipline him.

Then we'll give him the second. "" He agrees to accept a whipping from you, legally attested by a male employee. This is your insurance against filing a lawsuit against you. He's keeping his job and you have a chance to motivate him to do a better job. It is. "Win / win for everyone."

What do you think? "" I like it, Bob, you are a genius. When should I do it? "" Let's do what I do to the children; let it stew for a while. Call him at 9 a.m. We will explain the facts of life to him. He has to accept.

Then we ask him to come back when you have some time to look into this matter. "We'll do it after school lets go, but he won't know. The kids will be gone, but the staff will be sure to hear him sing whatever sweet song you write for him." "Embarrassing him when the kids are here would degrade his credibility and end his career. But informing teachers and staff about your new discipline program will do wonders for teacher efficiency. Knowing you have one For a quick trip across your lap, those who break your rules are expected. " Keep all the staff in line, especially the young ones that we need to sculpt.

I learned a few years ago that a hot bottom is a great motivator, so much the better when the warming is watched. "" Bob, if this goes as planned, you will be my new dean for administration. You can take a history lesson to keep your license up to date, but I need you to run this place. "" Whatever you say boss. By the way, you look great today. "" Thank you, Bob, I appreciate that, I got dressed for you too today, "she added with a shy smile, not overlooking the bulge in his pants.

She felt her clit harden again. Could she wait until she got to school today? Bonnie just hoped they would find a way to get his hard tool up her wet pussy before Perkins left for the day. She had no idea how to do it in an office, but she assumed the stud would know a way, a friend or not at home. She walked up to him, kissed his cheek and let her hand fall between them.

She felt his warm member through his pants and confirmed it with a little pressure where it would help best. Her clit shot some pussy juice into her already wet panties. "Bob, I'm so glad you're here to help me today." This, Perkins thought, was going to be a wonderful day, though Smith might not believe it after singing along to the crisp rhythm of Bonnie's cruel long-handled hairbrush. It was actually the large, flat head of the hairbrush that would impress Smith, not the handle.

Perkins went outside and asked Julie to send to Smith. Then he went to the cafeteria and got two coffees. He also ordered Bonnie a salad for lunch; There was no way she was going to leave her office today, dressed as she was. Perkins wondered if he and Holly could do a quickie today. His cock throbbed and Holly could use a nice push every day.

They finished their coffee at 8:50 am. The empty cups were thrown away and Bonnie placed the mahogany hairbrush on her desk, which was prominently displayed. Bonnie straightened her clothes and asked Perkins how she looked.

He smiled, winked, and gave her the thumbs up sign. His rigid organ also jumped open. A moment later Smith knocked on the door.

"Good morning, Miss Anderson. I heard you wanted to see me," Smith said, very cheerfully. Then he saw Perkins and added, "Hello Bob." He wore a sports jacket, long-sleeved white shirt, tie, and figure-hugging pants. Bonnie was admiring his bum as he turned to Perkins. "Nice cheeks," she thought.

"Shall I close the door, Miss Anderson?" "Yes for now." Perkins took a seat on the couch across from Anderson's desk. He could see the entire room, but Smith, now standing in front of Bonnie's desk, couldn't see him without looking over his shoulder. Anderson came out from behind her desk and allowed Smith a close look at her, hoping to start the intimidation process. "Mr.

Smith, "said the director very sternly," I am very sorry for you. I have spoken to you several times in vain about your teaching methods. I don't know what else to do with you. Smith stammered back, "But Miss Anderson, you can only do so much with some kids, especially a dry subject like science. "" That's not an excuse, and I refuse to accept it.

I think I have no choice but to fire you with effect from today! "" Oh no, Miss Anderson. I need this job. Please think again.

How do I pay my student loans, rent, and car payments? What will i do Is there no alternative? I will do whatever you say I can take a couple of evening lessons at teachers college. "He looked at Perkins but received no assistance." I think she's right Dave. I checked the state exams and the intermediate grades. You just don't cut it.

I will help you tidy up your desk. Smith turned back to his handsome but demanding boss and pleaded unsuccessfully on his case. Despite his deep dismay at the loss of his job, he stared at Bonnie's short skirt for a long time. Black, shiny legs and perfectly shaped, firm tits stared into his face.

He hoped she didn't see the bump growing in his pants. What Smith saw today made his cock very hard. Then Anderson dropped the bomb when he believed the time was right. "Mr.

Smith, Dean Perkins, and I worked out a plan that could save your job. I don't think it will, but the dean made me give you one more chance. I'm ready to try, but it's entirely up to you. Are you ready to listen? "Yes, Miss Anderson," it burst out. Then he turned to Perkins and added, “Thanks Bob, I really appreciate that.

"There are some big decisions to consider. Come over here when I explain your options." As Perkins went through the legal papers, Smith's face went blank. He couldn't believe what he was hearing.

Was he fired or hit the director's lap for a beating? He wasn't a flawed student. He was a state-certified teacher, a professional, and an adult. They couldn't do that to him, could they? He was thinking very quickly about his options when Anderson swiveled around the visitor chair and turned to the couch. and then she sat in it and crossed her shapely legs.

The short skirt had wandered to the tips of her hose and as she swung her leg an occasional glimpse of the creamy white thigh peeked out from his trousers. "I'm waiting for your answer, Mr. Smith. What would you like to do? I'm a very busy woman and I don't have time to deal with incompetent teachers." She stood up and poked her eye-catching upturned tits in his face need an answer now! When Smith realized he had no other choice, he stammered in a barely audible voice, "Okay, Miss Anderson." He didn't believe what was happening.

"I will accept your punishment." "It's called a beating, Mr. Smith, a beating. Can you say that word? Tell me what you want today." "Yes, Miss Anderson, I want you to beat me up today, I agreed to that." He couldn't believe he said that! Julie, right outside the door, couldn't believe her ears.

She slowly got wet in her panties and realized that another great show was in the works. "Very well, if you so wish. Sign both documents and I will put them in the school vault in case they are needed in the future. Mr. Perkins will remain as a witness to make sure all conditions are met. I will call you when." I have some time to deal with this administrative matter. ”To hear that Perkins would witness his juvenile and very humiliating punishment caused Smith additional grief, but he knew he had nothing more to say.

He signed the documents, looked at his boss, and wondered when he would be called back. "You can now get back to your duties, Mr. Smith.

Be on time if I call you back. "With that, he glanced again at Perkins and left the room. Smith had heard Perkins paddling the male students over their jeans. Getting that from a woman was embarrassing at best. At least." wouldn't it hurt too much whatever she did to him.

She was just a woman. With Miss Anderson not mentioning the paddle, Smith hoped he could handle whatever she had in store for him with dignity. He saw a mahogany hairbrush on her desk, but had no idea it was for him. Dave Smith looked at Julie as he left. She knew the look and began to pronounce the word that another flogging is due today.

The chain call was relayed and the witnesses lined up. Having a male teacher singing this afternoon was a new treat for the brigade. Julie knew there was going to be a huge turnout.

Perkins went to Bonnie and told her she was great. "He's already sniffing, boss, and you haven't even dropped his drawers. If he can feel the hot kisses of your hairbrush on his never-before-beaten bum, he'll be the best teacher here." "Bob, I'm worried I'm not doing a good job.

He's a lot bigger than the little kids I beat up before. I also don't know how many beatings are appropriate. I need your help.

"" You'll do fine, boss. A beating is a beating no matter who is on the receiving end. Just look at the bum and apply the heat. You might want to start with your hand first.

Let him know you're up there. "" How many to apply, ignore his complaints of discomfort and mercy. You are responsible and you, not him, determine how hot his buns get. Start slowly so he can feel each one before the next one falls. The louder he sings, the more attentive your staff will be.

«» Always take this aspect into account. In case I didn't mention it, you'll have to do it at large. You want to see the color changes and feel the heat. The knowledge that his headmaster saw his squirming red ass will stay with him forever.

If you do a good job some of the younger male teachers may find a similar visit to your office, but that's not our main concern. Keeping them in line is. "It's been a very long day for both of them.

Bonnie Anderson kept thinking about what she was going to do. She hardly ate her salad at lunchtime. Before attempting to totally humiliate Smith in her office, during and after the spanking, she considered dumping his pants and shorts as she would do the spanking with both her hand and her hairbrush. She even practiced the words and behavior that she would use. Class was over. She wondered what was on his mind today.

Was his cock still hard? It was a great turn to know that her 41-year-old body influenced Smith so much. Did the stupid man actually think he was going to fuck her? Or was that just a sign of his fear? Dave Smith hasn't left his classroom all day. The children were given free time, but they should remain calm and not leave the room. The last thing he needed was to aggravate his problems with the Headmaster.

Although Smith didn't know exactly what was going to happen, he knew it was going to be uncomfortable, somewhat embarrassing, and probably uncomfortable. He had soaked up a lot of punishment during his athletic career and was sure he could endure it. Bonnie Anderson was sure to be an eye-catcher today.

Smith wished he'd pick up that tiny red skirt and give his sexy boss a playful spank and watch those pretty black legs unleash a storm. That would be a wonderful sight, he imagined. Maybe she would want to see more of him when he played with her. He would keep his options open this afternoon. At 2:30 am, when the discharge bell rang and all the children were running out, a student runner brought a message to Smith.

"You are needed in Miss Anderson's office at 2:45 pm. Be on time," it said. He did not want to give another lecture on his shortcomings and arrived at 2:40 am, still dressed as before. Julie held him in the remote office until the appointed time and then knocked on the director's door.

Julie was, of course, well aware of what was planned for the science teacher's bun after hearing the discussion earlier. She always knew when a beating was going to break out and informed Holly. Then she and a chosen few hovered in front of the office and counted the beatings. They just imagined they could beat up those bare ass cheeks. While Holly could see her boss's beating, Julie could only hear her.

Unfortunately, after a hot spanking, Julie only had to go home with her panties wet.Holly, on the other hand, always had a nice nudge with her! Little did they know that soon they would both be witnessing their bare bums pounding over their knees. Each other! "Mr. Smith, see you ma'am." "Thanks Julie, you can show him in and then go home for the day." Julie did almost as I said.

She went and closed the door, but only went to the next office to wait for the "wet panty brigade". As soon as it was safe, she would lead them to her office door so that everyone could vicariously enjoy the bare bum slapped over the knee to take place. Smith came in and looked around.

Bonnie was standing in front of her desk, still very elegantly dressed. His tail was slightly agitated. Perkins stood by the couch and watched but said nothing. "Come in, Mr. Smith," he was ordered off.

"Sorry we had to wait until now, but it was only one of those days, one problem at a time. You are not the only one I have to deal with here." "Sorry, Miss Anderson." "Let's do that. The basic rules first. You will keep your hands on the floor during your beating. Any attempt to hide will be treated harshly."

You understand? "" Yes ma'am. "He wondered how that should be done." Now bring my hairbrush to Dean Perkins. I won't need them for a while.

On your way back to me, make sure Julie's outer door is locked, but leave it open. «» Hairbrush !!! “Nobody said anything about a hairbrush this morning, he yelled to himself. He wondered how his stern could still protect him even though it wasn't really padded, he thought.

Just nice worsted trousers. Maybe he wouldn't get away with it that easily. He went to her desk and grabbed the brush. It felt heavy and he wondered how it would feel on his bum. He also wondered why she wanted to open that door. Smith handed the brush to Perkins and sought assistance again.

When he saw nothing, he went and locked the outer door and re-entered the inner sanctuary, leaving it wide open. "It's good Julie was gone," he thought. “Well, Smith, take this chair and move it to the center of the room facing the couch. Take off your jacket and leave it on the couch near Mr. Perkins, then come over here.

Then we are ready to do what you want. Am I right that you applied for this beating? "We have to keep doing it. My time is limited!" "Yes ma'am," he stammered as he walked back to her. With his jacket off and the chair in place, Bonnie slowly dropped into the chair Perkins had renamed "The Spanking Chair".

She ordered Smith to her right and said sharply, "Keep your hands by your sides and keep still." Bonnie then very slowly rolled up the right sleeve of her blouse, obviously trying to convince him that she meant business. When he followed quickly, Bonnie undid his belt. "What are you doing, Miss Anderson?" "Mr. Smith, just stand here and be quiet.

You get a beating on the naked! "Smith closed his eyes and didn't believe what was happening. Bonnie then undid the front button of his pants with her left hand and pulled down his zipper with her right. With that looseness, Smith's pants collapsed. She noticed movement in his shorts and looked at them." When Smith saw his floral set of short boxer shorts, he realized that he should have worn a solid pair instead. “I don't want any stains on this skirt, Mr.

Smith, I expect you to control yourself. "To emphasize the point, Bonnie hiked the already short skirt as high as possible and showed her beautiful long legs and full thighs. The white of her thighs was now clearly visible, everyone was wearing a sexy Bonnie pulled the flowery shorts to the middle thigh down and watched his erection rise. She snapped her finger and announced, “I've seen this little boy looking ar I hope you put him to sleep.

Any accidents involving my hose will be treated seriously, follow me, Mr. Smith. "So much for the over-the-pants method he hoped for." Yes ma'am. “When his jacket was off, the tails of his shirt were draped over part of his bum, but Bonnie would take care of it soon.

"Okay, Smith, let's go. Take that position and remember what I said about your hands. Let them stick to the floor." He wasn't exactly sure how to do this. He didn't want to lean on her partially bare thigh and then lower himself, but falling straight to the floor wasn't an option either.

Because of his reluctance, Bonnie grabbed his erect penis, which was now on the flagpole, and pulled it down. Smith just followed their lead, kneeling down and showing where to go with his hands as if jumping into the pool. He landed with his palms down, his penis wedged between his groin and her lap. The feeling of the garter snapping on his undressed body made his tail shake even more, making it even more swollen. "I hope I don't lose it now," he thought.

"She's mad at me." "I felt that Smith remember what I said about dyeing myself." "Yes ma'am, I'll do my best." "It's better than doing it with your students or you'll get fired after your whipping anyway." "Smith, I have an idea. Lift yourself a few inches." As his body rose a little, Anderson took his cock in her left hand and placed it between her thighs, pointing down. This at least relieved the pressure on her lap and any discharge would shoot to the floor.

While Perkins enjoyed the show and Smith couldn't see her face, Bonnie smiled and winked at her dean. Then she wiped up the tails of the shirt and bared both of his buttocks. She placed the palm of her right hand on the prominent buttocks and pushed them across the surface as if looking for the best place to start. The involuntary tremors and goose bumps were immediately visible.

She felt the tail begin to grow under him and put her left hand under him and squeezed it tight. he yelled as it immediately shrank. It turned out to be a lot harder than he'd hoped. "Mr. Perkins, it won't work like this, please bring me his jacket.

I'm afraid this bad boy will not be able to control himself. Smith, hop back up for a moment. I'll hide. "I don't trust you.

"After Bonnie was safely protected from emissions by his jacket and had reset her load, she planned her first shot again. Bonnie ran her hand over his trembling bum and squeezed one cheek until he screamed." Smith, this is not part of your hairbrush.

Getting your sad bum ready for the mahogany you're about to talk to is just a preliminary matter. However, you have to count 25 for me ... nice and loud !! Dave Smith closed his eyes and would soon be counting the stars, a galaxy full of them.

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