What is the chemical formula of diamonds

Most people know diamonds as extremely valuable gemstones that are valued and coveted as luxury objects around the world. They are mined in a total of twenty countries, with only around a quarter of the stones being of such impeccable quality that they can be used for jewelry making. The quality of stones in the jewelry industry is largely determined by the four criteria carat (weight), color, purity and cut. The cut is the basic requirement for the brilliance of the jewelry diamond, which is responsible for its attractive appearance.
However, the use of diamonds in industry is much more important from an economic point of view, where, thanks to their hardness, they are primarily processed into cutters. Diamonds play a particularly important role as a raw material in the manufacture of grinding tools, drills and polishing pastes. These have a high thermal conductivity and excellent wear resistance. Further areas of application for these crystals are the disinfection of waste water, oxidation in the course of industrial water treatment processes and IR spectroscopy, an analysis method that makes use of the properties of infrared light. Since the worldwide industrial use of diamonds can no longer be covered by the extraction of natural stones, a high-pressure and high-temperature process has been used to produce synthetic diamonds since 1955. Pure synthetic diamond is obtained from graphite, which is processed in a hydraulic press at temperatures of 1500 ° C.