Is the BART strike justified?

One week before the important second leg in the Champions League, Josep Maria Bartomeu, President of FC Barcelona, ​​announced theSPORTS an exclusive interview. A big topic in the interview was the 'Arthur' cause. After the midfielder was sold to Juventus Turin - allegedly originally against his will - he told Barça that he would not return to the Catalans but would stay in Brazil.

FC Barcelona resumed training a week ago, but the 23-year-old has stayed away to this day and refuses to play for Barcelona again. So he ends his career at Blaugrana on strike and will no longer play in the Champions League.

Bartomeu: "lack of respect"

Bartomeu found this behavior in an interview with the SPORTS clear words: "What Arthur did shows a lack of respect for his teammates and his clubwho is still trying to do well in the Champions League. It is not logical for a player to choose not to participate in such an important competition. That is unjustifiable and completely incomprehensible. "

On the subject:

Bartomeu explained that despite the sale to Juve, he had expected Arthur to continue playing for Barça until the official end of the season - after all, the transfer will only take effect after the Champions League is over.

"We agreed that he would continue to play for Barça until the end of the Champions League, both in the league and in the Champions League. He's a player who has some meaning in the team and who could help us But he didn't show up after the mini-vacation came back, "said Bartomeu:" He called and said: 'I'm not going back, I'm staying in Brazil.' It's his decision. Nobody gave him permission. It's an unacceptable act of indiscipline. "

Barça opens disciplinary proceedings

Now the Brazilian’s refusal to return to FC Barcelona will result in disciplinary action. "We have to ask the player to see what reasons he gives. If his reasons are not justified, there will be a fine, that's for sure," said Bartomeu. "We have initiated proceedings because there is no argument to justify its absence. Apart from the fact that that if a worker is not working, he is not paid. "

Bartomeu, meanwhile, denies that Arthur was sold against his will. The Barcelona president explains the reasons for the transfer as follows: "We should have renewed Arthur's contract, but the economic situation makes such extensions over several years very difficult. Arthur had a very good offer from a club. He explained that to us , and at this club there was one player - Pjanic - who has been interested in us for a while, and so an agreement was reached the decision to leave Barça was made by Arthur.

Juventus' lucrative salary offer

So the reason Arthur would move to Juventus would be because of the much higher salary. According to media reports, Arthur earns three times as much at Juve as he did at Barça. "We're talking about a player who couldn't renew because of his salary demands at Barça. He got a better offer and he told us that," said Bartomeu, explaining the process. "Barça couldn't catch up with this offer. He decides to leave and then this deal begins."

However, Bartomeu asserts that the Brazilian was not sold out of financial constraints. "This is not a transfer for accounting reasons. It is a sporting decision which then became an economic deal. It is a good deal from an economic point of view. Arthur was a good player, but not without controversy. He was, so to speak, a good 'twelfth man'. But the sports management preferred to have Pjanic. "