How to recognize yellow sapphire

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The sapphire in yellow

In addition to the popular blue sapphire, sapphires are also available in numerous other colors. One of them is yellow. In addition to the blue and yellow sapphire, there is the pink sapphire, the Padparadscha sapphire, the green sapphire, the white sapphire and the purple sapphire. All non-blue sapphires are also called fancy sapphires.

Yellow sapphire comes in different shades of yellow, from light yellow to yellow-green. With the naked eye, it could be mistaken for other yellow gemstones such as the citrine or the imperial topaz.

The value of yellow sapphires

Like ruby, sapphires are made of corundum. Corundum are very valuable gemstones. The ruby ​​is the most valuable, followed by the blue sapphire. Among the fancy sapphires, the padparadscha and the pink sapphire are the most valuable. Yellow sapphire can also fetch very high prices, but it must be of excellent quality. The quality is determined on the basis of the 4 C’s: Carat (weight), Color (color), Cut (grinding) and Clarity (purity). A large sapphire with a beautiful yellow color and a good cut, which is also clean to the eye, can be very valuable. However, a blue sapphire of the same quality is usually more expensive.

Origin & mining sites

Sapphires are usually mined by hand in small mines. Mining sites are located in Africa, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, China, Australia, Brazil and North America (mainly in Montana).

Yellow sapphire: use for jewelry

Yellow sapphire is mainly used for jewelry. Yellow sapphires from the IGNEOUS gemstone shop are also ideal for processing into pieces of jewelry for different occasions. The color yellow is associated with the sun. With a bright yellow gem you can symbolically give happiness and optimism and thus cheer up the mind of the recipient. In addition, the color yellow stands for knowledge and spiritual enlightenment. This also makes it a good choice for a graduation gift.

Of course, a jewelry gift with yellow sapphire is also ideal for everyone who has a preference for the color yellow. Depending on taste and color nuances, yellow sapphire can be set in yellow gold, white gold or silver. However, a setting in yellow gold is particularly recommended. This shows the color of this sapphire to its best advantage. This sapphire is also often combined with other fancy sapphires. A combination with other gemstones is of course also possible. It is often framed by small diamonds.

Rings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces and necklaces can be considered as pieces of jewelry.

Features: hardness & inclusions

As with all sapphires, small inclusions are also possible with the yellow sapphire. These affect the price and must be mentioned in the certificate.

Corundums are valued, among other things, for their high hardness. With a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, they are the second hardest gemstones. Only the diamond is harder.

Most common cuts: faceted or in a cabochon

Yellow sapphire in good color quality and purity is mostly faceted. For this, the cushion cut, round or oval cut, pear shaped cut or octagon cut come into question.

In addition to facet cuts, yellow sapphires are also found in a smooth cabochon cut.