How do construction cranes deal with lightning strikes

Lightning accidents and lightning damage

In it they undertake

  • carry out the data collection on site in a pseudonymized manner
  • Only pass on pseudonymised information to third parties so that no conclusions can be drawn about existing persons
  • Obtaining additional information from emergency services and treating physicians only with the consent of the persons concerned
  • to use the collected data exclusively in the VDE ABB, subcommittee on accident analysis
  • Lightning protection specialists: after the data has been forwarded to the VDE ABB, delete all personal information in the personal documents and on data carriers (text, photos, etc.)
  • VDE ABB experts: only accept and analyze data collected from lightning protection specialists if the lightning protection specialists have given the confidentiality obligation and data protection declaration.


When collecting data, personal and non-personal data are stored separately:

  • As personal data First and last name, telephone number, email address and - with consent to the detailed investigation, also address and date of birth - are saved.
  • When collecting non-personal data, pseudonyms (person A etc.) are used.
  • Gender and age are also recorded for statistical evaluations.

Data exchange and data storage

The data recorded in web forms are processed via the VDE internal email system transmitted to the office. This data is not forwarded via the public email system.

The data exchange between the office and the persons actively involved in the lightning accident analysis (subcommittee on accident analysis, lightning protection specialists) is carried out via the VDE team site realized. This online work platform is only accessible to authorized persons via a browser with HTTPS protocol. A document library for the exchange of documents between the investigating lightning protection specialist and the VDE is set up on the team site for every lightning accident. The accident analysis subcommittee has access to other areas in which only non-personal data is stored.

The document library created for a lightning accident will be deleted no later than the eleventh year after the lightning accident.

In the VDE address database Personal data are only stored by those persons who have given their consent for the purpose

  • Receive information on lightning protection
  • Interview partner Blitzunfall (VDE forwards press inquiries. VDE does not give out any personal data in press inquiries.)