How do I get private health insurance

Online health insurance guide

All private health insurance companies must offer the base rate. There is an obligation to contract for this tariff - this means: Insured persons who meet the requirements (see below) may not be rejected in this tariff.

Surcharges or exclusions of certain services due to an increased health risk are not permitted here. The treatment of the insured in the basic tariff is ensured by the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians and the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists.

The scope of the basic tariff is comparable to that of the statutory health insurance.

The insurance premium may not exceed the respective maximum statutory health insurance premium. The contribution in the basic tariff is recalculated on January 1st of each year (as of January 1st, 2021: 769.16 euros).

If someone cannot pay the contribution due to need (in terms of social law), the premium will be halved. If that is too much, the basic security or social welfare provider pays subsidies to the extent necessary to avoid the need for help.

The following can be insured in the basic PKV tariff:

  • People who have taken out or are taking out private health insurance after January 1, 2009,

  • Persons without insurance cover who were previously insured in the private health insurance scheme or who can be assigned to the private health insurance scheme

  • voluntary members of the GKV within six months of the start of the option to switch to private health insurance

  • beneficiaries to supplement their entitlement to aid.

The insurance company can be freely chosen.

Even those already insured with private health insurance who concluded their insurance contract before January 1, 2009, can change to the basic tariff of their insurance company under certain conditions and taking into account the accrued aging reserves. This possibility exists if they are over 55 years old or receive a civil servant's pension or pension or are in need of financial assistance.