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Translation of "to be sincere" in German

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I am sorry that we do not agree on this point, but I have a duty to be sincere.
I'm sorry if we disagree on this point, but I feel obliged to to be sincere.
Does the ability to be sincere with himself give a man freedom?
I'll never cease to be wrong, only cease to be sincere.
"To be sincere in their thoughts "refers to being honest and self-disciplined, whether with others or alone, both in one's mind and actions.
"In his mind to be sincere"indicates being honest and self-disciplined, whether with others or alone, both in thoughts and in actions.
Then a third definition came: "To be sincere is to unify one's entire being around the supreme inner Will. "
Then came a third definition: "To be sincere means to gather one's whole being around the highest inner will. "
It is difficult to be sincere, but one can at least be mentally sincere - this is what one can demand from Aurovilians.
It's tough, to be sincere, but at least you can do it mentally, and that's how much you can ask of the Aurovillians.
I would like to be sincere on this issue.
But his will has to be sincere...
Well, he seems to be sincere in his own quest.
Learn to be sincere, even if you disagree.
Here too it is important to be sincere and not to dissemble.
We need to be sincere in our practice, but at the same time we can't take ourselves too seriously.
We must be sincere in our practice be, but at the same time we mustn't take ourselves too seriously.
We need to be sincere on all levels concerning the way we act, speak, and think.
We have to at all levels be honest in the way we act, speak and think.
And to be sincere, our friendship is a very old one.
If we want to be sincere and efficient, we need to take more direct and effective action at the root of the evil, such as in Afghanistan.
But if we do really successful want to be, then we have to tackle the problem directly and effectively at the root, for example in Afghanistan.
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