What is the business ethic in Zimbabwe

Did you know, that...

We depend on people to keep our company developing and growing. Therefore, it is vital that we build relationships that are based on mutual respect.

Dialogues on employee development, programs to promote managers and talents, gender diversity and international career opportunities - these are focus areas in our pursuit of satisfied and motivated employees.

Another important obligation is to ensure safe and healthy working conditions. This is ensured at every Lantmännen Unibake location.

Well-managed supplier relationships are very important to us. Responsible procurement includes helping suppliers meet our requirements and working closely together on development and innovation.

All suppliers must sign the Lantmännen Supplier Code of Conduct. This Code sets out our expectations for the environment, health and safety, social framework, and business ethics. We regularly check our suppliers for potential risks.

Research partner
Many of our health and nutrition initiatives are based on joint research projects with universities, research institutes or with Lantmännen Food R&D in Stockholm. In addition to our own research and development work, such projects are critical to our knowledge building and our ability to respond to consumer trends.