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Unofficial Netflix search engine finds series and films across borders

The darling of all series fans, film fans and cord cutters made themselves unpopular in the past few days. Netflix wants to act much more restrictively than before against proxies and VPN networks and thus against users who, for example, want to watch American series unsynchronized in Germany and long before the release date planned in this country.

The response to this announcement was as expected. Some smirked and asked - justifiably - how Netflix even wanted to cope with such isolation. After all, there are tens of dozen services that could fake the streaming platform for example by hiding the IP address that the user is in a different location. Netflix would have to block everyone, or at least hope that users would not simply switch to a service that has not yet been blocked.

Others noted that they would not accept such a change and would cancel Netflix as soon as possible. The reasons for this are obvious: if Netflix actually blocks a German customer while they are abroad - e.g. on vacation - then, despite a decent monthly bill paid, films and favorite series cannot be watched during the free time of the year.

In addition, Netflix has not always covered itself with fame when it came to release dates in the past few months. For example, the second (third?) Season of the extremely popular in-house production “House of Cards” was first broadcast via Sky in Germany, while German Netflix customers, completely surprisingly, literally looked into the tube. The detour via other countries is now to be restricted step by step.

If you want to use all the detours that are still open for as long as possible, you should take a look at the unofficial Netflix search engine uNoGS.com. The platform records all current series offers in 244 countries and informs users about the availability of certain titles, episodes and seasons in these countries.

Netflix is ​​now available (almost) worldwide

In this way, films and series can be found that have either not yet been broadcast in Germany or have already been removed from the program. In addition, you get a notification when brand new films have their start date on Netflix either globally or regionally - today, for example, at Poltergeist ;-).

Using various filters, the search results can also be restricted according to other criteria, e.g. according to the average rating, the year of publication or the language. The last-mentioned point in particular is of course particularly interesting for users who cannot do too much with original compositions and would like to continue to hear their favorite actor with the German dubbing voice.

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Fittingly, uNoGS.com lists some of the well-known proxy or VPN services that can actually be used to access the offer. But be careful: the connection quality is not always what you may be used to from your “normal” performance, there are considerable differences here. In addition, some of the providers are chargeable.

Either way, even if you don't want to use the possibilities of bypassing, uNoGS.com gives you a nice overview of current and upcoming series and film highlights in other countries, which sooner or later could also be activated in this country. It is well known that anticipation is the greatest joy ... or something.

Alternative: flixsearch.io via watson.ch