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With over 200 courses and seminars, our vocational training center offers you a wide variety of advanced training opportunities. These range from full-time and part-time preparatory courses for master craftsmen to advanced training to become a certified business economist (HWO) and become a welding specialist. You can also take part in many seminars from the IT sector, office communication or from the commercial sector. Just take a look!

General conditions of participation

These conditions of participation apply to all educational measures (courses) carried out by the Vocational Training Center of the Chamber of Crafts Oldenburg (BBZ) as the organizer. In principle, the educational measures of the BBZ are open to everyone. If special admission requirements apply to admission to the examination, these must be met. Participation in
an educational measure does not justify the right to be admitted to the examination.

The contract is concluded with the binding confirmation of the registration.

The course fees are due upon receipt of the invoice. The contractual partner and debtor is the person who undertakes the binding registration of a participant. This applies regardless of whether a third party (e.g. employer, social insurance agency) signals to the Chamber of Crafts Oldenburg or to the participant that he is willing to pay. If the third party does not pay, the Oldenburg Chamber of Crafts will assert its claim against the person
make and enforce who made the registration.

In principle, a participant is to be excluded from the event if he does not meet a payment obligation. The exclusion does not affect the obligation to pay the fees.

There is no entitlement to payment in installments. Payment in installments can be made upon request
to be agreed in writing.

The participant can withdraw from the workshop by submitting a written declaration to the Oldenburg Chamber of Crafts up to 14 days before the start of the course. For the time of withdrawal, the receipt of the declaration of withdrawal at the Chamber of Crafts Oldenburg is decisive. From the 13th day before the start of the course (first day after the expiry of the aforementioned withdrawal period) to the day the course begins, withdrawal in the aforementioned form is possible with the following stipulations:

The Chamber of Skilled Crafts Oldenburg can claim a lump sum compensation of

  • 50% of the fee / remuneration for courses with a duration of up to 120 teaching hours
  • 30% of the fee / remuneration for courses with a duration of up to 240 teaching hours
  • 15% of the fee / remuneration for courses with a duration of more than 240 teaching hours


If the participant can provide evidence that the Oldenburg Chamber of Crafts has not incurred an economic disadvantage or is significantly lower than the stated flat-rate compensation, the Oldenburg Chamber of Crafts only has a payment claim in the amount of the proven economic disadvantage.

The termination must be made in writing. The date of the postmark applies to meet the deadline. In the case of part-time courses or part-time training courses, a notice of termination of 3 months is possible. In the case of full-time courses, notice of termination of 4 weeks to the end of the month is possible. The course fee / course fee is to be paid proportionally up to the end of the notice period. If the participant can provide evidence that the Oldenburg Chamber of Crafts has incurred no or significantly lower economic disadvantage as a result of the termination, the Oldenburg Chamber of Crafts only has a payment claim in the amount of the proven economic disadvantage.

The Chamber of Crafts Oldenburg reserves the right to cancel courses for organizational reasons (insufficient number of participants, absence of the lecturer, other compelling reasons). Fees already paid will be reimbursed. Further claims of the participant, in particular
Claims for damages are excluded. For organizational reasons, changes to dates, venues and the use of lecturers may be necessary. The Chamber of Crafts Oldenburg reserves the right to make changes.

The participant is obliged to use software provided in the course of training only for training purposes, not to reproduce, change or pass it on to third parties or make it usable for third parties. Likewise, access data may not be passed on to third parties or made available to third parties. Furthermore, the participant is not entitled to configure hardware, software and external data without the consent of the lecturer. Copyrights are to be observed.

The participant may not use the Internet access of the training computer for purposes that are not related to the training (e.g. calling up or downloading pages with pornographic, politically radical, violence-glorifying or inciting content). No uploads may be carried out.

The Chamber of Crafts Oldenburg can exclude a participant who has not paid the respective course fee or an installment agreed in accordance with No. 5 after unsuccessful reminder and setting a deadline by terminating the contract from participation in the course. The organizer can also proceed if the participant does not comply with the regulations on computer and Internet use, the house rules / boarding school rules, or endangers the implementation of the course. In the event of serious violations of the rules of use or the house or boarding school rules, a prior reminder is not required. The participant has to compensate for any damage for which he is responsible. The obligation to pay the entire course fees remains in the aforementioned cases.

In the event of theft, loss or damage to participants' property during
During the stay, the Oldenburg Chamber of Crafts is only liable in the event of willful intent or grossly

Course documents made available for use are protected by copyright and
may not be reproduced - not even for personal use.

  1. The vocational training center of the Chamber of Crafts Oldenburg collects and processes your data for the binding registration and billing of courses and seminars and, if necessary, forwarding them to
    the NBank for the application of the Aufstiegs-BAföG.
  2. The data collection and data processing is necessary for the fulfillment of the above-mentioned purpose and is based on Article 6 Paragraph 1 a) GDPR. Your data will only be passed on to NBank, Hanover, for the purpose of applying for the Aufstiegs-BAföG. Stored personal data will be deleted if you revoke your consent to storage or if knowledge of this data is no longer required to fulfill the purpose for which it was stored. However, the deletion only takes place after the deadlines of tax and commercial law or other relevant regulations have expired.
  3. You have the right to object to the use of your data for the purpose of organizing and processing the course participation at any time. You are also entitled to request information about the data we have stored about you and, if the data is incorrect, to correct it or if it is inadmissible
    Data storage to request the deletion of the data. You can contact our data protection officer at [email protected] or at Handwerkskammer Oldenburg, - Datenschutz -. Theaterwall 32, 26122 Oldenburg.
  4. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.

In the event of the ineffectiveness of individual clauses of the above general conditions of participation, the effectiveness of the other provisions remains unaffected. In addition, the provisions of the German Civil Code apply. For better readability, the masculine form is used in the General Conditions of Participation, but both genders are expressly meant.

Status: December 7, 2017