George Clooney thinks he's handsome

George Clooney: "Looking pretty is what I do most of the time"

Soon George and Amal Clooney will be married for exactly one year. The actor now joked on a TV show that he is now just the beautiful company of his wife

On September 27th, George and Amal Clooney celebrate their first wedding anniversary. In doing so, the couple defied all criticisms who saw their relationship only as a flash in the pan. After all, George Clooney was considered a perpetual bachelor.

"Everyone thought our marriage would not last"

On a US talk show, the Hollywood actor spoke openly about the rumors of the crisis that accompanied his marriage to the lawyer. "Everyone thought our marriage would not last"; George Clooney told host Stephen Colbert.

He only adorns his wife Amal

The 54-year-old let himself be carried away by the comedian to joke about his marriage. Stephen Colbert made fun of Clooney's role in the marriage with Amal: The actor is now just the adorable companion of the lawyer, the talk show host quipped and asked the Hollywood star directly: "How does it feel to be the beautiful companion in to be in a relationship, after all, Amal is the more serious person? She probably says, '' We meet extremely intelligent people today - these are not show business people. Just be shiny and pretty '. "

Lawyer, mother, style icon Amal's business looks are hard to beat

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The 54-year-old took it with humor. "Looking pretty is what I do most of the time," countered George Clooney easily.

This relaxed appearance makes it abundantly clear that everything is fine between the two of them.