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Look great at any age: styling tips for the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s

The first and by far the most important styling tip for all ages is: wear what you like. You should not let yourself be influenced by what others consider "age appropriate" and what is not. Because if you feel good and wear your outfit with pride, you will also radiate it to the outside world.

Four women who keep proving this are the American bloggers Natalie from, Sam from, Heather from and Cathy from In their blog posts, the quartet shows how different trends can be styled for all ages. Natalie is in her late twenties, Sam in her mid 30s, Heather in her late 40s and Cathy is 57 years old and all women look just great.

Are you unsure what suits you and which fashion makes you shine? Then we've prepared a few styling tips for all ages!

Styling at 20: young, cheeky and eager to experiment

In the twenties you can step on the gas when it comes to styling. Whether bright colors or bold style breaks - now is the time to try out and find out which fashion really suits you. The fact that there might be one or two styling sins is not a problem at all and is simply part of the style-finding process.

Important, so that you can gradually find your own style: Wear what you feel comfortable in. You shouldn't dress up just to join a certain trend or to please others.

With this test you can find out which style suits you!

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Styling at 30: stylish and courageous

At 30, we're slowly becoming more confident about our style. We know which cuts best showcase our figure and which colors suit us. But we shouldn't forget that fashion is also fun. So instead of always wearing the same outfits, you are welcome to dare something.

How about eye-catching accessories such as bright shoes or XXL earrings? Also stunning: an all-over look in your favorite color. Brave but stylish!

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Styling at 40: timeless and clever

At 40 we are fully in life. Family, job, friends, hobbies - we try to get everything under one roof. Our styling has to be one thing above all: practical. But with a few little tricks you can spice up your simple everyday look. Here are three simple styling tips for those aged 40 and over:

Tip 1: Get yourself a casually cut V-blouse. The timeless top is a real styling artist, looks classy and goes well with both jeans and a skirt. And by the way, it conjures up a great figure because the V-neck stretches.

Tip 2: Rely on accessories! Large earrings, for example, are great. They instantly add glamor to your outfit. Also great: a beautiful wristwatch. It instantly makes your look look chic.

Tip 3: Roll up your jeans! This little move has a huge effect! Because this way your jeans style will immediately look smarter. In addition, your slender ankles are emphasized by rolling them up. Important: Make sure that you wear short, invisible socks in your shoes.

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Styling at 50: Radiant and flattering

While in the 30s and 40s we often know exactly what suits us and what we like, many women from 50 onwards feel insecure. The body begins to change, the skin and hair look paler with each passing year. But there is absolutely no reason to hide. On the contrary! Because with the right styling you can easily get your radiance back. Instead of inconspicuous colors, like to use bright tones or underline your summer tan with clothes in bright white.

Important: Make sure that the tones match your color type. This will make your complexion look fresh and glowing. Here you can find out which color type you are and which colors suit you!

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Striped shirts in the classic combination of blue and white also look super young and fresh. Together with jeans, they create a casual, chic everyday look. And you can still wear high heels in your 50s if you feel like it.

Our tip for everyone who finds high heels too uncomfortable: Try platform sandals or platform sneakers! They conjure up long legs, but feel like flat shoes.