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The European headquarters of Google has been in Dublin for many years now and we are proud to have built one of our data centers in the city as well.

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    At Google, we are proud to have a data center location in Ireland.

    Google's European headquarters have been in Dublin for many years now and we are proud to have built one of our data centers in the city as well.

    In September 2011 we announced that we would be investing € 75 million to convert a warehouse in an industrial area in the west of Dublin into our third energy-efficient data center in Europe. So far, around € 500 million has been invested in the construction and operation of our data center in Dublin.

    The facility, which started operations in September 2012, has an advanced air cooling system that takes advantage of Irish weather conditions to keep our servers running smoothly. Therefore, no costly and energy-intensive air conditioning is required in this data center. This corresponds to our goal of using as little energy as possible and designing our work processes to be environmentally friendly.

    We have been in Dublin for a while now and are very grateful for the warm welcome and support in the city. We have always emphasized that we are here for the long term - and our data center is further evidence of our commitment.

    Dublin provided the right combination of energy infrastructure, developable land and manpower for the data center. During construction, we were able to proceed in the same way as in Hamina, Finland: engineers and construction companies from the area helped us to convert an existing building.

  • work environment

    Google strives to recruit the best talent from around the world as employees. At the same time, we make sure to employ as many people from the region as possible - both out of social responsibility and economic reason.

    In addition, orders are placed with local providers whenever possible. If you are interested in providing services to Google, you can find useful information on our supplier help page.

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    • Social commitment on site and in the region

      At Google, we have made it our business to have a positive impact on our environment wherever we work. With funding and local initiatives that use our tools and expertise, we help companies, educational institutions, civic groups, nonprofits and individuals build a sustainable, knowledge-based economy.
    • Educational programs

      So that we can achieve our goal of primarily employing employees from the region, we support the local educational institutions in developing and expanding their technology programs. We want to support local residents who are just starting their careers or who want to reorient or develop professionally. We want to improve participation in technology and the opportunities in this area, expand the knowledge available on site and support potential employers in the region.
    • Partnerships and events

      We are continuously looking for ways in which Google employees can use their time and know-how in their social environment. The bigger Google gets, the bigger the social environment in which Google works. This is not just an empty phrase, but can be proven very specifically. See and hear what people around our data center in Dublin have to say on this topic.
    • Funding program for the region

      As part of the "Google Data Center Community Program", grants ranging from € 10,000 to € 50,000 are given to nonprofit organizations and certain public organizations. The program does not support for-profit companies. When assessing applications, we take into account the influence on the location and the region in which the data center is located, the measurable influence of the resources on the achievement of the goal, the cooperation with other organizations and the ability to use other resources in the area as well as the integration Google in-kind or volunteer resources to optimize effectiveness.

      Read more about our "Data Center Community Grants Program", the requirements for participation and application options.