Is capitalism sustainable in a sustainable economy

Theme week "Capitalism and Sustainability"

Are capitalism and sustainability compatible? And if so: under what conditions, with what consequences and side effects do capitalist economies succeed in finding an answer to the multiple ecological crises? Is it really out of the question that “creative destruction” (Schumpeter) as a mode of capitalist dynamism does not also “creatively” destroy fossil capitalism and invent new possibilities in the “combination of things and forces” that actually make capitalism green? Or are there material barriers to this, which lie in the material properties of eco-systems, so that in the end creative destruction is only destruction, and even “dynamic” capitalism ultimately fails because of the ecological question?

In the digital theme week “Capitalism and Sustainability” we want to discuss these questions from different perspectives and in different event formats.

Mon. May 03, 2021, 5: 00-6: 30 p.m .: Keynote

  • Jason W. Moore (Binghamton University): "Sustainability, Spaceships and Slaveships: Climates of Class Politics in the Capitalist World-Ecology, 1492-2030
  • discussion

Wed. May 05, 2021, 10:00 am-3:00pm: workshop

In the second event, in the format of a workshop, the critique of capitalism formulated in the keynote will be put to the test of social science analyzes, which do not exclude the possibility of a changeable and adaptable capitalism a priori. Rather, the focus is on current trends and tendencies in the capitalist economy and the open question of what specific dynamics the greening of the economy unfolds.

  • 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Welcome and Introduction

  • 10: 20-11: 10 a.m. Ulrike Herrmann ("the daily newspaper", Berlin): "From the beginning and the end of capitalism
  • 11: 10-12: 00 a.m.Ali Aslan Gümüsay (University of Hamburg): "Sustainable business? Diverse forms of organization and social challenges

  • 12: 00-13: 00 BREAK

  • 1: 00-1: 50 p.m.Lisa Knoll (University of Paderborn): "The EU sustainability taxonomy. On the sociotechnology of green capitalism
  • 1.50pm-2.40pmKlaus Dörre (University of Jena): "Sustainability goals - a normative basis for the socio-ecological transformation?

  • 2: 40-3: 00 p.m. Final discussion

Fri. May 7, 2021, 11 a.m.-12: 30 p.m .: Lecture

The themed week concludes with a lecture that overcomes the previous focus on a European-American perspective and focuses on East Asian strategies for greening the economy.

  • Jin-Wook Shin (Chung-Ang University Seoul): "The Allure of Developmentalism and the Challenge for Sustainability in East Asian Capitalism"
  • discussion


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Please note that the keynote (May 3rd) and the concluding lecture (May 7th) will be held in English, the workshop (May 5th) in German.

Organization: Dr. Philipp Degens / Dr. Sarah Lenz / Prof. Dr. Sighard Neckel