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7 sports that will extend your life the most

Exercise is one of the most effective life extenders. However, some disciplines work better than others. Here are the top 7.

There are sports that can do more than others. Do not you believe? But it is even scientifically proven. Based on the health values ​​and lifespan of almost 9,000 people over a period of 25 years, the Copenhagen City Heart Study created a ranking for the first time, which sports bring how much extra lifespan. The researchers were able to demonstrate enormous differences in life expectancy compared to those who don't exercise at all in their free time. But what makes certain sports so healthy?

1. Tennis (+ 9.7 years)

Game, set and match! Ideally, tennis brings almost ten additional years of life. Because the "white sport" is a full-body workout in which almost every muscle group is activated by constantly alternating between running and pike, between fore and backhand. Endurance and strength, quick reactions and coordination - everything is required on the tennis court. Incidentally, the “Men's 90” competition class was recently introduced in the USA - because more and more people seem to want to compete well into old age.

2. Badminton (+ 6.2 years)

Badminton is as good as nothing inferior to its "big brother" tennis. Because as a racket game with similar rules and movements, the health-promoting effect is essentially identical. The only difference: The rallies last longer on average and are sometimes a bit more “leisurely”, so that in addition to speed, jumping and punching power, endurance is trained above all.

3. Soccer (+ 4.7 years)

Instead of only cheering on the favorite club from the living room or the pub, it is worthwhile for football fans to kick the ball themselves. On average, a good 1000 calories evaporate per batch. Running a lot, constantly changing direction and speed - soccer is more effective than jogging, for example, when it comes to fat burning, blood pressure regulation and oxygen absorption. In addition, strong mechanical forces on bones and muscles make them more resistant. Osteoporosis, for example, has no chance. Just like the lifetime killer loneliness. As part of a team you have at least ten friends and, at least socially, you are never sidelined.

4. Cycling (+ 3.7 years)

Health experts recommend getting on your bike for 30 minutes at least five times a week. Then cycling unfolds its many life-extending effects. No. 1: Blood pressure and the risk of vasoconstriction decrease. No. 2: Whoever steps on the pedals strengthens the immune system enormously. A study by the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg found that the risk of breast cancer is reduced by over 30 percent. No. 3: Cycling relieves the strain on the back and joints like hardly any other endurance sport. The body weight is ultimately carried by the mobile pedestal.

5. Swimming (+ 3.4 years)

Lakes, outdoor pools or indoor swimming pools are true fountains of youth. If we move in the cool water, health-promoting processes get going in the body. Because the water pressure ensures that the blood vessels are compressed, blood is forced back into the chest and the heart has to work properly against it. Over time, the heart volume increases, the heart rate drops, our body becomes more efficient. However, water pressure does even more good: It promotes blood circulation, strengthens the veins and strengthens all respiratory organs.

6. Jogging (+ 3.2 years)

Hardly any other sport can be practiced with as little money and effort as jogging. Laced running shoes and off you go. Muscles, eyes and ligaments are strengthened, endurance is improved, the aging process of the cells in the vascular system is slowed down and anti-inflammatory immune cells are increased. In addition, regular running has been shown to lift your mood and clear your head - ideal for combating stress and depression. However, one should not and should not overdo it. According to studies, a maximum of 2.5 hours per week, divided over three days, is optimal.

7. Gymnastics (+ 3.1 years)

Regardless of whether aerobics, yoga or Pilates is the big fashion: Apart from the name, all forms of gymnastics are healthy, as they prevent numerous ailments and serious physical problems of old age. Regular workouts not only keep the cardiovascular system fit, but also slow down muscle breakdown, ensure good mobility of the joints and counteract vasoconstriction. This minimizes the risk of diseases such as thrombosis or osteoarthritis. Motor skills, coordination and quick reactions are retained. This can prevent falls in an emergency - the most common cause of accidental death in people over 65.